keep quiet (m)

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pairings: jungkook x reader

genre: smut and ceo!au

word count: 3,473

a/n: im back after like a 4 month break lolol !! this is for @jinxkook​ idk how i wrote this and yeah lemme cry for a bit. (ignore this part if you wanna but here’s a lil disclaimer)

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We could get struck by lightning, but you want to kiss in the rain.

Request: could you do #18 from the prompt list pleease? :)

#18 from the new prompt list! (I love your writing btw its my favourite)

Summary:…… It’s a surprise.

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Rain thrummed down on the roof in a steady, continuous beat. The scene outside had been fogged by a misty grey illusion displayed from the unfaltering, downpour. A comforting aura had been set since morning from the damp weather, and it was one that you lived, and lusted for the most. The pelting waterfall from the clouds blanketed you with relaxation and delight, as you sat in your window seat, hugged by an over size knitted sweater and warm glass of tea coaxed between your hands. Hours have ran by the clocks, but to you it felt like minutes since you’ve sat down and pondered out the picture window at the range of raindrops. You had not a care in the world, you could sit there all day gazing at everything and nothing for as long as it poured. 

Slipping past your attention, Peter had finally woken up and dragged himself out of the alluring bed you both shared, and slogged into the living room. He wiped the sleep out of his brown watery eyes with his palm, eager to clearly see your figure in the pale, gloomy light. His naked back pressed against the chilling, dark leather chair, tensing his muscles and yanking any drowsiness that remained in his system. He looked upon you, his love, sitting comfortably cross legged in a faded peach colored sweatshirt, and black knee high socks. The over sized fabrics kept most of your complexion hidden, except for a slit between the end of your socks and the hem of your shirt, daring Peter to try and look away. 

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spencer reid in every episode » 2.01 the fisher king, part 2

“People tell me their secrets all the time. Think it’s ‘cause they know I don’t have anyone to betray them to… Except my mother. I tell her pretty much everything.”

Saved me part 2 - Theo Raeken

a short one as I needed to post a little drama :p

originally requested by @steph-oliveira





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^^^^ can we pretend that’s Isaac instead of stiles.

I wake up and turn in this unfamiliar bed to find Theo sleeping next to me, snoring gently. I look at him, his face looking as innocent as a baby I can’t help but stare at his beauty. I don’t realise how long I’ve been staring as suddenly Theo’s alarm clock rings startling me from my daydream , he wakes up and quickly searches for me until his eyes lock with mine, he smiles sheepishly. “Morning beautiful” he croaks, his sleepy voice sending chills down my spine “Morning” I whisper back

“Did you sleep well?” He asks with concern

“Mmh” I nod

“We should get ready for school” he advised “Unless you wanna rest today?” He adds

“No, I’ve missed too much of school” I disagree

“I’ll go make some breakfast, you can get ready” he smiles while getting up and grabbing some pants pulling them on his naked body leaving the room. I get up and walk towards Theo’s bathroom and step into the shower letting the hot water hit against my body,

I rinse of the soap from my body and step out wrapping the clean towel around me. I walk out to see unfamiliar clothes folded neatly on the bed, I put them on and start to walk down the stairs the smell of toast & eggs filling my nose, reminding me how hungry I am my stomach growls and Theo notices me standing there.

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“Someone’s hungry” he smiles ear to ear

“Yeah sorry” I say embarrassed Theo smiles and blushes

“yeah I figured you’d be hungry after last night, good sex does that, eat” he slides the plate towards me.

“Thanks” I blush speechless We eat and chat and leave for school.

Theo pulls into the driving lot and he senses me getting nervous

“I’m gonna be right here, there’s nothing to be afraid of” he assures me

“I know I-I just, I just don’t want this to be a scene” I look towards Theo and he’s looking up with tension on his face

“I don’t think we have a choice” he quickly mutters removing his seatbelt swiftly “stay in the car!” He warns and exits the car slamming his door shut I look out the car window and see a very angry Isaac storming up towards Theo and see Theo stiffen up and his jaw clenches. Before the brawl breaks out I quickly open the door and walk around the car towards where Isaac arrives.

