handsomeirl  asked:


Well, you could at least have said it nicely.

Please take 20 seconds out of your incredibly busy day to read the bolded words on the sidebar of our blog. For the umpteenth time, this blog is a COLLECTION of gifs. We don’t make these gifs, we’re not stealing them, we’re not taking credit for them. We’re putting them on this blog so that we can find reaction gifs more easily. All credit goes to each gif’s respectable owners. 

Here is the disclaimer again: we do not make these gifs. We are not stealing these gifs. We are not taking credit for these gifs. All credit goes to each gif’s respectable owners. We are just making a collection on this blog so each gif is easier to find. 

I understand where your anger is coming from. You probably worked hard on the gif and don’t like to see people using it without your permission, so I apologize for that. I wish we could credit all the gifs’ owners when we post each gif but it’s just too difficult to find the original source for everything.

Now, if you could kindly tell us which gif is yours, we’ll be more than happy to give you credit on the post. Thank you for your time. And if you’d hold off on the swearing, that’d be nice too. Have a good day.