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Renegades by X Ambassadors is really nostalgic for some reason and I don’t know why and that’s weird

I’ve been doing a really crappy job of keeping up with this blog. I mean, I have lost tens and tens of followers, so I’m sorry I have failed you all.  Anyway, I’ve been really busy working 20+ hours a week, being a full time college student (hey, senior year!!!), being president of an honors society (requiring 5+ hours a week), and still on the look out for internships.  Phew, it’s been a tough month.

I have a few pictures for you to update you on my journey. The other week I went to a gym on the other side of town (included in my membership) and afterwards I went to this new restaurant called “Diced” and they had gourmet salads and wraps. It was AWESOME.  I met the owner and she was a 25 year old college grad who wanted to put her excersize science degree to good use and open up a healthy food joint. So. Freakin. Amazing.

Today I went to GNC and stocked up on my shake mix (haven’t had this in a month or two because it’s so damn expensive and I’ve been so busy) and I decided to try some Quest bars. THESE ARE AWESOME. So I’m obsessed with the Cookies and Creme one and I’ll be eating the other one for lunch tomorrow…so we will see.

Last week I went to the Darius Rucker concert and it was amazing and I cried tears of joy and I got to meet him and I’m soooooooo blessed.

Monday I looked pretty rad for work. I feel like straight hair, gold chains, and dark lips are the perfect trifecta for a intimidating look.

Today I went to the gym and felt like I needed a progress pic. I didn’t weigh myself..but I’m feeling good and I’m thinking I’ll weigh tomorrow and see what the outcome is.

Yawn- not pictured is how hectic, crazy, tiring, and ridiculous my life is right now. I feel like I don’t have time to stop! Even though today I relaxed, watched a soap opera, made a salad, took a nap, made spaghetti and meat balls, went and got ice cream (oops sorry…) and ran some errands. Not all days are like today!! Tomorrow I have class- poo.

Got these album covers signed!!!!! But only Dave from @ladyantebellum cuz the rest didn’t see me :( but omg so @Gloriana all signed it individually and literally Rachel, Mike and Tom all said the same thing and were like “we haven’t seen you in awhile, where have you been? Are you ok?” It was the cutest!!! And Jess Jones I got the @thompsonsquare album signed for you!!! And I have an extra @charlieworsham signed album! Giveaway later :) #acmawards #thompsonsquare #lukebryan #ladyantebellum #dariusrucker #hunterhayes #gloriana #taylorswift #charlieworsham


@dariusrucker at Jimmy Kimmel Live! #wagonwheel #dariusrucker

Do what you love...

Those of you who know me, know that I LOVE my music!! It’s an integral part of me and, to be honest, there are a lot of lessons I’ve taken from various artists I listen to. That being said, I wonder how many of you caught Darius Rucker on HLNTV this morning. Not only is he one of the most grounded and humble people out there, but he said something that really hit home. He was asked about how he deals with nasty and derogatory comments and he said that those will always be out there - he just plays for the people who like his music. There’s a lesson there for everyone - in business or not: There will always be people out there who, for whatever reason, don’t like you, don’t like what you do, don’t like what you wear, etc. Stop wasting energy and time wondering why, trying to “win them over”, etc. in order to change their minds. Someone will always be like that and if you’re wasting time chasing them for their approval, you  miss those closest to you - your supporters, your raving fans - the ones who get the reason you do what you do. Incidentally, those also happen to be the same people who love you precisely for what it is you do…..happiness lies there, folks.   ………..Have an awesome day!

Baby you a song, you make me wanna roll my windows down, and cruise…. #Country #spotify #playlist #cute #southernboys #music #thomasrhett #jakeowen #floridageorgialine #blakeshelton #lukebryan #ladyantebellum #bradpaisley #keithurban #coleswindell #dariusrucker #andmore #followme

• thank god for all that I missed, ‘cause it led me here to this • sometimes when life is really bringing you down, you get an opportunity to go to a country concert with one of your best friends and it helps a lot. thank you @kayla_bee for bringing me along 🎶💕🌻 #dariusrucker #bretteldredge (at birthday month day one 🎉)