daring diva

Of Adoration and Heart Conditions

Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice

Relationship: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov

Tags: Fluff, Domestic Bliss, Post Episode 12

AO3 link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10745964

This is the story of how Victor dies of a heart attack.

Or like, of an aneurysm or something.

…Alright, so it’s probably not as dramatic as it sounds.

But it starts during a grey September morning, Victor getting lost in his thoughts in the midst of sipping coffee, and he comes to several terrible realizations. First, he’s turning into the dreaded age of thirty this year and his youth is quickly slipping between his fingers like sand in an hour glass. Earlier this morning, Victor had seen pre-mature wrinkles on his face through the bathroom mirror and dammit, he knew he’d regret not using that anti-aging moisturizing cream like Chris had suggested.

Second, between Yakov’s training regimen from hell and his and Yuuri’s own late night training sessions combined, his back has been twinging something fierce lately. His knee joints creak ominously now whenever he overdoes his jumps.

…Okay, that’s kind of Victor’s fault, though.

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Seventeen Reaction to You Being Dared to Kiss Another Member

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Hey guys sorry I haven’t posted in a really long time I’ve been busy with school and also my step sister has moved in and always wants me to hang out with her the second I finish my schoolwork, but I hope when summer comes I’ll have a lot more time! ^_^

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S.Coups/Seungcheol He’d give a quick glare at the other member, secretly jealous of the other member. But he’d try to hide it but he’d mumble something out and everyone quickly turns to face him asking what he said. “Oh, it’s nothing, can we play another game please?”

Jeonghan “That should of been me.” He’d mumble after excusing himself from the room. When he came back he’d glare at the member who’d kissed you.

Joshua/Jisoo He’d try to keep clam about it, it’s only a kiss, he’d repeat in his mind, and like Seungcheol he’ll glare at the two. 

Jun/Junhui I have a feeling he’d get a lil bit cocky He’d ask “Why not kiss me instead?” He’d smirk as he looked at you, while everyone else stared at him.

Hoshi/Soonyoung He’d feel pretty jealous, he’d just watch the whole thing trying not to say anything that’d indicate that he was jealous. He’d think to himself “When will I get a kiss from [Y/N]?” but he’d know it was just a dare and it really didn’t mean anything.

Wonwoo He’d stare at you for a while after hearing the dare and like Jun he’d comment “Why don’t you kiss me instead?” then he’d cover his face from embarrassment.

Woozi/Jihoon After you had kissed the other member he’d be extremely jealous, that he didn’t even try to hide it when he was asked if something was wrong he’d put on a smile, “Oh, nothing’s wrong!” 

DK/Seokmin He’d look away from you and the member that you were dared to kiss and he’d probably block the kiss with his hand saying. “Why don’t we all get something to eat instead?”

Mingyu Knowing him and his love for food he’d be too busy chewing to even hear the dare, but once he heard the other members chanting for you to do the dare he’d step in and say “You can kiss my cheek instead and then your dare is done.” He’d let out that goofy laugh of his showing his teeth.

The8/Minghao He’d sit there eating his food while he gave the stink eye to the both of you. “This is not fair…” He’d mumble to himself.

Seungkwan SASS MODE ON When he hears the dare, prepare for the diva. His “oh my god” expressions might be a little bit exaggerated. “You just can’t dare [Y/N] kiss someone!”

Vernon/Hansol He’d space out when he hears the dare. Right before you and the other member are about to kiss he’d speak up, “Let play another game, this one is boring!”

Dino/Chan He’d whine the moment he hears the dare, “[Y/N], could I get a kiss too?” he’d then let out a huge cute pout.