“HOW FUCKING DARE YOU” Isaac shoves past me grabbing Theo by his shirt. “How dare I what?” Theo spits at Isaac

“You think I can’t smell your scent all over her” Isaac scoffs “SHE’S MINE” he roars at Theo.

“She’s not a object you don’t own her she can make her own decisions” Theo angrily shouts pushing Isaac to the ground. I look at Isaac on the ground his chest rising in anger

“Isaac please calm down” I try to ease the situation.

“I’ll deal with you later whore” he seethed “Right now this is between me and him” he snarls at Theo

“Bring it on” Theo smirks removing his dusty grey hoodie.

“No” I yell Isaac gets up and charges towards Theo both of them falling to the ground “Omg” I choked and a crowd around them starts to form. Oos and aas are heard from the crowd as Isaac punches Theo in the face.

“Isaac stop” I scream Suddenly Theo lands a punch and Isaac is thrown away from him A few minutes into the fight the aggression gets worse and Isaac’s eyes start flickering to his yellow beta eyes. While both of them are at each others throats seeing red. Suddenly Scott comes running and grabs Isaac

“ISAAC!” He roars and Isaac whimpers at his alpha Both of them get up wiping their blood from their faces. seeing the situation stiles quickly reacts

“Okay guys get to class nothing to see here” Stiles politely yet sarcastically says shooing the crowd away.

“What.. do you….think… your doing” the anger in Scotts voice obvious.

“Theo fucked my girlfriend Y/N” Isaac sneers Stiles and Scott look at each other surprised

“Uhmm…” Scott looks towards me

“She’s not your girlfriend, not anymore” Theo informs the 3 of them

“That’s not your decision” Isaac raged

“That’s what SHE said… last night” Theo teases Isaac Isaac grabs Theo again “she’s not sure what she wants” Isaac replies

“STOP IT” Scott scolds

“Y/N what’s going on? Care to explain” stiles asks confused

“I love Theo” I confess Stiles and Scott look even more confused than before “W– but you were with Isaac” Scott claims I look down in disappointment nervous to think what’s gonna happen when they find out the truth

“Isaac’s been hurting you hasn’t he” stiles voice full of hurt I nod tears filling my eyes

“Isaac’s been abusing her all this time, yesterday on my way to school I found Y/N on the sidewalk she had collapsed because Isaac had beaten her” Theo told them

“That’s not true I-I didn’t hit her that hard” Isaac stammered Scott and Stiles look at Isaac with disgust

“Isaac?” Scott whispers in denial and shock

“I’m sorry Y/N” Isaac walks towards me and I flinch

“No you stay away from her” Theo steps in front of me as Isaac looks at me in defeat and walks away, Scott looks towards me

“Why didn’t you ever say something?” Scott asks upset

“I-I was too scared” I admit

“It doesn’t matter, she has me now and I’ll always protect her”

Theo smiles while pulling me in for a hug

"Y/N you’re like our little sister remember you can tell us anything and you Theo if you hurt Y/N I will drag your little were coyote whatever you are ass an..” stiles is interrupted by Scott

“just remember if you hurt her well hurt you” Scott gently warns Theo. Theo puts his hands up in surrender and Scott and stiles walk off to class.

“That was awkward” I laugh

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“Very, are you okay?” He asks cuddling me again.

“Yeah let’s get to class” I kiss him and we walk to class holding hands.


(for now)

sorry I haven’t posted for a while I have been so sick but am on the road to recovery :) I hope you enjoyed this, show some love <3

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There's a lipstick stain on your shirt. Jealous and fierce Betty all the way

I’m all for that Betty, nonnie! Hope you like this! <3

47.   “There’s a lipstick stain on your shirt.”

“Oh, the remorseful husband returns.” Betty murmured with venom, violently changing the channel on the flat screen across her that she was far from watching. She could hear the door of their apartment click closed and then the casual muffling sound of coat and shoes being taken off before his lazy footsteps brought him to the dimly lit living room she was being suffocated in and internally screaming for an hour now.

“Hey, babe.” His easy-going smile found his lips at the sight of his beautiful wife, lounging in a loose t-shirt of his and a pair of tight yoga pants, the baby monitor on the side table on her right emitting the sounds of their son peacefully dreaming. “You’re still up? I thought you’d have gone to bed by now.” He popped open the top buttons of his dark blue shirt and plopped next to her, going in for a kiss only for him to come across thin air, as she turned her face away.

