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I lowkey get butt hurt whenever someone says they hate Laia because her and I are so alike I feel secondhand offended lol. The only thing is she's wayyyy more braver than me due to everything she went thru just to get to Darin back from book 1 and 2. I'd probably shit my pants.

HA HA HA HA, I know this feeling. I’m not nearly as brave as her, which is always why it’s funny to me when people are like “I HATE HER SHE’S SO WEAK”. Like, heeeey she’s 17 and has to grow up really, really fast so don’t be so harsh and also never pick me for your Zombie Apocalypse team b/c we would DIEEEEE. 

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The other clubs get it. My boyfriend is a member of Math club and Music Club. A music club member, Jake, got really mixed up into the lesbian drama mentioned earlier. To put it simply, there was an actual orgy in the band storage room. They did use condoms, though. Anyways it was initially a pair of two girls, one was the lesbian. Jake joined in, hence the need for a condom. Fast forward. Jake and my boyfriend (did I mention that I'm gay?) get into a fight. Jake ended up smoking pot in the same

I decide to clean up my life, free it from drama. I win some academic scholarships. The K-BLM club has a member named Emily who thought she deserved the money. Emily gets the K-BLM club to harass me. I’m “bullied” sort of but honestly they were just too pathetic for me to feel insulted. Got “fag” written on a bunch of stuff. Emily’s boyfriend falls for me. His twin brother, Darin (a football player) gets mad at me and punches me in the neck one day. I tolerate it. Happens again. Darin goes down.

Darin brings back up the Nazi scandal. At the mention of Nazi, my good old Pepe Seals get fired up again. They defend me. No more “fag” written on anything. Good ol’ Pepe Seals to the rescue? I invite some Pepe Seals to a church party and they ACTUALLY GO. Somehow Christianity gets mixed into the Pepe Seal doctrine. The J-BLM club tells my friend to kill himself and he attempts it. This was the last straw, here comes an all out war. Pepe Seals vs J-BLM. If I stop messaging, it means I’ve hit 10.

The Pepe Seals put up a bunch of pepe posters. Rainbow glitter pepe. Like a gang tag. The J-BLM club strengthens themselves by recombining with the anime club. They post some SJW shit and pictures of anime guys on the walls. School puts up suicide hotline posters. Math club puts up hotline bling posters in response. Stalin posters go up from from of the old communist-German learning kids. Stuff is tense. We realize that a real fight would get use expelled, so we decide to use subtle manipulation

So yeah “subtle manipulation” got us relatilation in the form of “mild bullying”. They messed with my boyfriend a little. Then “actual bullying.” There is this autistic kid in the Pepe Seals but I’ve known him for years. Name is David. David is a pretty sweet kid, but man he’s shit at social skills. He’s like a little brother to me by now. So the K-BLM club started to mess with HIM instead of ME. They took his journal and ripped it. Then one day I was walking to class

And outside there were a few kids yelling. Boys, mainly. Two were holding david back. Another was smashing his phone. Oh man I was pissed. I shove the phone smasher back, grab the phone, and drag david away. I wish I could say I fought them or something and “the train all started clapping” but honestly it was anticlimactic. David’s phone still sort of worked, so it was okay I guess. Still annoyed. Minor things continue to happen. David tries to jump off a balcony. Et cetera. Now, I should add

At this point in my life, I had some issues. Family didn’t approve of me because I didn’t match their preserved image of a nice little boy who liked bugs and boy scouts. They got a little abusive. I tried to commit suicide. A student found out and mocked me for it. It was rough, man. I stopped going to Pepe Seal meetings for a few weeks, then I went again. It was still a shitty club. But those kids really helped pull me through. There’s nothing like cheap and cringy memes to make the mood light.


not even fucking joking

write some memoirs

i’m in four english classes and this is the most interesting thing i’ve read all year, it’s like a coming of age novel but on crack and it’s all a true story

Unbound1 is back and ❤️s Darin's ep

Whoa Dude: Unbound I’s “Mulder & Scully Meet The Were Beast” Review

I’m here to tell you people, this is what we’ve been waiting for. This is the moment “X-Files” fans were hoping would come with the revival. For so long we wondered if it would be truly possible. But I’m here to tell you it is.

This was it.

And it sure was something else.

Magical. Memorable. And dare I say … immortal?

Sorry Scully.

One week ago James Wong gave “The X-Files” revival a pulse. With “Mulder and Scully Meet The Were Beast,” Darin Morgan elevated it back to classic status and turned it into something we may have wondered if we would ever see again.

Television greatness.

If it was a true classic hour of television you hoped “The X-Files” could deliver again in the revival it was Morgan who proved there was still plenty of life in the old show’s bones. Even if Mulder’s struggle with modern technology is so very real.

While Mulder may be having a mid-life career crisis and finding that new camera app on his phone to be truly maddening, Morgan proved he was still on his A game as one of the premier writers this show has ever had. “Mulder and Scully Meet The Were Beast” was nothing short of phenomenal.

In what would have been nothing more than a cheesy monster whodunnit in the hands of a lesser writer, Morgan crafted a sharp, witty and intelligent tale of a monster tormented by the fact he has become a man and how one Fox Mulder is more in touch with this monster than he realizes.

Much to Mulder’s chagrin, Guy Man isn’t set on terrorizing the neighborhood in search of blood. Instead, he’s fraught with the anxiety over his retirement plan and overwhelmed by a feeling of helplessness with his dead-end job.

An insect-eating life was so much simpler.

