today is my approximation of this blog’s one-year anniversary, as well as, incidentally, my birthday.  a collision of two significant occurrences in my life  –  one being the inception of my longest-running muse, the other the reason i have a life to begin with.  here’s a not-so-secret:  one of these celebrations wouldn’t be possible or worthwhile without the inclusion of all of you (yes, you, reading  –  it doesn’t matter if my half-asleep brain included you in the below list or not  ;  you are amazing, i love you, i cherish you), & the other is made richer, more definitive, for the same reason.  i’m incredibly introverted &, honestly, a lot of you below i may never have even approached, but i support you.  i support you because between every written line & every thought you form into your characters, you’ve put in your hearts.  the beauty of canon roleplaying is the gift of characters crafted by the initial author’s heart, now refined & personalised by a long string of different hearts they have either significantly or passingly touched & influenced.  the beauty of original character roleplaying is that your gifts have touched mine, & my vocalisation now is the result of long hours staring wide-eyed at the screen, inspired & amazed & loving of creations brilliant & beautiful in their narrative & intuition.  the beauty of you, the writer, is that you are here  –  on this site or off of it, vibrantly creating wherever you go.  words on a page or breath from your lungs, the technicality doesn’t matter.  i admire you for your persistence, & i applaud you for your survival.

writing lana has been more than an escape  ;  it’s been a lesson.  in discovering what made commander shepard important to me, i discovered fragments of myself.  in my adventure through a character, i found my life significantly changed in my adventure as my own person.  i want to write a message to someone in particular before i carry on with the list  –  all of whom are on it, & all of whom are not, i will also inevitably write personalised messages for, in a venture outside of self-celebratory measure.  for now, though, this person has impacted my life like a meteor.  her crater is invaluable to me, to this blog, to lana as a character.

@resolutesoldier  ;  jen, you have made adding another year to my life possible.  you have made it something that i look forward to.  looking back to the day you came into my life, i don’t know whether to smile or cry.  mostly it’s strange, because i feel as though i’ve known you forever.  this adventure will always have been worth it if just to meet & know you.  you inspire me as a person, as a writer  –  as a human being who will listen to me into the dark hours as i stumble around trying to find myself, & as someone who i would listen to forever.  i can’t caption how much your friendship means to me.  every time i think my heart can’t get fuller around you, it does.  it will.  your james is & always will be irreplaceable to my lana, & you will always be the star that guides me.  mostly because one day i’m going to run away & find you in person, & when i do i will be infinitely better than before i knew you.  at least, i’ll be someone i like better.  & i love you.  if you log in & see this sappy note, that’s something you should know most of all.  i love you.

& i love all of you.  some of you have followed me for so long, you are like family to me.  some of you are dear, dear friends.  some of you are strangers, but you’re beautiful strangers.  you’re people who i want to have good days.  you’re people whose virtues i want to trumpet for as long as i have fingers to type, & i will.  in the meantime, this is a thank-you.  this is a have-a-good-day.  this is a virtual hug.  you guys are star systems, & as a forever space-struck wanderluster, i will always telescope your writing & consider you poetry.

@adellaenchanted / @travmsoldat, @anivara, @arielshepard / @plasmapriestess, @aureasadrisit / @theeternalsun, @awesomegaydar, @becomesongs, @bioticiisms, @blightedburden, @bloodiedwolf, @burzxm / @urulxce, @bythecode / @protivach, @bythestone, @camillelafaye, @changemeback, @combatsituation / @scottiish, @defenestratio / @withconscience, @daringdevil / @profanemouth, @drippingredledgers, @dushavor / @shadcwpreacher, @fademarking, @fightsthatdragon, @finelendal, @firstdegreefraud / @prophetry, @flamebound, @garmrr, @goodforsiix, @grishildr, @hamndgirig, @honeycrafts / @malckh, @ichorhymn, @ignte, @illvolition / @komihn, @indxstress, @itsalreadynever, @khuravhi, @leadkiss, @manhuntiing / @starhacked / @wctcher, @materxnatura, @matriarkh, @moranument / @vckarian, @mysterynerd / @wondertold, @necrobait, @neonnoise, @nxmphe, @omenbrought, @opheliiacomplex, @ourladyclaire, @ovalbound, @parapsyched, @pariahe, @peacemaiden, @pondelistic, @provocatcur, @purrsuasion, @questionsofmoraliity / @thrownsoul, @seismicfault, @shieldarmed / @vasrea, @shadcwbroker / @thedestrcyer, @silverwilled, @sinninggod, @sorrowedvigil, @spunstories / @toshootfirst, @southronprincess, @spymastcr, @sunbeamiing, @thcrmonuclear, @tomurderandcreate, @totallyamazeballs, @vesvolk, @vhenadhal, @vigiilance, @viiduam, @xnjolras

