So instead of doing legitimate updates. I decided to do this. 27 Potato Ponies.


Frigid Drift, Xenopony, Mares of the Old Republic, Pyre, Awesome Dash, Heartscape, Rockin Roolo, Daring Derpy Do, Dawnstar, Sugar Cloud, The Ace, Screw Loose, Cutie Pie, Flutterguy, Spitfire the Wonderbolt, Dead Rainbow Dash, Mr. Fluffers, MLPSoarin’, Spittfire, Firenze, Fuse Light, Brummbar, Doctor Colgate, Edge Doodle, Fizzy, Mic the Microphone, and Boss Inc.

Maybe now I will do a normal update again.

My leather top hat I finally finished!! I’ve put so many hours into this guy. It’s all hand made, carved, tooled and painted. What do you all think?