So @harleyquinnlemonade had told me that once I sent pics of my custom Russian brothers pop dolls to Nikolai and Gideon. Nikolai then posted it on his instagram. I was unaware of this until they had informed me. I went to look and sure enough, it’s there.

I was so honored. It really was amazing to see him love it so much. So I decided to leave him a thank you comment. Well, after getting home from work today, I found out, he saw it and replied…..guys…..GUYS! I’M FREAKING OUT AT HIS RESPONSE!

HE WANTS ONE! LIKE, LEGIT WANTS A CUSTOM POP OF VLAD! I’M CRYING! I hadn’t responded all day to his comment until I got home so I found out earlier today he also posted a second pic I had sent him with the bundle of pics I sent over twitter.

He said he still couldn’t get over this. I mean…that’s amazing a day went by and he still thought of it. It’s not just brushed off, like oh that’s cool fanart, and then they move on. It shows he does like it.

I want to make a point that it’s been so long since someone has asked me to make them a piece of art. I do projects for close friends because I know they are patient with me since I’m so busy so it take me forever to finish. They understand my ADD gets in the way so I get distracted. Ever since middle school I stopped taking orders for drawings because kids were brutal. They refused to pay me or just pretty much nuked my art in front of me. That stuff hurts. Like, I put my soul into my work. Don’t belittle it. I stopped doing it, even without pay because the pressure and the fear of negative comments got the best of me. Now, however, I will draw pieces if I think a friend will love it and treasure it. Because that’s all I want. I want them to treasure it like it’s their own art. Every piece I make is my baby. So take care of it when I gift it to you. Because of all of this, I haven’t done commissions unless I deemed I was relaxed enough to. But this, this make me so happy. I would reconsider it just because I know he loves it. If I gain enough confidence I might consider making custom pops by request. So keep an eye on this tumblr, my main tumblr, and my twitter. All of them are linked on my blog here,, or I have linked them down below.

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