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Fic title: I ain't afraid of no ghost (I'm excited for Halloween :D)

GHOSTBUSTERS AU. Matt’s senses allow him to sense ghosts, and Stick taught him to deal with malevolent ones, but he’s never told anyone about this because no one would believe him. In college he meets Foggy, who had a weird ghost-related experience in early childhood and has been convinced ever since that ghosts are real (and has been mocked mercilessly for it - the nickname is probably something mean and ghost-related that he reclaimed). Matt tells Foggy very genuinely that he believes him but not that he knows for a fact that ghosts are real and that he always knows when one is in the room.

Enter Karen, who has been attacked by a ghost (idk, maybe Fisk is some kind of necromancer). In this AU it’s Foggy who swears up and down that he believes her, but it’s still Matt who saves her from a second ghost attack as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Their law firm becomes known in the neighborhood for being the go-to in cases involving the occult, but will they fall apart when Foggy finds Matt half dead and discovers that Matt’s been lying to him this whole time??? (No. At least not yet.)

Bonus: Matt goes along with all of Foggy’s ghost hunting adventures because he can’t stop hoping that not all ghosts are bad and that someday he’ll speak with his father again.

Double Bonus: Not all ghosts ARE bad; Ben haunts Karen in a friendly-type way and Elektra haunts Matt briefly in a mischievous-type way before being resurrected.

Triple Bonus: Frank is an aggressive skeptic because too many spirits have tried to convince him that they’re Maria and/or the kids. He destroys them with extreme prejudice. “How do you know one of them isn’t telling the truth?” Karen asks him once, and he says “I know” with such chilling finality that she doesn’t ask him anything else for half an hour.

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"Thank you for always being here with me"

Karen’s hands shook as Frank lead her over to the couch, moving her to sit as he looked over her face and trembling lips which were painted with blood. He had told her so many times not to stay at work so late and walk home on her own, because he knew that one day this would happen.

But telling someone as stubborn as Karen to do anything was wasted breath. She was far too independent and proud to change how she had lived for so long, even after her stories at the Bulletin attracted dangerous attention.

‘’Shit, I bet that’s not feeling great,’’ Frank ran his fingers softly over the corner of her eye.

Karen winced slightly.

‘’It’s not that bad,’’

‘’Don’t bullshit me,’’ he shook his head. ‘’I know what they feel like,’’

‘’They don’t seem to bother you,’’

‘’Yeah, well I’m used to ‘em,’’

Frank lifted her chin to look at the bruises forming, watching as her eyes closed in pain and frustration. She hated that this happened to her, she hated that she couldn’t protect herself.

But this wasn’t a result of poor defense skills, but by an attack that could have gotten her killed.

Karen was still shaking as Frank grabbed a bag of frozen peas for her to hold on her swelling skin and a damp towel to wipe off the blood. He could see her skin jumping at every sound and her lips trembling as if she was surrounded by snow.

‘’Hey,’’ he whispered, his voice low and rough.

Slowly, Karen’s sad eyes move up to look at him. He stared back at her wishing he could make the fear go away, make her feel safe, but he didn’t know how.

‘’I’m gonna find them,’’ he promised.

‘’No,’’ she shook her head. ‘’Don’t-’’

‘’I will find them,’’ he assured. ‘’Assholes who do this don’t deserve to keep walkin’ around,’’

‘’People get beat up around here everyday Frank,’’ she sighed.

‘’Some people deserve it. But not you,’’

Karen gave him a small smile and picked up the towel, cleaning off the blood that ran down from her lips. Frank watched silently, making sure her hands stopped shaking, that she held the ice to her eye.

The last thing he wanted to face was the sight of Karen Page bruised and bloodied. Anyone else but her.

‘’Thank you,’’ she told him quietly. ‘’For always being here with me,’’

Frank looked back at her with a small nod, leaning down to rest his elbows on his knees, comfortably sitting in front of her with no intention of leaving.

‘’Where else would I be?’’

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Title meme: Just When I Stopped Opening Doors (because I was just looking at our Sad Broadway Chicken list the other day and had "Send in the Clowns" feelings again)

This actually puts me in my Boostle feels because I have never quite been miserable enough to write the fic where, 20+ years into friendship and bitter fighting and everything else, Ted decides to admit to himself that he and Booster aren’t really platonic and that he’s been ignoring that Booster’s been very obviously in love with him (and he’s been in love with Booster) this whole time, only to have Booster tell him “You’re too late, no thanks”…and that’s it, that’s the fic, let’s all cry together. If I wrote it, though, it would have a title from “Send in the Clowns.”

BUT! Slightly less dire for Matt/Foggy. The world’s slowest burn after Season 2, as Matt processes his grief over Elektra, works through the relationships that never quite were with Claire and Karen, and s l o w l y patches things up with Foggy. He’s always known how Foggy feels about him, really; now he figures it’s his turn to love quietly and steadily, to pay back ten years of Foggy’s devotion with ten of his own, and at the end maybe, just maybe he’ll have earned the right to ask Foggy if they could be more than they are. (Luckily for everyone involved, Foggy twigs to this extremely lowkey martyr-style wooing well before ten years have elapsed. But still probably something like ten months. #TeamSlowBurn) Probably Foggy’s tremendously successful in his professional and romantic lives during this time, too, and Matt’s quietly supportive and proud and legitimately happy for him while also dying inside. Ugh, I kind of want to write this now, HOW DARE YOU. :)

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Meme, It's Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus

Magic AU, wacky hijinks involving Matt and Foggy both thinking the other one drank a love potion but they’re not…acting any differently? So maybe they didn’t? But it’s too embarrassing to ask because of idk ~Plot Reasons so they just keep on keeping on until someone with little patience (so…Marci or Jessica, depending on time period) is like “Yes, it was a love potion, he’s not acting any differently because he was already in love with you, go away from me now.” And then smooching!

(Also idk why but this made me think that there’s a Halloween party involved where the Defenders go as classic Universal movie monsters: Matt is Dracula, Luke is Frankenstein, Danny is the Mummy, and Jessica did not wear that Bride of Frankenstein costume Danny bought her, are you kidding, where are you keeping the drinks at this party anyway, Nelson.)