Nerdy Fact #1646: Black Panther originally debuted wearing a half-mask that revealed his mouth, similar to that worn by Daredevil. Concerned that depicting a black man on the cover of their comics would prove controversial, Marvel editors requested the character be given a full-faced mask instead. Artist Jack Kirby refused to draw the full-mask though, so an inker would usually have to go back and alter his art before the comic was printed.


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“Ha, for you - pro bono.”
“Can I approach the bench?”
“Nothing to fear.”
“I’m not Daredevil.”
“If you can’t take the heat …”
“I just winked.”
“Know what they say about justice?”
“Matt Murdock: attorney at law.”
“I’m Daredevil. That’s the truth.”
*sigh*“I have terrible taste in women.”
“I heard that.”
“Ugh! What is that smell?”
“I can hear your heart beating. Literally. That’s not a pickup line.”

Re: Punisher

There seems to be some confusion about Punisher being premium, so I hope this post will clear it up.

Punisher is not premium. 

He’s the Groot/Bucky/Venom of this event. You must get everything in the Devil’s Due shop to unlock him for recruitment. He is able to get for f2p players, you just gotta do 10 million things before you’re able to access him. :Db