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lovely birds, I have a couple of pigeons myself, are both your birds male?

one’s male and one’s female but we don’t know which is which because they both do the sexy fat head pigeon dance. We just know they were tested before we got them.

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Dem cute little animuls ;3; that lizard lived on and became enriched by its close encounter with humans and managed to convince reptilian overlords not to take over the world because he witnessed human compassion first hand. GOOD JOB




41. All-time favorite romance? oh. OH. OHHHHOhohohoh. ^
28. Am I a forgiving person? It depends on the person, I guess. I used to be a sucker for apologies. Not to say they weren’t sincere apologies! Just that them saying “I’m sorry” was good enough for me. These days that isn’t the case so much anymore. I get tired more easily when it comes to things I think are bs. Still though, I think in the end I’d forgive them but things would definitely be different. Either I’ll be distant from them or vice-versa.
24. What AM I looking forward to? heuheuehueheuheuheueheuheuheuhe~ no but seriously I’m really looking forward to seeing you and having a relaxing weekend. I know this week’s gonna be tough with work but it’ll be worth it once I’m with you.
14. What makes me laugh, no matter what? IT’S SUPER EASY TO MAKE ME LAUGH, IT’S ACTUALLY KINDA BAD. But there’s one thing I will always laugh at, always. Seriously. Always.
9. What should I be doing right now? Welp there’s getting ahead in my criminology class. So studying basically. But I’m gonna be doing an art trade so I’m gonna be working on that after this!
7. Have I ever been awake 48 hours straight? O-oh god..I probably have but I don’t guarantee it lmao


15. A description of the person I dislike he most right now.
Ended up drawing it instead but–this bitch. This bitch here. She’s bein lazy in some guy’s golden magic helmet or something. For like a year now lmfao. I wanna do something with her but then it’s like meh.
20. Favorite flavor of ice cream.
Chocolate chip cookie dough!
45. My relationship with my sibling.
It’s not all bad, honestly. Everytime we see each other we saw we need to stay in touch more but it usually never actually happens. It was different when we were younger, but isn’t it always? lol we’d play together and sure we’d have our fights but it worked out in the end. Then everything changed when the fire nation attacked.  sorry lol um well things did change as she got older. Her friends weren’t my friends anymore. She got into different interests and mine generally stayed the same. We love each other and we’re here for each other when push comes to shove but I dunno. Maybe I’m just not good with keeping in contact and I worry too much over nothing. Who knows. \( ._.)/ 

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what did you lose?

Lost a follower but thanks to tumblrstalkr I can usually see who follows/unfollows/doesn’t follow me back. It’s a cool site, actually. Maybe it’s not a good idea to keep track of who unfollows cause that’s their decision and maybe it’s an invasion of privacy(?); but I’m not gonna go knocking down their ask box like WTF Y U NO FOLLOW ME IAHAFKAJFKHDA, that’d just be dumb.

I just get curious and once I see the name I can come up with a pretty good reason why they’d unfollow and that’d be it! Move on to the next post and hope maybe someone else comes along.