Our team is looking for someone to help with interviewing various psychologists and professionals in the psychology and counselling space.

If you have 3-4 hours a week to commit to this position, send us an email with the following info:

1) A bit about yourself (what you study)

2) Goals/aspirations

3) Why you signed up for this position?

4) Related experiences that might help you do well in this role (eg. You’ve done a lot of emailing in the past, currently interning or working with a researcher etc).

The purpose of this initiative is to build a close community between working professionals in the space and our Psych2Go community so that everyone can benefit from the content of the interview.

In return, here’s what we will do for you:

1) Provide reference letters

2) Compensation if this becomes a consistent thing between us.

3) Experiences that you can add to your resume/work.

4) Mentorship/coaching. Being able to reach out to others is a great asset to have in your skills.

Qualities we look for:

1. Good writing and communication skills

2. Reliability

3. Persistence.

4. Attention to details

5. Good stalking abilities

Email us here: dariag@psych2go.net

Application Deadline: May 30th.