This is canon Darere from episode 332 B. he can transform into anyone, and uhh …

KeroKamina: i only vaguely remember it being about how he was a fugitive being hunted down by someone of sorts or something
Fai Jo: yeahh i kinda remember too
Fai Jo: i think he used to be in the Keron Army then he did something that was forbidden for his own belief which was why he got kicked out?
Fai Jo: im not sure @_@
KeroKamina: ^yeah!!
Fai Jo: really?
KeroKamina: i’m pretty sure, yeah
Fai Jo: okay, cool : D

anonymous asked:

Everyone, I dare you all to kiss Ritsuka and the first one wins!

May- *Gets out of the way of the stampede of boys*

As soon as the word kiss came out of the darer’s mouth the cast of devils, dhamphir, fallen angel and guard dog all took to the sprint. All manner of confident shouts were thrown across the racing party such as; “Kiss my ass losers!”
“After I kiss her first oaf!”
“If you think for a second that you’ll beat me you’ve got another thing coming!”
“Gentlemen please let’s be reasonable. We all know it’ll be me to get there first.”
“In your dreams, she’s mine!”
 Rounding a corner they were met however, with the sight of Ritsuka and the…victor? Azuna pressed a small kiss upon Ritsuka’s cheek and chuckled at the sight of the gawking boys.
“What did you think I’d let a bunch of devils like you get to her first?”
The group did nothing but watch as the two girls skipped past them hand in hand laughing to themselves.

desertbrat  asked:

32, 26, 27 :^)

26:Talk about things you do when you’re sick.

i roll around, whine, cry, “this is the worst, im in so much pain, oh my god, im going to die” 

27:Talk about your favorite part of someone else’s body.

my uncles eyes were always rlly soft and sweet. we had the same eye color and,, yeah. when he smiled its like there were little lights in them and when he got mad theyd get darer

32:Talk about a place you remember from your childhood.

i remember this park near my house that my uncle and grandma and babysitters used to take my sister and i to. i used to like the swings the best. i remember there was a mcdonalds by our house too, i remember that. from the park i only remember a green slide, and i left my purse there one time and we had to go back and get it. the mcdonalds had a ballpit and thats all i know