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This is one of my favorite advertisements ever. It cuts stereotypes.

1. Dark Skinned Women can be beautiful.

2. Widows can re-marry in India.

Dusky women in India have it hard guys. Dusky women are beautiful.

Shadows of the Past: The Hunted 《 SLBP x Bleach Cross-over 》 Chapter Two

“…How is she in the Date clan?” Shingen mused silently as he cleaned off some blood he’d just coughed up. “Her connection to the One-Eyed Dragon….”

He sighed, stepping back out into his chambers as assigned by Jushiro Ukitake, Captain of Squad 13.

Jushiro had the same ailment as himself, so he understood the predicament.

A knock on his door brought him out of his reverie.

A muffled “Captain? ________’s here to see you-” was heard.

He opened the door; remaining cool; calm and collected. His imposing figure came into view; his gaze trained on the petite Ryoka girl.

Volcanic molten red eyes met with dusky smoldering dark eyes. “Ah, you must that Ryoka girl-”

A smile crossed her face, “_____, please.”

He stepped aside, letting her and the other girl, Inoue, in. Though the raven-haired girl was good in combat, she was also a healer.

Inoue, though, was never meant to be invested in combat. She was strictly a healer; hence the reason why Unohana had taken her into Squad 4.

“Inoue, please go check on Ukitake Taichou. I’ll deal with this big guy,” she smiled. Turning into Shingen’s general direction, she nodded. “Haori off. Please.”

He growled; refusing to do so. “Why should I trust you?” A snarl escaped his throat.

“First of all…both Orihime and I have been in this Squad for healing since this afternoon. Not to mention…there’s stains on those bandages-” she pointed to his broad chest.

He noticed that she was wearing the usual shinigami robes, but had the Date Clan’s emblem on it.

He wondered how she was connected to them. Sure, she had Shigezane’s eyes, but he needed to find out.

When had she started to heal him, he had no idea. She moved so quickly and efficiently, so that it seemed like she was well-trained.

“So…Captain. How’d you get this illness-?” She was concentrating on her healing techniques whike trying to hold a conversation with the Tiger of Kai.

He kept staring at her; from her eyes to her lips, tgen her fingers.

“Oi. Take a picture. It’ll last longer-” she sighed.

“My apologies, Miss ______-” he trailed off.


Meanwhile; Masamune was searching for his darling daughter for a father-daughter dinner night.

“….She wandered off again….”

“Nope! Doll said she had to go heal a few people; so she should be on her way back.” Shigezane piped up.

“I see-”

She was already out the door; having healed Shingen. “Please do take care of yourself. I’m returning to Karakura Town tomorrow morning.”

A smile was directed in Shingen’s general direction.

He nodded, grinning. His boisterous laughter had brightened her day.

After she’d left, he contains Saizo to gather information on ______.

He needed to know how she was connected to the One-Eyed Dragon.


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I can’t wait for it to be cold and finally hoodie weather  (*´꒳`*)

(Happy Birthday Tsukki ilu)

Provisional Translation of New Fazza Poem

The clouds loomed to be poisoned by the lightnings
                                             Oh I wish (if only) the rain would deliberately rain down and touch carefully her palm
The most important thing is that the higher lands heated up the veins (of his palm)
                                             Underneath of me (in my veins) flows the memory of the mind´s expansion
They´ll be the souvenir of my chest directly from its heated source
                                             And grief or sadness risen far above bought and sold for its real existence
My feelings even managed to cover / hide the longing
                                            I do not rotate in the fond of desires even if they rotate
That´s buried underneath and through bitterness from above
                                            And bitterness / malevolance whisper / buzz for her grows every day in general
Whisper (talkings) to see the sight opening its poison / laughing out about others taste
                                            And the twisted sight with all darkness / duskiness who oppressions all from blossoming
Her style and her character is thinking effective
                                            The qualities increase / extend and enlarge softly upon to the size / growth of Aftert? (false laughter / intention of lies? like codes)
The seductresses of arrogance don´t deny their rights
                                           The right to have the right to have the right to be arrogant
How to lower grievance / sadness of the world on an absent random girl
                                           I feel joy for she came back and I feel annoyance for the compulsion of holding her back (or backings towards her, this poem is hard to translate LOL)
On the night of the anniversary / on a memorial night of fire / heat leaving her burning
                                           Covering up (secretly) here the grief / sadness between as she like a professional speaker brightens it up / puts up pleasure
I am a man taking place / having my tears hardened (being strong) breaking them into small pieces / crumble them within its stance
                                           From the comfort of a young gazelle? who already took place as I mention its moan and recall it over my cheeks of what already may have taken place in me

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site write feb ‘17: entry 3

Fandom: Warcraft
Prompt:  “3rd: Write about a conversation your character overheard and wished they hadn’t.”
Summary: Things aren’t easy when you’re an eleven year old sorceress with no control over your powers.

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Miss Universe Japan

Congratulations! I’m surprised Japan.

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