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anonymous asked:

Do you think that that article talking about Matt and Karen means that Kastle is over? Because Karedevil fans are celebrating like it is and I'm sad :(

Eh, can anything really be over in the marvel universe ? Look, who knows what that article means. We’re still not 100% sure of where the punisher series falls within the timeline of the Netflix Marvel universe. Sometimes the different series overlap like Luke Cage did with the second season of Daredevil etc. The only thing I saw in that article (which I didn’t actually read , just saw some screen shots) is that Karen and Matt have some good and sweet scenes together, which kind of surprises me considering the way things were left at the end of season 2, but perhaps he’s made an effort to be more honest and open with her. (As much as that ship annoys me, I can’t say it doesn’t have its sweet moments and matt does care about Karen in his own inept way - the boy is an almost pitiable disaster when it comes to women, I love him and wish he could get his shit together).

Now as for kastle, perhaps it’s because I don’t actually need them to be canon to ship them (it’s more of a soulmate/intense bond thing for me) but I don’t really care all that much if either of them are paired with other people romantically in canon (I still occasionally think about Karen/foggy and I can totally see Frank having some kind of thing with someone like idk, Jessica or whatever, some badass chick he can’t stop running into etc idk idk). I still enjoy thinking about Kastle’s dynamic and I love Jon and Deb’s onscreen chemistry (which I don’t see with Charlie and Deborah, although I DO see it with Charlie and Rosario, and also Charlie and Elodie, so perhaps it’s more because of the almost overly sweet/precious way the showrunners presented matt and karen’s relationship that it bothered me).

I guess to shorten my answer I’d say, Kastle is never dead since it’s more of a feeling than a fact. And as for Karedevil shippers, I’m happy they’re getting sweet moments and shippy goodness. It’s always fun to watch your OTP be happy. And regardless of what happens in the Defenders, I’m still stoked for any and all interaction Karen and Frank have in the punisher series Bc it’s going to be intense no matter what.

Defenders Countdown: 25 Days

Scenes We Want to See in Live Action #2

Danny: “Very nice. What do you call that move?”

Matt: “Ducking.”

Danny: “Hmm. Hardly traditional, but it works.”

Matt: “Look, I hate to be rude–”

Daredevil vol. 1 #178 by Frank Miller, Klaus Janson, and Glynis Wein

    How to fight somebody while letting them know you think they’re cool: a demonstration by Matt Murdock and Danny Rand.