No Mario’s Sky

Ludam Dare Game Jam entry from ASMB Games combines well known platformer with procedurally generated worlds. It was put together in 72 hours:

Featuring 1000s of Goombas, An Infinite Universe, Muscle Toad, “Original” Music, “Faithful” Physics, Social Commentary about Interplanetary Colonialism, and a Radical Space Ship; No Mario’s Sky is the hackneyed remake-gone-mashup you’ve been craving. 

Rough in places, but available for PC, Mac and Linux here

I dare you to write about a tropical paradise which turns out to have a terrible secret

Be creative! It could be a family convinced they’ve won an all-expenses-paid vacation only to discover they’ve been kidnapped. Or perhaps a newly discovered land is the breeding ground of a terrible disease. How can you change this wonderful paradise into a horror? 

Think outside the box!

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Wild & Crazy Kids would have fit right in today with Michelle Obama’s “Get Out Of The House And Do Something, You Slobs” initiative, because every episode would have a team of teen hosts play games on location with kids and families. Maybe they played water balloon toss in a park, or that game where you spin the bat and try to hit the ball, but can’t because of the brain bouncing around in there. You know, healthy activities.

In a first season episode of W&CK, the show took over a mall and held a series of relay race contests. Most of the contests were normal kid fare – “play this video game and then skateboard across the finish line,” for example. But the very first “game” in this episode may look a little too familiar to today’s college students.

Um … what the hell? Dude, those kids are totally playing flip cup right now. OK, so they aren’t actually flipping the cup, but come on. Mugs full of ROOT beer, which you have to down as fast as you can and then pass to the next person? What else could that be?

This is practically child abuse. Look at these kids’ faces as soon as they finish. This does not look fun. No one wants to play this. The host’s voiceover makes it seem like gee-willikers silliness, but all these kids want to do is to go home so they can throw up.

6 Episodes Of Nickelodeon Game Shows That SOMEHOW Aired

If you’ve had your eye on any of Tessa Dare’s Spindle Cove series, several of them are on sale for Amazon Kindle. I cannot give any guarantees about how long they’ll be on sale, but right now all of the full-length books are $1.99.

Here’s the full series to date:

  • Book 1: A Night to Surrender
  • Book 1.5: Once Upon a Winter’s Eve
  • Book 2: A Week to be Wicked
  • Book 3: A Lady by Midnight
  • Book 3.5: Beauty and the Blacksmith
  • Book 4: Any Duchess Will Do
  • Book 4.5: Lord Dashwood Missed Out
  • Book 5: Do You Want to Start a Scandal (release date: Sept. 27, 2016)

katarinakreuz  asked:

62. “It’s only one night, we’ll just share the bed.” This isn't a pairing, however, so I might be breaking the rules here, but can you pls make it an Alina/The Darkling/Nikolai fic? Yes I'm prettttyyy sure you know what I'm implying ;D

I’ve died and gone to OT3 heaven.  

Pairing: Alina/Nikolai/Darkling

Prompt: 62 “It’s only one night, we’ll just share the bed.”

“It’s only one night, we’ll just share the bed.”

Nikolai’s words hung in the cramped space of the inn’s smallest and only available room. The three of them had been travelling days on end now in search for the alleged origin of jurda parem, but so far, their quest had been unsuccessful.

Now they had come upon an inn just as the sun was beginning to set. It was far too cold outside to set up camp so the inn seemed to be their best bet, that is, until they saw the room.

The Darkling heaved a sigh and pinched the bridge of his nose while Alina sat down on the small mattress barely big enough for two, let alone three. She supposed it had been a good idea to leave Mal behind in Os Alta. Nikolai and the Darkling could barely stand each other, and throwing Mal in the mix would most likely end in bloodshed.

“I guess we can all fit,” she murmured, training her eyes down on the filthy floor. No one in their right mind would dare sleep there.

Nikolai shrugged his shoulders and began to unbutton his coat as the Darkling shed his thick kefta. Alina averted her gaze and quickly buried herself underneath the blanket, drawing the wool over her head. Had they no shame? she thought, her cheeks burning.

“It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, Alina,” the Darkling drawled lazily as she felt his weight dip onto the bed.

Her voice was muffled underneath the covers. “You better not be naked! Either of you!”

Nikolai was no doubt pouting as he said, “But I can only sleep nude. I just get so hot during the night.”

Alina stiffened as they both took their places at her sides, bare skin pressing in on her trembling arms. Nikolai was right, it was hot and she was both sweltering and drowning in her clothes. The Darkling’s cool fingers grazed the buttons of her coat, slowly undoing each as Nikolai breathed in her ear, “This is cozy.”

enikawamoriko  asked:

Sorry, if that already had been asked, but I don't remember reading it :) Scenario, Yata after Sarumi first time comes to bar Homra and everybody just automatically assume he was on bottom. Their reactions after founding out he topped? ^///v///^ thx!

I imagine this would involve Yata getting annoyed and letting his mouth run away from him, spilling some of the *cough* intimate details that should probably be kept private. Like all the guys at Homra are teasing Yata for being a virgin who can’t handle sex and Yata snaps that well he’s not going to be a virgin for long okay. Fushimi probably comes to pick him up at the bar shortly afterward and all the Homra guys are acting really weird towards him, like after they leave Fushimi just looks at Misaki like “please explain why Chitose just slapped my back and said ‘go get ‘im, tiger.'” Yata coughs and is like what that was nothing, Chitose’s weird come on let’s go home. Of course now Yata’s thinking about it and he keeps thinking about it all through dinner and then they move on to makeout session on the couch that ends up going all the way. Yata probably half-expects Fushimi to want to be on top and figures they’ll have to argue about it but Fushimi ends up being perfectly chill with being on the bottom (or maybe they flip a coin for it and Yata wins but Fushimi doesn’t argue half as much about it as Yata thought he would).

So them the next day Yata’s all strutting into Homra with that shiny new 'not a virgin’ attitude on display. Everyone is duly impressed that Yata actually got laid last night and then of course they all start gossiping about it in order to tease him a little. It’s made very clear that everyone not only assumes that he was on the bottom but that the Homra guys have somehow decided that the whole thing went like a very OOC Sarumi doujinshi with predatory confident Fushimi pinning down weak crying rabbit virgin Yata. Yata gets super pissed about it and tells them all to shut up, like okay one I’m not a virgin anymore so nobody gets to call me one except the guy I actually lost it to and two, I was on top thank you very much. No one can believe it, like no way Yata actually ended up topping Fushimi, he can’t even top Fushimi when they argue much less during sex. Yata gets riled up enough that he probably starts filling in the steamy details, which is when Fushimi walks in to pick him up and gets to hear Yata spilling the intimate details of their sex life to a bunch of annoying hoodlums. Fushimi’s tongue click is enough to silence the entire room. Yata immediately goes pale and tries to explain himself, Fushimi just grabs him by the arm like come on, idiot. The Homra guys are still staring and someone probably whispers that well, Yata’s definitely getting topped tonight. Fushimi throws a knife two inches from the unlucky person’s head and then drags Yata out the door. Yata’s like okay sorry, I couldn’t help it and Fushimi just clicks his tongue and notes that if Yata actually wants to do it again maybe he should keep quiet about it when talking to those morons.