daringcatastrophe  asked:

Hi, I have a question for you my wonderful Evan, is there anyone on tumblr that has impacted your life whatsoever?

Good question. Well, several people. Maybe not in extreme ways, but certainly in small ways. I think that tumblr has really helped me with my compassion for one. One of the first blogs I followed really struggles with self harm. And I used to think that self harm was really crazy and counter productive, but through her I have really understood that those who do it HATE themselves for it, but can’t stop. They really need help from friends and family to overcome it. 

I have learned to show love to everyone, because even the happiest people can be feeling down, and even a simple smile or simply showing that I care enough to take interest can totally change someone’s day and mood.

I have learned a lot about other cultures, and about other nations other than my wonderful United States. I think that it is impossible to be an educated citizen and member of society if we live in a shell of just our state or country. There is so much more out there to be discovered and understood, and a lot of my foreign friends on tumblr have really enlightened me on this.

I guess the greatest thing that tumblr has impacted in my real life is that it has increased my confidence that romantics still exist. I have had a rough two years romantically at USC, and getting such positive feedback from girls on who I am as a man and a romantic has really reminded me to be proud of that side of me. I am a dynamic man, and I can’t try to hide my romantic side anymore. If it scares girls off like it has in the past, it’s their loss. I am proud that I am not out just having sex for fun. I am proud to say I believe with my whole heart that I have a one true love out there searching for me like I am searching for her. And Tumblr has really helped to encourage me to never give that up, for anything.