Confession #16

“I’m incredibly jealous of Daria and Jane’s friendship. I want to badly to have just one friend that is as close to me as Jane is to Daria, someone who I know will always be there to just hang out with, someone who doesn’t necessarily ‘fit in’. They’re always each other’s number one, and I’m not even second best to anyone.”

anonymous asked:

oh oh, trouble in paradise for the dream team... dasha apparently had big fight w nikita bcz he says she spends too much time shopping n doing photoshoots bt not enough at round lake training.... I guess she thought he was right bcz she fired her coach when she didnt make Russian WAG team for Euros... wonder if they will make up.. (her friend told me)

Let Daria go shopping ffs! lmao I wouldn’t worry too much. Speaking of Daria firing her coach, do you know who’s she gonna train with from now on, or is it undecided yet? Same for Angelina, I read she’s not working with her old coach either. Will they get a new personal coach? Or work with Grebs and the specialists at the Round Lake, kinda like Aliya before Starkin?