                WOW. so i recenty reached 1k and i just keep thinking WHY. you’re all so wonderful and talened whilst i’m this awkward potato grateful for having you all here. I’ve had this blog for good 5 months now since rebooting and it’s been such an amazing experience so far. i love this character so much, maria hill is my precious baby and it just makes me feel warm inside to know you people like my portrayal of her this much that you’ve stayed with me. i wish to be around exploring everything that makes her be HER and i wish to have you guys along the way. 

but ok ! i’ll make this short so just let me do some special mentions.

drippingredledgers | em ! wife, love of my life. i’m so glad we met and i’m so glad to have you around to shot out at you on skype about everything. you’re so amazingly talented and i’m so incredibly happy to just call you a friend. your writing in just breathtaking. everything you do leaves me in awe and it’s just inspiring. just writing with you, plotting and crying about out babies lights up my day. i love you darling. 

telocvoviim | cass ! my lovely wife, you’re so gay for me <33 i mean ! i just want to thank you because you’re always so incredibly sweet and lovely. another talented potato and just mind-blowing. i always love reading your stuff because your writing is just perfect. you’re just amazing and i hope you know you mean a lot to me, i love you a lot ok ?

oftargets | ok nanniekin ! you, and your perfect clint and your sweet personality and just everything about you. you’re a blessing omg, everything you write is gold and i’ve said this before but i’ll say it again. your clint is just everything i ever wanted omg. i love u potato.

ironarmored | claudia darling ! you, i believe, are the first tony i ever wrote with in here and i am so in awe everytime i read one of your replies. you allowed me to explore this beautiful yet complicated relationship between Tony&Maria as it is on the comics and i just can’t wait to keep burying myself deeper into it because i’m sure you’ll make it worth it.

lonelyembitteredsoul | ok you ! miranda omg i think i should thank you just for the existance of this blog because you’re so supportive and encouraging. you’re just beautiful and sweet and i hope you save this because it doesn’t happen everytime ok. i love you.

and to you all who’ve been with me and have made this just so perfect. thank you.

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                          OR: EXCUSE ME, BUT WHAT?

i recently reached 300 followers  ( i still don’t really know what you all are doing here, but i appreciate it so much, regardless of whether or not we’re mutuals )  & figured it was a good occasion for some sort of follower appreciation post. i made this account back in january & honestly never expected for so many of you to follow me ––– let alone actually ENJOY my portrayal of ruby, since there are so many wonderful renditions of her out there. i still get insecure about writing her sometimes, but i’ve loved every second of being here & you guys definitely make it worth the while. so, THANK YOU for sticking around.

special mention

exsecratum  |  jcphiel  |  horribleluck  ( & about a million of her other accounts ): if you’re not following winny already, you’re honestly missing out. i’ve known her for six years now & she is not only my oldest rp partner, but one of my favorite people in the world; not to mention her portrayal is always on point, no matter what character she takes on. roleplay partners come & go, but winny is one of the few i haven’t lost touch with yet & after all this time, she remains almost a sister to me. definitely go check her out.

other fabulous roleplayers

below you’ll find a list of all my mutuals, older & newer. unfortunately i haven’t had the privilege of roleplaying with all of you just yet, but hopefully i will in the future!

