darien sheilds

Who else here thinks Darien (Mamoru Chiba) from Sailor Moon is fucking evil?

I have reasons.

Thinking back to my one true start in becoming obsessed with Japan, I started to watch Sailor Moon again. Just to realize how evil Mamoru is.

  1. He is far older than Usagi (like pedo status people).
  2. He dated Rei, like how Scott Pilgrim dated Knives. (but in this case it was a “Fake MIDDLE SCHOOL girlfriend”)
  3. That one time Usagi sneaked into a party where Mamoru was partying? Yeah, he took advantage of her. (he can check off making out with a drunk girl off his to do list) also when talking about their first kiss, Mamoru was recalling the time that he kissed her while Usagi was drunk, where she was recalling the one where she was sober.
  4. He breaks up with her during his stay in America. I know this might not be “evil” per say. But, people have phones, and you can call them, such technology was available to us, even back in the 90’s.

Not to bash the series, because I love it. Me and Sailor Venus have a thing; like I keep my hair long in hopes of cosplaying as her one day thing. But I can say honestly that I never actually liked the guy. Not only for the things that I notice now, but for the fact that I just never liked him. I just never saw the attraction to him, even when I was a kid I didn’t like the fact that he was dating kids way too young for him. Also well, he kinda creeped me out.


This has nothing to do with him being evil, but who else thinks he is gay? Or at least bi? For fuck sakes he lived in the ambiguously gay district! He had tailored suits! Also he was a bit too nice when Fisheye came onto him. Also Sailor Moon R. I know he wasn’t hitting on the guy, but still.

Serena and Darien

So I kinda love the way Darien looks out for Serena even when he can’t remember who he is. I’m watching episode 44 and they’re in this virtual gaming thing whatever, Serena ran off and Darien chased after her all like “Serena don’t go in there alone, you’d probably get lost in your own closet!” I thought it was kinda cute.