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its-claryxfray said:What would dating Darry be like??(;

xxcuddlesxx said:Dating Darry Curtis would include?

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Dating Darry Curtis would include:

- Seeing Darry shirtless a lot which you never complain about, because it’s Darry.

- Darry constantly being stressed with work and taking care of his brothers.

- You always trying to help him pay the bills.

- “I don’t need your charity, (Y/N)!

- “It ain’t charity, Darry! It’s your girlfriend helpin’ you out. You help me out all of the time, - even though you can’t afford it-. So for once lemme help you.

- “Fine. But it’s a one time thing.

- Darry always being stressed and pretty grouchy.

- You always bringing out the goodness and happiness in Darry.

- “You’re my world, baby.

- “You’re my world too, Darry.

- Sodapop always teasing Darry about you.

- “You better watch it, buddy boy.” Darry would tease back with a grin.

- You always helping Ponyboy with his homework.

- You doing a lot around the house to help Darry focus on other important things.

- Not really having the time to spend with Darry because of the two jobs that he works.

- When Darry has the time and money, he takes you out.

- “I can pay, Darry.

- “No, I insist.

- Darry always being super sweet to you.

- Passionate hot sex.

- “Shh be quiet, baby.

- “I can’t help the way you make me feel.” you’d whisper.

- The gang really liking you and thinking you’re pretty hot.

- Darry being really protective over you.

- Darry protecting you.

- Darry getting really jealouseasily.

- You being protective over Darry.

- Darry protecting you.

- You getting jealous whenever girls hit on or look at Darry a certain way.

- Guys never flirting with you because they see the size of Darry and leave you alone.

- Darry’s work friends wolf whistling at you whenever you bring Darry lunch.

- Really bad fights.

- Hot make up sex.

- You giving Darry the best massages before he goes to bed to ease his muscles.

- Sodapop, Dallas, Steve and Two-bit flirting with you until Darry shows up.

-  You having a special soft spot for Johnny and Ponyboy.

- “Your kid brothers are just the cutest, Darry.” you’d tease.

- “Yeah…” he’d mutter.

- Darry getting really jealous.

- “Are you jealous, baby?

- “No!

- “I think you might be.

- “Just stop okay? This is dumb.

- “Don’t be a sour with me.

- “Then don’t assume that I’m jealous, cause I ain’t.

- “Yeah okay baby.

- You geting really jealous.

- “You’re jealous?

- “Pffffffffft! No!

- “Yeah you are and I think it’s hot.

- “You do, do you?

- ”Yeah.

- Teasing Darry and him being okay with it.

- Darry always kissing the nape of your neck and hugging your waist from behind.

“I love you, baby.”

- “I love you too.

- You distracting Darry whenever he’s doing the bills.

- “Babe, let me do these.

- “I’ll only take up a little of your time, baby.

- You coaxing him to come to bed with you to have sex and cuddle with him.

- “I really gotta do those bills baby.

- “But Darry!

- You moving into Darry’s house because your relationship is really serious.

- Darry always making you laugh and smile.

- You helping Darry loosen up all of the time.

- Being the perfect greaser couple.

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You Find a Spider
  • Darry: You were sitting on the floor at the Curtis house when a huge brown spider was crawling slowly across the floor in front of you. "DARRY!" you shouted at the top of your lungs you scrambled away from the spider and jumped onto the couch. He rushed into the room. He almost fell because he was running too fast. "What! Whats wrong?" "KILL IT!" you screamed as you pointed to the spider. He grabbed a shoe from the mat near the front door and beat the shit out of the spider.
  • Ponyboy: You and Pony were walking home from school. He was talking about a book he got from the library when a spider dangled from a tree right in front of your face. You squealed and jumped back. "What?" Pony asked in confusion. "Spider!" you shouted. He looked to where you were pointing. "Kill it!" You told him he hit the spider off of the web and stepped on it.
  • Dally: You were at Bucks in Dally's room. He went down to get a drink while you were reading a book on his bed. You flipped over onto your stomach. You screamed your lungs out when you saw a spider on the headboard. You fell off the bed and called for Dally. The door flew open. "What's wrong?" he asked. "You nearly gave me a heart attack, ya know. I spilled my drink on the stairs cuz of you!" "Dally there's a spider!" you pointed to the headboard. He looked at the headboard and started laughing. "Really (y/n)? I thought you were tougher than that." he laughed harder. You were never going to hear the end of this.
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Imagine: Catching Darry putting on a shirt.

You stopped in his door way, your mouth slightly ajar. “You like what you see?” Darry chuckles. winking, causing you to hopelessly blush a vivid red.

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