thesmophoric  |  indxstress  |  noxpraelia  |  athanato  |  sweetheartsnark  |  ofcxritas  |  xthimble  |  hangtherules  |  unseenmockingjay  |  imnotthesavior  |  thelxstsavior  |  incredibleliar  |  rufiofalls  |  changedsongbird  |  changingpontius  |  druidofiron  |  gildscipe  |  dominatrick  |  sxmniare  |  slytherrus  |  piiratescave  |  adeloes  |  magnetance  |  terribiliis  |  ofheroics  |  furiisms  |  riddarii  |  nymehros  |  poiseandcomposure  |  withoutbanner  |  mayorbelle  |  veltedis  |  thedarknesstohislight  |  greywindking  |  storybeliiever  |  owedbetter  |  svikinnar  |  bifrostism  |  bloodiedwolf  |  moranument  |  earmires  |  chxrmante  |  souvreign  |  deathsiren  |  yourunhappyending  |  nevermisses  |  offabletown  |  giiliath  |  veinsofwar  |  theinfamouscaptain  |  kinginnuendo  |  killianns  |  druiidae  |  bxthory  |  constantgrief  |  wiintry  |  prxncecharming  |  avicuula  |  skaifok  |  ahbutimavillain  |  nojudgeofbeauty  |  xtestis  |  veilled  |  blaackfyre  |  siinnerr  |  rcndir  |  ironiisms  |  stxgos  |  prophetry  |  ofgasmasks  |  rexofsilva  |  malignitas–mali  |  liarliiar  |  pondelistic  |  coldblxxded  |  hisgrief  |  msmarvelism  |  strifeofwar  |  insxrgo  |  offiasco  |  tokillmonsters  |  bclicvcr  |  labyrxnthine  |  likeashoelace  |  exitiosaxe  |  smartcrthanyou  |  bravebury  |  masterofgoodform  |  materxnatura  |  wolfixis  |  domestiics  |  voiidstuff  |  obsodil  |  slavicshadcw  |  grvkinn  |  librariians  |  hcartless  |  lostdorothy  |  lightcrowned  |  sanctuus  |  moralistwithmoney  |  pricstess  |  ofsaviourisms  |  devilout  |  wxndybird  |  identityfraud  |  cestatie  |  wiickcd  |  alhxli  |  raisedbetter  |  vvulfric  |  bitteriism  |  tormentxm  |  serenityfixed  |  dinglehxpper  |  lionessism  |  rascalist  |  chcrredqveen  |  toocliched  |  lixnheart  |  daringdevil  |  soldatzimy  |  tierical  |  poisonedplant  |  magicdoesntfail  |  iracundix  |  southronbeauty  |  gavemyforever  |  schrrecken  |  likedirt  |  valorborn  |  hairpullings  |  ofmiidnight  |  pulledfromhell  |  frostivity  |  saviorheart  |  ofblindsight  |  antisavicr  |  againstworlds  |  brckenwatch  |  isolatedhxnter  |  feraliity  |  fastlly  |  fragiliis  |  punziiie  |  courierr  |  anamnesiis  |  edhelernil  |  nosignsofpain  |  brrucebanner  |  ofraventree  |  uaigh  |  mcthermaterial  |  stanfcrd  |  scarletniightmare  |  havfruc  |  madnessfromwithin

thranduile  asked:

Tag, you’re it! Here are the rules: Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves. You have to choose and tag ten people. Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them. No tag back! :)

oh no um

  1. i really like michael fassbender he is perfect 2 me
  2. i have an unhealthy love for Rolex watches
  3. i like butts a lot
  4. i really want a dog 
  5. i have a sister that is a year younger than me and she wants to be me and its annoying
  6. i have hazel eyes?
  7. i collect magazines
  8. my favorite food is pizza 
  9. i really wish i looked like rooney mara
  10. i hate the sun
Very excited because daringdevils is gonna be able to hear and listen to music and hear pretty things like birds and windchimes and know what british accents and tom hiddleston's laugh sound like. I'm just really happy for her even though we just followed each other yesterday

                [╳ S A Y   WHAAA ] 

                When I started Manor, knowing he was simply a minor blimp in John
                Constantine’s long line of relationships,   I thought I would only have
                double digit followers.    A canon character from the Hellblazer series
                who is    only     in    seven    or  so issues, and retooled to fit into the
                television     universes of Arrow, The Flash, and Constantine? Pfft. No
                one will be interested in this little psychopath. Wow, was I wrong. He
                has grown on     me, and    taken a life of his own. So, here’s a follow
                forever, must   follows and in general-awesome people listing I made
                to celebrate this manics milestone !!

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Apparently, everyone got lost within the last week && a half of me making this account. Because, you all showed up. && you all seem to believe that I am in some way quality. (Are you aware that William is an asshole pls he needs an adult…—) 

The list may be small but you’re all so very loved, please remember that. You’re all amazing in your own ways. (Speeeecial folk tbh. Real special.) 

