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run-around-after-dark  asked:

your blog title is an oxymoron. anyway, what got you into anti-feminism? tell me your story

*looks at camera* it begins. The “oxymoron” plauge has returned once more.

But to answer your question, feminists got me into anti feminism. I was sick of male victims of rape being ignored, male victims of domestic violence being turned away from shelters or offered “anger management” classes, I was sick of men being treated as if their feelings were worthless, toxic, negative, and worth less than my own.. and I was sick of feminists not doing anything about it, I was sick of feminists perpetuating it, and I was sick of feminists acting like men deserved it.

I was sick of the way they treated men and non feminist women. I was sick of how they tried to change the definition of sexism to exclude being able to be directed at men so they could justify their ahitty sexist hypocritical behavior.

I am sick of some feminists saying feminism does care when it clearly doesn’t, some saying men didn’t have any issues, some saying that men’s issues will be fixed through fixing women’s issues, and sick of the rest saying “oh real feminists DO care and would NEVER say something like that!”

I was sick of feminists passing false statistics as if they were truth (wage gap, ¼ women are raped, women own less than 1% of the worlds property, ECT), I was sick of feminists portraying men as monsters, I was sick of feminists deluding themselves into thinking they’re not sexists, I’m sick of popular hashtag campaigns that demonize/belittle men like #killallmen #maletears #yesallwomen #toxicmasculinity #mansplaining #manspreading ECT ECT ECT!

I was sick of large feminist organizations fighting to keep women out of prison, fighting to keep rape defined by the law as something only a man can do, and other feminists saying their actions were either justified or the acts of “fake feminists”.

I was sick of feminists and their bullshit and decided to be something better. An human who cares.