darius alpha

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When your dad one-ups you…😳


I love this song so much. The tune is from splatterhouse, a controversially gorey game from arcade days, which has great music overall.
I know that there is another Sento Nel Core, but I’m not sure how similar they are to each other. One is classical, and one is video game music, and while they are both readily available on youtube and such, I do not feel like putting enough time into comparing them to find if the one from the game is based off of the classical one.

Regardless, Enjoy!

Heat of the moment (open rp)(character: Darius Salvatore)(omega/alpha AU)

“What the hell is this?” he breathed looking around as laid in the middle of the bed feeling his body heat up, it was like every nerve was standing on edge and he just needed attention “Please someone..what the hells happening to me?”