“Alright, is this about me not taking out the trash this morning?” Jughead sighed, already aware of their ongoing argument about how easily forgetful he was of that particular household chore. “I know you keep telling me every time and every time I forget but please is this such a big reason for us to go to bed angry at each other?” he tried to negotiate seeing as she kept staring at the muted TV with no desire in talking to him anytime soon.

“Betts, come on.” He urged her to communicate with him, like they always did with each other, dropping a light kiss on the shoulder the loose hem of his t-shirt left bare, only for her to squirm away from his touch and him to frown. “Is that not it? Am I forgetting something else?” he tried to work his mind around any other possible thing he might have done wrong but he found himself at a dead-end, clueless seeking her feminine assistance.

“What you keep forgetting is that I’m your wife.” She finally spoke slowly and in barely a whisper, her anger and stubborn tears threatening to come to surface.

“What?” Jughead spat in total confusion, bouncing his head back to take a better look at her profile.

“Where have you been all day today, Jughead?” she turned to face him for the first time, eyes stone cold upon his oblivious and worried ones.

He cleared his throat. “I had a meeting with Beck that got dragged a little out of our usual time schedule; I texted you earlier to let you know.”  He informed her casually his plans with his manager that she was already aware of, a little more casually and aloof than necessary, and Betty scoffed with a shake of her head.

“You do know that you can’t lie to me, don’t you?” she curled her arms defensively over her chest, eyes turning dark green with fury.

“I clearly don’t have a clue what you’re implying right now.” He maneuvered himself out of the situation cleverly, dropping back on the couch to focus on the TV like she was doing minutes before.

“So then I’ll stop implying and straight up ask you.” She decided to cut in to the chase, her heart drumming violently against her ribcage. “Who is she, Jughead?” she threw in the million dollar question.

“Who is who?” he blurted in a heartbeat, eyebrows knitting in complete confusion right now.

“The whore that left this on your shirt.” Her voice raised an octave angrily, snatching one of his plaid shirts from the cushions behind her and showing him the hint of burgundy lipstick on the lapel before throwing it to his face with venom. “Care to explain to me why there’s a lipstick stain on your shirt?”

“Betty” he hesitated, examining the faint shade of color on one of his shirts with bewildered eyes. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh, you don’t know?” she babbled in mockery, jumping up to her feet. “Let me enlighten you then. This whole week you come and go like you’re a visitor in this house!” she accused towering over his slouching posture on the couch. “You’re gone all day, you come home late, you shower… And then this!” she grabbed the shirt from his lap, waving it around like a red flag between them. “Do you think I’m blind? Or this stupid, not to understand that something is going on with you?” her voice gained a high-pitched tone of frustration, eyes narrowing challenging for an answer.

“You’re overreacting.” Was all that Jughead said, standing up from the couch to walk away.

“Oh, don’t you dare!” she scoffed while following quickly behind him, his large strides equivalent of multiple of her running steps. “Tell me who she is!” Betty demanded in a hushed yell. “Is she that slutty editor, Janet Marrow, or-or that fake blonde secretary, what’s her name, oh, Macy? Macy!” she laughed with no humor at all at the mention of the young assistant, Betty fuming and still following her calm husband down the hall and to their bedroom. “She is always rubbing up against you, don’t even try to deny it! Tell me her name, Jughead, or help me God!” some stubborn tears fell silently down her cheeks as she grabbed him by the material of his shirt over his shoulder, twisting it in her fist and succeeding in making him stop pacing and turn around to face her.

“There isn’t a name, there is no one, I can promise you this.” Jughead stated with all honesty, blue eyes pleading for her to believe him.

“Like you promised that I’m the only woman you’ll ever love?” she spat to his face. “What changed, huh? Is it because I became the mother of your child now? What, I lost my value as a woman?” she was whisper-shouting now, not to disturb the peaceful baby in the next room, but feeling her anger boiling at the apathetic attitude of her husband. “Because I’m still beating my ass every day to lose that damn pregnancy weight or because I lounge in this apartment all day in milk stained sweatpants and messy hair? Tell me a reason why you are not here anymore!” she whined heartbreakingly and Jughead dropped his head to the ground, nodding vigorously a couple of times, before doing an one-eighty and going to the very end of their walk in closet, bringing back a small box. He opened it up and handled her an opened small notepad that held the date of her birthday on top and then a list of plans under it.

