You don’t need to explain your sense of style to anyone. You want to wear a dress? Great. You want to wear a suit? Great. You want to shave your eyebrows off, paint your face like a demon goat and walk around in 7-inch heels? You do you sweetie.

I propose a new aesthetic

DARK COTTAGECORE! Sort of like crowcore and cottagecore had a gay goth baby. That is dark cottagecore, Dark Cottagecore would involve

- Black flouncy dresses

- Muddy, bare feet

- Black overalls over a creamshirt

-Rainy days 

- Cool foggy mornings

- Talking to the spirits of the woods

- M O T H M A N 

- Poisonous mushroom garden

- Carnivorous plant garden

- Crows, Ravens, black birds in general

- Thunderstorms 

- Pretty, thrifted obscurities 

- Roses

- Thorn bushes

- Messy hair pulled out of your face

I’ll be totally honest, I think that this really sums up my aesthetic