As the story unfolds we find Mulder feeling the weight of all his years chasing after monsters with nothing to show for it. He feels as if he’s done nothing more than spin his wheels in a futile attempt to uncover truths, many of which he has come to find were nothing more than lies to begin with.

Perhaps that’s Morgan’s way of tying this story into whatever it is Chris Carter wants to do now with the mytharc. But rather than focusing on that muddled storyline, Morgan uses the Were Beast case as a means to draw Mulder out of his funk and back into the game of unimagined possibilities.

By the episode’s end Mulder has re-discovered some of the zest he lost. As he watches Guy Man’s final transformation, a smile creeps upon his face as the reality of the unexplained becoming possible regains the power that once enthralled him. In that moment in the woods (ironically where it all began for the show and us as viewers) Mulder has found himself again.

While Mulder’s need to find his proper place in life served as the episode’s foundation, what Morgan did with Scully provided a wonderful driving force.

Morgan breathed life into Scully truly for the first time in the revival. If Gillian Anderson didn’t have tons of fun with this episode she simply has no soul. This episode was an actor’s delight and Anderson seized upon it with all the zeal of Mulder hunting down a UFO. In less than 25 minutes Scully dropped three of her greatest lines in the show’s glorious history.

“Boxers or briefs?”

“Mulder, the Internet is not good for you.”

“You’re bat crap crazy.”

Darin Morgan wasn’t the only one who brought his A game in this episode. Dana Scully was in prime form as well.

As Guy Man found out in the storeroom of his fantasy life.

Scully’s exuberance to be back on an X-File was a pleasant surprise given her often morose behavior since … well … “Je Souhaite.” It’s been ages since we’ve seen Scully happy to be around Mulder and to be knee deep in an investigation. But here she was, tossing out quip after quip after quip and even stealing a dog for good measure.

Welcome back Dana. Great to see you again.

Guy Man may have been a bit overzealous in his description of Scully as a promiscuous sexual carnivore (more monster references), but Morgan was on point as he poured life back into Scully’s heart. By showing us a Scully we haven’t seen in so long we were reminded why we missed her so dearly.

Scully even gets to capture the episode’s actual killer. But he’s dismissed before he can rattle off his carefully worded delusional reason for being. That’s because the episode isn’t about him. He’s merely a footnote to a greater story being told.

A story about a monster who becomes a man and a man whose belief in monsters has him questioning what kind of a man he has become.

Oh and Scully flashing her B cups and having sex in a storeroom.

We mustn’t forget that at all.

“I wanna make you say cheese.”

“THAT, did not happen.”

Something tells me Mulder’s never been lured into a backroom by Scully before. And he definitely isn’t happy about it.

Back to Gillian, her acting brilliance is on display in the hotel scene when her ex is channeling his Inner Mulder and laying out a monster theory with all of his pros and Scully’s cons as well in full display. With just a bemused look and a raised eyebrow Anderson reveals the love Scully has for this fanatical agent and how she longs to see him find himself again.

This is the Mulder she prefers and fell in love with. It’s clear this is the one Darin Morgan loves as well. In fact, who Fox Mulder is now is a big part of what this crazy monster story is actually all about.

Morgan smartly demonstrated how the passing of time has affected Mulder. Mulder isn’t a young man anymore banished to the basement of the FBI pursuing what others believe to be folly. By his own admission, he’s a middle-aged man who has nothing to show for all his pursuits.

By bringing Mulder squarely into the present, Morgan shows us that this show can function wonderfully as it calls upon its past even if time has aged our heroes and the years have taken a toll on their united quest. When Mulder says to Guy near the end of the episode that “I want to believe,” it’s not a hokey shout out to one of the show’s mantra’s; it’s Mulder reclaiming himself.

Guy Man really is Mulder’s parallel in the episode. When Guy was a monster he was genuinely happy just like Mulder was genuinely happy as a belittled FBI agent hunting little green men. But when Guy became a man, he lost his purpose in life just like Mulder had lost his purpose since being bounced out of the FBI.

Only when these two could become their true selves could they be happy again. It’s why Guy actually skips his way into the woods after his final transformation and why Mulder is last seen smiling. Both have become their selves again. Both are whole.

That, my friends, is brilliant writing.

Morgan didn’t just set out to merely tell a great X-File. He also had plenty of Easter Eggs to give us as well. In many ways, this was a love letter for X-Files fans.

The episode began with two of our favorite stoners; there was Mulder in the red speedo again; grave stones honoring Kim Manners and Jack Hardy; Scully with her first “Mulder it’s me” of the revival, reminiscing about Queequeg and even joking about her immortality. And in case you missed it Guy Man dressed just like Carl Kolchak, whose influence on Chris Carter and this show was significant. To top it off, Mulder’s ring tone for Scully was the show’s theme music.

Morgan could have turned all of these wonderful homages into an embarrassing farce with a wink-wink here and a nudge-nudge there. Instead, they came from the heart as one of the men who gave us so much on this series showed us how much he appreciates the adoration he and the series have received.

This was an X-File to remind us all why “The X-Files” was pure brilliance the many times it reached its creative peak. This was an episode that reminded us all why we invested so much in a show about an obsessed alien hunter and a “medical doctor” whose life would never be the same after setting foot in his office.

Like Fox Mulder we were left smiling at the end as we remembered why this show generated so much passion within us. All of our lives have changed in the years that have gone by since this show first went on the air but tonight with “Mulder and Scully Meet The Were Beast,” we no longer had reason to question the reasons why we were pulled into this quest. We all were reminded how magical that quest could be and why we were never happier than when we were embroiled deep within it.

Bravo Mr. Morgan. Bravo.