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NCR: Introducing > Darian Wong

Kristin and I are pleased to introduce our friend Darian to New Culture Revolution. A self-taught photographer with an organic aesthetic,  Darian captures humans & nature in a way we find so appealing. You can find him at:  http://www.waywardwanderer.com/ and learn more about him in his bio below. ~ Sima

Sometimes I think, others I know, but what I really seek and strive for are those loose fleeting moments when I feel. I am self-taught in my craft, inspired by atmosphere, emotion and the qualities of a thing that lay underneath the surface. I try to see not simply subjects’ aesthetic, but the way they feel - I find it’s honest and the best way to describe my approach and myself. My style would best be described as one derived from the alienation of the human condition, our instinctive longing to connect with each other and with nature, and the raw unmanufactured beauty of the world. Though ‘beauty’ is subjective, I believe it’s that honesty and that connection that allows something to translate in a beautiful way. As is with oneself, 'style’ or 'vision’ is not something static, but rather in constant growth and evolution. I’ve learned in the process to stay open to the ebbs and flows of inspiration and of life, and to stay sensitive and receptive to the moment. It’s in that place I find myself getting lost in the light.