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Shadowhunters Possible Casting: Clary Fray 
1. Nataliya Piro 2. Emily Davenport 3. Sophie Turner 4.Grace Holley 5. Luca Hollestelle 6. Daria Sidorchuk 7. Zena Grey 8. Molly Quinn 


Worlds 2015 Quals Day 1 - Highlights


Gifset Challenge request: ❌: Top 8 UB qualifiers

Aliya Mustafina, Yao Jinnan, Becky Downie, Huang Huidan, Kyla Ross, Daria Spiridonova, Rebecca Tunney, Sophie Scheder

I’m really looking forward for this final, everyone could challenge for a medal, it’s gonna be great. Spiridonova could be replaced by Rodionova though, I think both of them are amazing and kinda on the same level on bars, so it depends on who hits best on the day.