I just want Daring to get to that point where everything the your crush does is amazing and adorable.

Like, Lizzie isn’t able to score tickets for her favorite band’s concert and gets so upset that she just lies face down in the middle of the castleteria floor for like twenty minutes. Or she builds an ultimate croquet court throughout the entire school and tries to complete it as fast as she can and she’s sweaty and her hair’s a mess and the paint from her heart’s running down her face.

And Daring’s just like “oh my god, guuuuys are you seeing how adorable Lizzie is, like seriously?!? Her cheeks get so red when she’s exhausted im gonna die wow.”

You know what would be awesome?

A Pride and Prejudice AU with Daring and Lizzie. I mean, they even have the same ship name as Darcy and Elizabeth! Except, I think Lizzie would be a better Darcy than Daring, and Daring has more siblings, which makes it easier to write him as Elizabeth, I guess.

Their secondary ship (Jane/Bingley) should be any ship with Dexter. I don’t really care for who ends up with Dexter, but let’s admit it, he would be the perfect Jane.

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Daring and Lizzie!!!!!

  • Name: Blanche Hearts
  • Gender: Bigender. Genderfluid, switches between girl and agender. 
  • Class: Wonderland Royalty.
  • Personality: Very chill. So chill. The chillest.
  • Skills inherited: She’s good at coquet, and can talk to hedgehogs. She also likes to ride horses in tourneys and has tried to save cute royals from towers. 
  • Who they like better: Lizzie, because Wonderland, to her, is infinitely more interesting than Ever After High.
  • Who they take after more: Daring, because she’s very chill and likes to check herself out. 
  • Personal headcanon: She likes to write poetry, and often shows it to her friends, but most of them don’t understand the poetry because she makes up neologisms way too much.
  • Sibling headcanon: She’s close to the daughters of the Red Queen and the White Queen, and also likes to play coquet with her little brothers.
  • Appearance: White as hella. Black hair, that she dyes pink. She’s also chubby and curvy and v. cute.

DARISE ?! DARIZZIE?!  DARN YOU MATTEL.  Darise will always be my OTP but grimm dust it. Lizzie and daring were cute enough to sway me. (FROM THE PICTURES ALONE). Lizzie will always be my favorite character aside from Blondie and may I just say that the episode seems like a good way to develop both Lizzie and Daring.  They’d seem cute enough for some fling or something.  I’ll be keeping my out for Darizzie due to adorableness and maybe throw in some fan art. Just, darn you mattel. They seem cute. Would have liked to see some one sided Darise though.

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Can you please do Daring and Lizzie for the parenting meme?

packs the lunches: Both of them are rich and never packed lunches so they get their butler to.
blows raspberries while cuddling: Daring because Lizzie thinks that raspberries will detract from her badass image
is the tickle monster: Lizzie
gives life lesson speeches: Daring gives life lesson speeches that are motivational, so he’s the one to give the speeches. Lizzie learnt all her speeches from her mother and isn’t too good at composing her own so if she ever gives the speeches she would probably frighten her kid, so Daring gives the speeches.
kisses the boo-boos: Neither because they try to make their kid resilient and get their kid to solve their problems 
breaks the bad news: Lizzie because she gets the news over and done with
joins the PTA: Daring because as a Charming, he’s forced to.
crashes sleepovers with embarrassing stories: Neither because they respect their children’s privacy
gives the crazy nicknames: Lizzie does and all the nicknames are weird and wonderlandful.