darius minoma

Had the urge to draw a “master magician” and Darius is the first character who comes to mind.

I have mentioned this before, but Darius is my version of the Dark Magician. I invented him when I was 15 way before the Millennium World arc ever aired. And even though we know the real origin of the Dark Magician, the purple DM in the first few seasons will always be “Darius” to me and not Mahaad. *shrug* You get weirdly attached to things, I think.

Darius’ design has changed since then, obviously, and sometimes I feel like I have forgotten what a powerful spellcaster he is since I started writing Tales From Alterra.

Ah well. Have a doodle born out of nostalgia for a younger time.

Tales From Alterra
Original work by me
Darius Minoma is mine

I think I deleted this awhile back (probably in a fit of rage from not getting notes on it initially because I was in that kind of mood; it’s something I’m working on). I’m plus or minus on it, but this is Darius. He adopts and raises Neo, despite being only 10 years older than Neo.

I really need to draw these characters more often. 

Tales From Alterra

Darius Minoma