THE CREW TBH— (aka the squad idk don’t mind me) 

timmgutterson ncthanprescott influencedbyfear xannibalecter hyacinthsongbird krigarofwar eastendprince kniivesandlint datseabass lookingforstatic smartcst coerciively piietrosass betterthansuper criminalroyalty cannibcl mischiefwithabite ccnsultingcriminal consvltant donttakeorders inventiveflower inmxnitas tentatum michaeliiis miiserably phobiis reaperxfsin ronmanmob russiasartfuldodger showmaxter surgiical tetheriing thecapitoldarling thiievery bespectacledscholar brokenmagxc scaredofbats svetoviid


areyouthedxvil astormcrow bravenotblind brooklynboyofamerica butimalwaysalana convictioniisms corruptmedicine crxella cutlamb cxlvolent daringdevil disillusionedhumanity dr-hanniballectermd fightsback frcnkie gcdstiel hamndgirig hawcaine hcnged heartstutters herunfailingkindness holeyweaslxy hookedpirate hxwlett indiianbrave intimatewithyourinstincts lionheartiing maskdad miabxlla motherofasgard murascki obciscr ofironflesh ofpsychics ofsmokeandashes ozimyy persuadedparticipant pvnkiish shpixn soldivr talentforlying tastcful taxmcn toshootfirst toxichourglass txssxract uncomprcmising unxthical vulpesvos wasthatnotprocedure wasthelure writtendeceit xaedificare xlibertas yellowascot

WOO! Also, bless you all for coping with me on here while I take a break from The Riddler— You’re all super lovely! xoxoxoxoxoxo Savannah

i don’t really know how to start one of these things - it’s been such a long time since i’ve felt the need to make one. but here i am. completely disbelieving and one hundred percent convinced you have me confused with someone else. 

two and a half months ago, on a serious whim after burning through all of netflix’s daredevil like some kind of deranged junkie - i decided to make an elektra. something i’d been toying with the idea of for the better part of a year. for those of you that know me, you know she’s my type. often maligned, often over looked and misunderstood, sexy af. i wanted to make her my own.

            and i’m so glad i did!

i’m not someone who likes to pick people out in particular, so this is a really big general thank you to everyone. to all the people who’ve helped me develop her, to all the people i chat to on skype and have nothing but love for her. to everyone who has simply given enough of a fuck to follow me here. thank you. without you there would be no blog and no elektra. some people deserve extra thanks and adoration, i’d like to think they know who they are. i’ll put your cheques in the post soon, okay? 

below are people that i’ve really gotten into it with - people who i admire and people who i hope to write with soon. to all of my followers, thank you for taking the time to check me out, thank you for giving a shit.

abamentia / justicebliind | actslikeeverybodysdad | agenths  | ajubesintime / levoleurcinetique/ brandisnotmygivename | alpharxptor | archaeologizeasblindasjustice | aspecificskillsetassistantdarcy | astormcrow | belxva | bolshoii | causidiicus|championofthegods | cocciinocolxcheeseburger | commcnd | crosshaired | cupxd | cxpt | cxptain | darcdevil | daringdevil / soldatzimy | dasvidaniyabitches | deadlyviperr | degeneris | demcnshead | diiamondback | doomedycuth / fangedfirecracker | forgottengoddess | forhippolyta | fourbia | galacticguardian/ notcaptainbritain | galahcd | gonercgue | hawkeyeii | heartlesshenchman | hxbridisms | integriitasitsdarkcorners | jameswxsley | kidsburningdogs | kiilingbill | krovavyyvdovalia-nelson |
massivesnob |metalsidedmisslancelot / purrsuasion | moveslikeaspider | nachzehrerr | nightnursiisms | niightnurse | nutsaboutbirds | ofeideticmemory | onyxmasked | pacifiiedpositivelybeastly | pugpicker | rageinyourbones | raptxrqueen | siinnerr | simpletonwithashield |southerndraawl | starkstxr | stillmanlierthanyou | tordenvaer | twoclaw | viduae | viindico | vitxum |voluptuarist | xaedificare | xantiheros | xstrange | xwandawilson | xmarksthescott | xducere |