daredevil 25

Matthew, you remember Roscoe Sweeney, the son of a bitch who killed your father?


The Zodiac - Cosmic Sounds 1967

Aries - The Fire-Fighter –00:00
Taurus - The Voluptuary –03:12
Gemini - The Cool Eye –06:50
Cancer - The Moon Child –09:40
Leo - The Lord Of Lights –13:07
Virgo - The Perpetual Perfectionist –15:39
Libra - The Flower Child –18:46
Scorpio - The Passionate Hero –22:14
Sagittarius - The Versatile Daredevil –25:05
Capricorn - The Uncapricious Climber –27:13
Aquarius - The Lover Of Life –30:42
Pisces - The Peace Piper –34:27
All lyrics written by Jacques Wilson

Cyrus Faryar – narration
Paul Beaver – Moog and other electronic instruments
Emil Richards – exotic percussion
Bud Shank – bass flute
Hal Blaine – drums
Carol Kaye – bass guitar
Mike Melvoin – keyboards
Produced by Alex Hassilev Music written by Mort Garson [! ataraxia, plantasia]

i just wanna say this is fucking amazing like what an experience

cancer’s, virgo’s, and aquarius’ are my favorites

tumblr zodiac shit is bad but this rules supremely its probably the mindgrasping voiceover and each of the music pieces being so unique and immersive also im a sucker for moog stuff and 60s-70s zodiac things are actually so cool (btw neat thing - i was told that in the 70s you would introduce yourself completely seriously to potential partners by stating your sign after your name and many people particularly women would wear leather bracelets with their sign stamped on it)