“For this.” He sighed defeated, rubbing the back of his head before focusing back on her. “Polly and I are planning a surprise birthday party for you. We booked your favorite restaurant and all those days we were planning how to fly everyone to Boston without you knowing; her with Ethan and the twins, your mom, my dad, Veronica, Archie, Kevin and everyone else from Riverdale because you miss them all terribly and now with little bug we wouldn’t be able to fly there.” Her heart broke at the revelation, lips opening in surprise at the change of events, as she read his words on paper along with reservation dates and menu instructions. “And then I had to organize these.” he gave her a travel leaflet, again with a paper filled with plans and flight times and dates stashed inside it. “A week-long trip in Bali because you love warm, sunny places and we both, and especially you, deserve all the rest in the world after all those months with the baby.” New tears were now streaming down her face, Betty feeling awful at how unfair she had been towards him, when all he did was continuing to be an amazing partner for her.

“As for the stain, I assume that’s left by Jellybean when I went to pick her up from the airport two days ago, right after I stopped by the jewelry shop to confirm that my order was ready to be picked up in a week.” His eyes softened against her own now soft features, taking every plan-containing paper from her hands and dropping them to their master bed, before refocusing on her. “She came to help with the preparations and then to stay with little bug when we leave for our trip and you know how she sports those freaky dark lipsticks all the time, so I believe the smudged stain came from when she hugged me in full force upon running off the arrivals like a mad woman.” He laughed slightly at that, before turning serious again. “I can call Polly or Jellybean to confirm all of these right now, or if you think they would be lying on my behalf, you can call the restaurant yourself or I can drop by the travel agency tomorrow and see if I can get our tickets earlier, I don’t know…”He tried to list all the possible solutions for her to believe him with a sigh. “I just want you to know that—” Betty cut him off, fingers going to his chapped lips.

“You love me.” She whispered through her silent tears, green eyes turning up to look at him in remorse.

“Of course I do, you dork.” He smirked adorably down at her, enveloping her inside his arms.

“Even when I become a psychotic bitch still from all the bumped up hormones?” she pouted in all cuteness, hiccupping a little around the words.

“Then, even more so.” He told her truthfully bopping his nose against hers. “Even though we both know that’s not the hormones talking; you’re being a spitfire like always.” He reminded her with clever raised eyebrows, making her fake a groan in defeat.

“I was just scared that you were going to leave me.” She admitted in a small girly voice, letting her concerns flow out of her now burden-free chest.

“How can I possibly leave the source of my breathing?” Jughead stated beautifully in a heartbeat. “Seriously, Betts, after all those years, do you really think that I would ever cheat on you?” he pulled back a little to look at her, eyes turning a tad sad at the thought of her not trusting him or his genuine and intense feelings completely.

Betty shook her head to ease his mind. “I just… I mean I still look like a whale on steroids, I wouldn’t blame you for losing your interest.” She shrugged with a perpetual pout on her wet lips, buttoning and unbuttoning a button of his shirt, not daring to look him in the eye.

“What are you talking about? You look more breathtaking than ever, babe.” He rushed to validate her worth as a human being and as an amazing woman. “And I believe you know what you’re doing to me every time my eyes linger a little longer on that sinfully sexy body of yours.” His voice dropped an octave and became huskier, effectively sending shivers down her spine as he whispered next to her ear and dropped a simple kiss against her pulse point, though enough to make her heart hummer inside her chest. 

“However, you being jealous of me, is still quite entertaining to watch.” he teased her with a cocky smirk and earned a smack against his chest and a “watch it, mister” look under her eyelashes, both of them landing in a fit of giggles.

“I really don’t deserve you. And all those things you organized, Juggie, you shouldn’t have.” She ran her hands up his arms and rested them behind his neck, lifting herself on her tiptoes to rest her forehead against his in affection.

