Well I’ve been sat on this for a while but its time to announce it I guess - I, along with my team, entered Dare To Be Digital - a student games competition based out of Abertay University in Scotland that is, to put it lightly, kind of a big deal.

Here is our initial pitch video: http://youtu.be/G-25GRReSjY

I hope you enjoy me being terrified and squeaky voiced on camera.

The initial pitch was enough, and we were invited to interview with an industry panel in Birmingham. That was last week, and terrifying - our panel was made up of representatives of Sony, Sega and Jagex.

Today I found out that we’re in - one of 15 teams living in Scotland for two months and competing to win a BAFTA.

I’m bricking it, but its also really cool. The picture above is @seanbarronart’s initial concept art for the game, which I love.

So, we’re doing it. This blog might go quiet for two months but…we’re doing it. It hasn’t really sunk in yet.

My boyfriend was one of a handful of students selected from around the world to compete in Dare To Be Digital 2013, an indie games competition in which the winning team recieves a Bafta award!
It’s a very prestigious event to be chosen for and I’m so proud of him. He is the lead programmer for the game and also did some voice acting. He’s been working crazy 12-hour shifts for the past 2 months. x__x

He’ll be showcasing the game with his team along with the other competing groups from 8th-11th August, 10am-6pm (5pm Sun), at Caird Hall & City Square in Dundee city. Entry is free! [More Info]

I’ll be there with him to vote and support all his hard work on the 8th (at least)! <3 So come say hi if you happen to stop round in Dundee and vote! ^__^ Heehee.


BAFTA Ones to Watch nominees: Torque

The three BAFTA Ones to Watch nominees have been announced, and next up we’re checking out Torque‘s game, Don’t Walk: RUN! 

Don’t Walk: RUN! is a local multiplayer game inspired by a range of B movies.  Whilst certain players take the role of hapless tourists, trapped in a chaotic environment, another player assumes the role of film director and tries to cause as much havoc as possible by interacting directly with their surroundings… flipping cars, redirecting traffic, causing explosions… you name it! 

At the international game competition Dare to be Digital, Manchester-based team Torque were not only nominated for the BAFTA Ones to Watch award, but were also announced the winners of the Channel 4 Award. The team will receive £25,000 to start a business and complete their game, which will then be published by the broadcaster. 

After receiving both pieces of news, Niall Taylor from the game development teamsaid: “This is amazing, I don’t believe it – we nearly fell off our chairs. Everything has completely changed in our lives in the last eight weeks.”

Want to learn more about Don’t Walk: RUN? Follow Torque on Facebook and Twitter

The winner of the BAFTA Ones to Watch Award will be announced at the British Academy Games Awards early next year.

Day 1(ish): Kittens, Robots and Sweet Sweet Music

Hello, Team Unorthobox here!

Settling in last Saturday after our long trek cross country, discussion revolved around the excitement for the coming weeks developing AllY, followed by who should buy the dish soap and “how does the shower work?” In our limited time before the preparation phase over the weekend we wandered around Dundee to take in the sights and smells. Evening arrived on the second night and a small meet-and-greet event took place in the student housing where we all had the chance to chat with the other teams in person for the first time!

An induction session took place in the morning followed by a photoshoot and a word or two from Sony representative Luke Savage and previous Dare winner, Sophia George. We were presented our office space for the duration of our stay soon after in the university where we began set up for the following day.

Which brings us to today! The day I can comfortably say was our most productive over the course of the competition so far! Hold back the party poppers it’s not that exciting I know, but today marks the day of our leap into full production of AllY, and so far the results have been nothing but glowing. We have an impressive early build with basic controls and the beginnings of a throwing mechanic, level design and environment art are coming together in a separate test build, line art has been created of all our characters in preparation for animation tomorrow, and the music, don’t even get me started on the music.

All in all, we’ve already enjoyed our time in Dundee and can’t wait for the coming weeks.

Thank you for reading!

Team Unorthobox.

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BAFTA Ones to Watch in association with Dare to be Digital 

On Sunday 10 August, the nominees for the BAFTA Ones to Watch award were announced.

The University of Abertay's Dare to be Digital competition is an annual game-making event giving student designers the opportunity to develop, build and showcase their work. 15 teams are selected as finalists, with a panel of industry experts selecting their top three games. The teams then become the sole nominees for the BAFTA Ones to Watch Award. Last year’s winner was Size DOES Matter.

This year’s nominated games are: 


Don’t Walk, RUN!


The winner will be announced at the British Academy Games Awards next year.

Find out more about BAFTA Ones to Watch.


Three stained glass windows I painted for our Dare to be Digital video pitch, which feature in a cutscene of our game’s origin story, the Winter God’s destruction of the Sun Goddess (the events that started it all, muahahaha).

Day 20: Iterations, Belated Blog Posts and "Wow That Was Quick."

Hello! Team Unorthobox here!

Well, this is awkward. The initial devblog post titled, “Day 1ish” gave the idea our blogposts would be daily, if not at least weekly. What gives? Blog posts normally take some time to type up, stack on top of that proof reading our terrible sense of humour and that time skyrockets. Last Monday (23rd) saw a major change in the design of AllY, based for the majority on the playtesting the weekend before. An educated decision was made, and with these new changes (more on this later) we believe AllY has changed for the better. The themes of cooperation are still heavily present absolutely, we wouldn’t still be calling it AllY if that were the case, but the systems we were previously avoiding which we believed placed self-preservation ahead of group or a single item’s are now standing centre stage, and for good reason.

The playtesting session previously mentioned brought to light a few issues with the initial design. As you may or may not know in our 4 player game players throw one object amongst themselves to suit an underlying end goal. The first problem; the player holding onto the star obtained some form of “buff”. It was made clear by the testers they didn’t want to be the little guy, they wanted to be the player with the “higher state of being” in the game state. So trying to be the one player of a higher contrasting tier of being not only encouraged selfish tactics by the player holding the object, but the obtaining of the object stole the other player’s focus over any objective presented.

The second problem; “what do we do?” While the one player holding the object had the task of survival, the others had to gather. A “fuel” system introduced early in the design several months ago gave the players something to do in the game space while at the same time neatly tying together an overall objective we could implement. The problem was, we felt it wasn’t enough. It created a fetch exercise we were questioning whether or not players would enjoy at all, and while enemies filling the space posed a threat forcing the players to understand the space and navigate around said threat, giving the one player holding onto the object the only form of attack while leaving the others “weak” was a contrived method of keeping gameplay interesting.

With that, this leaves the big question; where are we now?

The game is currently moving into the newest iteration with leaps in progress being made daily. While we’re confident we can still create an enjoyable well-polished piece by the end, the current test build doesn’t fully hold together the new systems in place as we’re just catching up with more recent changes made earlier this week. In another blog post we’ll go into depth what these changes were and how they contribute to AllY in a positive way enabling us to further steer AllY in the right direction. We’ve been hard at work these past 2 weeks pushing our initial expectations of what we want this game to encompass, which conveniently also plays into our excuse for why a blog post wasn’t made any sooner.

Thank you for reading! Quite a lengthy post I know, but thank you for sticking with it to the end!

Have a lovely Sunday evening,

Team Unorthobox.

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