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Starting out in Seasons with a brand new sim, Daria Gray. 

I can’t wait to explore the seasons in St Claire with her! 

Here’s Daria relaxing on her lilo as the sun sets in St Claire.

Stay tuned for some stories ;)

Please excuse the crap quality of my graphics card, I had to turn my game settings right down to run Seasons without blowing my laptop up, boohoo :(


Oh my gosh I’m CRYING

I couldn’t get a picture of the actual moment because I was laughing too hard but basically, Daria’s sister opened a gift on Snowflake Day and pulled a disgusted face, so I was like, what on earth did she get?! Checked her thought bubble, it was a toilet roll! She literally sat there sulking while everyone else opened their presents!

I’m not sure why I find that so funny but it’s just hilarious that somebody gave her toilet roll!


“Daria? What’s wrong?!” Eric’s eyes widened as he found his wife curled up next to the Christmas tree. “It’s your birthday! Hey baby, don’t cry!”

Daria looked up at her husband as he kneeled beside her, tears brimming in her eyes.

“Do you still love me, even though I’m old and wrinkly?” she whispered. Eric shook his head, his face full of silent amusement. 

“You, Daria James-Gray, are ridiculous. For starters, you are not old. You are 38, you have no wrinkles and you know that I will always love you, no matter how many wrinkles you get in the future, or how many greys you get in your hair. I can’t imagine life without you, and frankly I wouldn’t want to even think about it. I love you my baby, forever and always.”

Daria curled up in her husbands lap, her tears slowing as she inhaled the soothing smell of his neck. 

“I love you too, Eric.”

For god’s sake. Not only am I stuck with that outfit, but she can’t even get changed for her own damn costume party. 

Honestly Daria, I can’t even look at you right now. See you in 20 hours. 

Oh and please note the floating head to the side of her. That is Eric. Together, they have thrown the worst costume party in the history of St Claire.


Family update! Slowly but surely getting to gen 2…

Unfortunately, Oscar aged up to a teen and turned out very attractive so I can’t rule him out as heir, even though he is the youngest. Currently thinking the possible heirs are Emily, Freddie and Oscar. I’m gonna do a poll as soon as Oscar ages up to an adult so you guys can decide :-D


Okay so family update…. 

This is the current James-Gray household (although it’s probably going to change really soon because Eric’s LTW is to raise 5 children…. I know.)

I’ve decided that I am going to make the James-Gray family a legacy challenge, so Daria is founder, and I’ll pick the heir after all the children are born (or I may get you guys to pick for me in the case of a tricky decision)

So far, the kids are looking okay…. fingers crossed!

For goodness sake Eric you knew it was family photoshoot day why the hell did you insist on entering that pie eating contest


“ERIC!” Daria shouted after his retreating figure. She ran after him, pushing onlookers out of the way. “ERIC!" 

He turned at the sound of his name and looked astounded as he saw Daria chasing after him. She stopped in front of him, panting.

"I have an idea,” she gasped, “let’s put it in fate’s hands.”

Eric looked puzzled.

“How would we go about doing that?”

Daria smirked and pointed to the opposite corner of the festival.

“The love tester.”


Their hands shook slightly as they pressed them against the handle. Perhaps this was too big a risk, placing their futures on the decision of a silly fairground game. They both watched with baited breath as the bulbs lit up, starting from the bottom. Higher and higher they went, until they reached the top. ‘Made for each other’. They both laughed with pure elation. It had been what both hearts had wanted.

Autumn in St Claire

Daria and Eric have been rushed off their feet lately, what with the arrival of their first child and the fact they’ve moved house (several times, ahem), but they’re looking forward to settling down this Autumn into family life; carving pumpkins, apple bobbing and just sitting in front of the fire snuggling baby Emily. Let’s hope it all goes to plan! ;)


She carved one of each! :D

I’m going to let her off for that atrocious one in the middle… don’t let it happen again, Daria…

Please excuse her house, it looks awful from the outside but it’s so so cute inside, it’s so cosy and warm and runs like a dream because it’s just so fabulously small

p.s I’m having a real problem with overly tall chimneys; does anyone have a solution? :( I had to crop the picture because it looked so damn stupid