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Some sitcom 6!au details

-Wesley is more-or-less without an official job because nobody will hire someone who was so closely connected to the greatest criminal Hell’s Kitchen yet still somehow managed to escape jail time, so he has no other option than to work with the Avocados, who agree just to keep a close watch on him. His title is “Firm Accountant”, but he does all sorts of jobs for the firm, including but not limited to: acquiring new clients, managing the bills and prices, constantly insulting all of them

-Vladimir just. Has nowhere else to go, what with his criminal franchise and brother gone, so he becomes Security for Nelson and Murdock. Which mostly means he stands in the background looking like he’s ready to break someone’s clavicle.

-Claire becomes even more wrapped up in this whole debacle because Matt kept bringing Vlad (with great reluctance and a fair bit of fighting between matt and her) and Wesley over for medical stuff because technically Vladimir has been declared dead and it would be suspicious to have Wesley in a hospital so soon after his “recovery”. That mixed with Matt’s usual propensity towards showing up like a mangled alley cat it’s just easier for her to just. Hangout with them all whenever she can just to save time

-Foggy is a massive musical fan while Wesley is largely into Shakespeare. They have verbal battles over theatre all the time

-Wesley will literally walk into the office with “Good morning, small poor people” as a greeting

-Vladimir accidentally develops a crush on Claire and everyone is like “that’s. Super inappropriate Vlad.” And Vlad is like “I KNOW.”

-Foggy likes to put music on during slow hours and it tends to turn into a bizarre dance party

-Wesley has taken it upon himself to dress the office because if he’s going to be around them he’d rather his eyes not bleed looking at them

-Vlad visits Anatoly’s grave to complain about all the stuff that happens so every Tuesday you see this angry guy going off in Russian to a plaque, flailing his arms and scattering petals from the bouquet he brought all over the place

-whenever Karen says something about right and wrong Wesley will give her this look like “yes because you would know Miss Six-to-the-Chest”. This is a re-accuring gag

-Marci and Francis are always in the background doing shenanigans of some kind or another.


A quick look at the Daredevil 1/6 Scale Collectible Action Figure from Hot Toys on display at the recent STGCC convention.

Also pictured is a custom Frank Castle aka The Punisher, also from the hit Netflix show. This is a custom made figure by  CBRN over at SideshowFreaks

Stay tuned for more news on the Devil of Hells Kitchen soon

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