darius minoma

Had the urge to draw a “master magician” and Darius is the first character who comes to mind.

I have mentioned this before, but Darius is my version of the Dark Magician. I invented him when I was 15 way before the Millennium World arc ever aired. And even though we know the real origin of the Dark Magician, the purple DM in the first few seasons will always be “Darius” to me and not Mahaad. *shrug* You get weirdly attached to things, I think.

Darius’ design has changed since then, obviously, and sometimes I feel like I have forgotten what a powerful spellcaster he is since I started writing Tales From Alterra.

Ah well. Have a doodle born out of nostalgia for a younger time.

Tales From Alterra
Original work by me
Darius Minoma is mine

Ah, yes. The signature I Don’t Know What You Did But I Can Already Tell I Will Disapprove look from Darius.

I think the version of Alterra that lives in my head is the wrong one. I miss the shenanigans these two used to get into. The version I have in my head doesn’t allow me to show you the more playful side that is the true nature of this relationship. It’s just PAIN AND ANGST AND MORE PAIN AND MORE ANGST and idk. That doesn’t feel right.

I have been rethinking Alterra lately. I am sure it’s because I am getting “cold feet” about pursuing an original project. But honestly…it just doesn’t feel ready like I thought it did.

I want to do something more fun. Like….I don’t feel compelled to write Alterra the way I felt compelled to write Conquest of Spaces.

And I wonder if it’s because I am trying to tell the wrong version of the story…

Tales From Alterra
Original work by me
Neo Kaichi and Darius Minoma are mine