Bill Skarsgård x Reader

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Prompt: Hi. I was wondering if you could write a super fluffy imagine where the reader is Bill Skarsgard’s gf and she falls asleep and Bill picks her up to move her into a more comfortable area but he’s still in his Pennywise costume (makeup and everything) cause they’re still filming and she wakes up and sees him and gets scared.

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You were so beyond exhausted. In only a few days you had college exams which were huge so you had been studying non-stop for 3 days now. You had even counted coffee cups and currently you were finishing today #16 and so far in your studying #75.

Bill obviously disapproved of your lack of sleep and had tried many different attempts to try to get you away.

Not even his seductive shirtless flirting worked.

Nor was picking you up over his shoulders and trying to tuck you into bed.

Instead you were to promise him that tomorrow you’d go with him to his studio where he was filming IT just to get you away from your secluded desk. It was nice in your little desk space though, you had a desk lamp, a mini fridge, and a nearby bathroom.

That was the only time you left from your chair was to go to the bathroom since you had snacks and drinks in the fridge. If you could you would use that trick men do where they are able to pee in a bottle and then continue onwards.

But sadly you were a woman so you couldn’t exactly do that. And about going to see the studio with him tomorrow, it was tomorrow. When you dared to look at the digital clock on your desk it read that it was 3 am.

Another all nighter.

You sighed and marked your page before closing your text book and rubbing your eyes. You stretched and yawned before standing up tripping at first from lack of leg use for so long.

You were able to dazedly walk to your bedroom and change into your pajamas before climbing into bed where Bill was already passed out. As soon as your head hit the pillow you were out cold.

The next morning you woke up to find Bill gently shaking your shoulder to wake you up. You of course frowned and rolled over hiding your head under the pillow.

“C'mon (Name) you gotta get up.” Bill said continuing to shake you.

When that didn’t work he decided to tickle you and you quickly reacted squirming and squealing like a worm.

Bill didn’t stop until you were nearly screaming, “I’m up! I’m up! I’m up!”

Thankfully he stopped and smiled at you as you occasionally twitched rolling onto your back carefully since your sides were a bit sore.

“Morning.” Bill greeted before leaning down to kiss you.

“Morning.” You muttered softly rubbing your eyes.

“C'mon you gotta get up. We have to leave in half an hour.”

You groaned and slung your arm over your eyes not wanting to get out of bed. You checked the clock again and saw it was once again your greatest enemy. It said it was 8 in the morning which was actually really early for Bill and way to early for you.

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ahhhhh!!!! your headcannons are great!!! May I get some headcannons regarding Prime! Optimus, Ratchet, Bumblebee, Knockout, and Bulkhead reactions to seeing their s/o covered in full-bodied bruises from a deception kidnapping them? They're finally safe and sound but after changing into different clothes they can see the servo imprints from their s/o being manhandled? Ahh thank you so much! I'm glad your day went well and I wish you a wonderful week!!!

Ahhhhh!!!! Thank you so much!!! You sure can! You have a great week, too! I only did two headcanons for each, because I didn’t know exactly where to go with this.

Optimus Prime

-He’s frightened for you. S/O, why did you try hide this from him?

-His first thought (kill the bastard) is quickly pushed from his mind, and replaced with worry for you well being.


-He sees the prints and does a double take. It’s worse than you said it was. Way worse. Why did you lie to him, S/O?

-He’s about to go down there and kick somebody’s ass. He takes care of you first, of course.


-You change, and he sees the prints right away.

-He nearly nose dives into the floor, as he jumps at you, trying to pick you up and shield you in his hands. No. Nothing will ever harm you again.


-Those definitely were not there before. What, you were going to try to hide them from him?

-He’s fuming. That asshole dared to lay a digit on his beautiful S/O! Somebody’s going to die.


-He’s scared and angry. Who did this to you? Tell him! He’s going to shred them apart until there’s nothing left to shred!

-He can’t even begin to describe his anger. Stopping him from doing something rash is out of the question.

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Okay I waited a day or two before talking about this since I wanted to make sure no one would drop the number and to compensate for the extra 1 or 2 bots I might have so.. yeah… 100+ follows. How did that even happen :’)

I am really thankful to everyone who dares even look at this digital mess of a blog and ocs (when will akameteor be a serious villain and not just jared leto’s joker trying to be a hacker?)

It’s just… so great that I get some attention where I actually want it, I want to interact with you guys and develop the story of Ayako Ogata more. I’m actually even planning on advancing her main verse soon, depending on how my current threads go. Expect drabbles when that happens.

I wanted to do something more, but at the time I don’t have much time, so I just send a collective hug to everyone in hopes of more good times here.

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