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These were the four art cards I made for the shatterdomeatl charity card deck.

Honestly, I wish I had the chance to work on this before my Beyond The Breach entry. Crimson was the first of the set, followed by Lady Danger, and Cherno Alpha. By the time I finished Striker (the last card), I had already drawn five Jaegers to the best of my ability. I think the four card practice would have helped my Breach entry (in the long run), however, I am –very– grateful to have been involved in both projects. 

Drawing them was quite the challenge. I absolutely HATE making small art, because I feel like my eye for detail is one of my best drawing qualities. Thus, I just took the chance and drew them as I would normally go about a piece. However, I added the thick line to try to separate them from the background. I think that transferred well to the cards, because they are so small.

I hope you enjoy the cards, please, let me know what you think about them!

sumbril asked:

Read all the Newmann panels and I am just in stitches over the way you've brought their sheer level of dork to the surface, and it is *wonderful* I just can't. Will never take them 100% seriously ever again, thank you.

I think you will find, there is no Hermann Gottlieb fan, more serious than I.