darienne lakes

RPDR Rant?

So why is it that Aja gets a free pass for being a hateful, rude, jealous bitch and for throwing a hissy fit…but people like Roxxy, Phi Phi, Acid Betty, Darienne, and even Alaska still get hate and death threats for being the same way. And don’t hit me with that “Aja is just misunderstood precious cinnamon roll.” And trust me I love all the bitchy girls because the drama is fun to watch but I’m just confused as to why she’s held to this higher standard?

All Stars 3 wishlist

Jiggly Caliente - s4
Laganja Estranga - s6
Gia Gunn - s6
Darienne Lake - s6
Trixie Mattel - s7
Kennedy Davenport - s7
Kim Chi - s8
Chi Chi DeVayne - s8
Eureka O'Hara - s9
Trinity Taylor - s9

Just putting this out here, a nice collection of queens containing some of the best look queens, lip-sync diva’s and big personalities. And I just want Darienne and Laganja to redeem themselves.