“The arrival of POPPLIO and its evolutionary line can be traced far back into kroels history, as records show their introduction to popular shows held in the great theaters and aquariums of ancient civilizations, used for mere entertaintment rather than battle, countless murals, tile mosaics and frescos found in ancient fountains and public plazas stll show the playful figures of this pokemon dancing and singing for the peoples enjoyment. However, when this pokemon was introduced to the wild as many tried to make its population grow in native waters rather than traveling to far islands to capture them, proved to be not as easily. Kroel tropical oceans, being populated by large predators as GLOTONINA and JORMUGRAND was no place for the merry seal pokemon, who, in order to survive, traveled and made its home in the northern, colder waters of Kroel. In a more harsh enviroment, populated by strong pokemon on its own, the once happy-going species underwant a very extreme change to adapt to such harsh conditions, by growing a thic coat of fur and a more aggressive nature, becoming powerful predators on their own. Kroelian PRIMARINA is a completely different beast from is Alolan counterpart, they are ruthless and cold when it comes to hunting and even when it comes to humans, one must aproach with caution for its sharp fangs an claws can still cause lots of damage. One thing hasnt changed however, PRIMARINA’s voice is still one of its most notable qualities, however, what once was a beautiful singing voice, now is a terrible scream that can incapacitate others with its sheer volume, and it is even said its voice can make the air colder. When using the power of a Z crystal, PRIMARINA can use the move "Blood-Curdling Wail”, a powerful  cry that can shatter the artic ice into pieces and its said can knock a person to unconciussnes within seconds.“


-The Sea Lion pokemon
-Ability: Winter Coat* - Chilling Voice**(HA)

–>Evolves at lv. 17<–

-The Punk Star Pokemon
-Ability:  Winter Coat - Chilling Voice(HA)

–>Evolves at lv. 34<–

-The Vocalist Pokemon
-Ability: Winter Coat - Chilling Voice(HA)
-Sig. Move: Scream Queen "The use attacks its opponent with an ear-piercing shriek, any pokemon who is asleep or frozen will suffer double damage and its condition will be cured.”
   Type: Dark
   PP: 10 (max 16)
   Power: 90
   Accuracy: 100%

–>With Kroelprimarium Z<–

Allows Kroelian Primarina to upgrade Scream Queen to the special Z-Move Blood-Curdling Wail

*Defense rises during Hail storm
** Sound based moves become Ice-type

Kroelian Popplio is based on the pup of the Pagophilus groenlandicus or Harp Seal

Kroelian Brionne and Primarina are based on the Hydrurga leptonyx or Leopard Seal

While Primarina draws inpsirarion from Mermaids, Kroelian Primarina is inspired by the Rusalka