darius the hilarious

so me and my mom were talking shadowhunters, when all of a sudden she says that DARIUS is her fave and she really really likes BILL?? turns out she meant MAGNUS and RAPHAEL :’) needless to say i was already on the floor, choking and laughing, when i found out and honestly? this is the most hilarious thing i’ve heard in a while.

anonymous asked:

Yeah. If you Google "Hilary Swank boyfriend" you'll get a lot of hits (mainly from gossip rags and tabloids) featuring Misha's friend (co-producer/writer of the 'TSA America' shorts, Haiti/Nicaragua Random Acts projects organiser, Tuscan bicycle touring partner, best pal that's not named Vicki or Darius) Philip Schneider. They (Hilary and Philip) have been an item for at least 8 months. (I don't know if/when Phillip and his wife Lisa (Rueff) divorced. Nobody's business but theirs, I guess.)

(Oh.. I don’t like to dig into personal shit like this.. but I did. Philip and Lisa divorced last year. Lisa mentioned on her Facebook back in February that “around this time last year when I was going through my divorce I dreaded Valentine’s Day”. Not sure if Philip and Hilary Swank have been a couple since then. Lisa’s still involved with the Jacmel Children’s Center in Haiti though. She’s actually headed back there in a just a couple of weeks. (Not with Random Acts though.)

:O interesting