Tryna pack because I have way too much shit and it won’t be long before I’m out in Cali😬 Needed some motivation and I can’t do anything without playing music or talking to someone so facetimed this bootyhead.😂 YOU’RE A VERY TERRIBLE CHEERLEADER @kinginwitdario Got me crackin up too much and can’t get anything doneeeee. 😩

Te daría un café con Borges y un cigarro con Cortázar; te daría a Lorca en jarrón de rosas, una almohada de Sabines y cobijas de Benedetti; una ventana de Márquez y la luna de Neruda; te daría lluvia de Bécquer y viento de Darío; te daría pasión de Frida, caricias de Mistral y suspiros de Storni; un papel de Llosa y luz de Fuentes
—  Te daría una pluma con tu propia tinta y besos de mi propia boca; te daría nuestra risa al compás de nuestra música; y nuestro amor…te daría amor envuelto en nuestro tiempo, te daría amor envuelto en nuestro tiempo

A digital of the sketch I made last night of Garrnet and Darren
<3 perfect lil babes.
And then another sketch of em and me :3
I really just wanted to draw this out because my sexuality has always been a struggle for me since the people I lived with during my childhood rejected it so strongly since they were religious.
And it kindof crushed my sexuality for a long time. And it took me three four years just to admit it to myself and to people around me
And knowing people like this boys and real people are allowed and that we matter means so much for me.
Thanks for making me feel like I’m ok. Like I can take a step forward
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