“Oh, of course I did.” He whispered, pecking her lips once. “Anything for the woman of my life.” He stated with so much love and devotion in his eyes that Betty swore he fell in love with him all over again in that moment. “Just please, try to act surprised on the actual day, okay? Polly and I had a bet on whether or not I’ll crack and spill everything to you and I really don’t wanna face the life-long mockery of your sister.” He admitted in all seriousness and Betty laughed, head thrown back in joy, before promising him that and many more inside the heated kisses that followed.

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Truth or Dare

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Summary: A game of truth or dare turns into something more….

Request: Dean x reader play dirty truth or dare and it leads to smut? <3

Pairing/Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 768 

Warnings: fluff, language, SMUT 

A/N: I’ve been getting good responses to my smut which is surprising to me 😂

“Truth or Dare?” Dean asked with a smirk on his face. (Y/N) and him with in his room with (Y/N) sitting close to the edge of the bed while his back was pressed against the headboard. She giggled and shook her head.

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i know this is super random but top 5 timothee looks?

damn. I love him so much that I could only narrow it down to 6. and instead of making this a read more, i’m subjecting you all to timmy’s beauty whether you like it or not.

in ascending order:

in 6th, we have timmy in his element, dressed in clothes two sizes too big (despite the fact that he’s 6 feet tall). I call this: messy chic.

next, we have timmy lying in bed looking cute and cozy yet somehow serving face. i’d literally dissolve into thin air if he looked at me like that in person.

then we have this truly Iconique™ look. like. im fucking speechless. i really cannot think of someone who can pull of a pink fucking raincoat like that. only timmy y’all, only timmy.

in 3rd, we have timmy looking like the guy she told you not to worry about. that purple jacket is the definition of a pièce de résistance. the hair covering one eye? dead. that power stance??? DEAD.

i’m literally tearing up just looking at this photo wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the star of david alone makes me emo but the pink and blue striped shirt??!? how dare they. I feel bad for whoever’s sitting next to me in that theater cause im gon be one hot ass mess!!!!!

and finally, we have the most noteworthy, most Iconique™ look of them all. the look to end all looks. Timothée Chalamet in a pink, ruffled Gucci shirt. michael what? armie who? i’ve literally had timmy in that damn pink shirt as my background for WEEKS and im still not over it, nor will I ever be.

Now that's what I call domestic Victuri 4

Victor and Yuri are no strangers to sharing space. Especially since they had to grow used to the bathroom adjoining their bedroom. They could just make getting ready easier on both of them if one decided to use the second bathroom but neither were willing to move. Even though they argue about hogging the sink or the mirror, sometimes that closeness has Yuri pressed against Victor’s back when he’s fixing his hair. And if he kisses the back of his neck, Victor doesn’t mention it but isn’t afraid to roll his hips back into Yuri’s as retaliation. At least they have the decency to blush when Yakov is yelling at them for being late to practice.

Nights are hard sometimes. Especially the summers when the air is hot and sticky and the fans do little to abate the heat. Though, determined, Victor always sticks himself against Yuri like glue. Almost literally with the way their skin feels. It never fails, Yuri will complain and swat Victor off him meaning they playfully argue about whether or not Victor can hold him. And even though Yuri usually wins the argument, he’ll feel the warmth against his side in his dreams.

Just like their first meeting, Victor is no stranger to initiating contact with Yuri. Yuri expects it in some form or another when they’re within a ten foot radius. He has the curtesy to never comment on Victor’s clinginess and often vibrates with excitement when he knows it’s coming. Victor knows this, Yuri isn’t as good at hiding his appreciation as he thinks he is, and never expects or demands Yuri to do the same. Considering the Japanese rarely show displays of affection as outwardly as he does. But once in a blue moon, Victor will find Yuri’s arms around his waist when he least expects it, even daring to lift his shirt. And Victor is absolutely floored when Yuri’s the one who’s backed him into a wall with a kiss, with a knee that’s pressed between his own.

Jimmy Vesey #1


Anonymous said: Hey! I love your writing. I was wondering if I could request a Jimmy Vesey one about how big his hand are (his hands are huge)? Thanks!

A/N: hi!! first off i’m so so sorry for how long this took to get out and i cheated and barely added the whole hand thing cause i couldnt think of anything sorry!! :)) also disclaimer i know like shit all about jimmy and brady and what their personalities are like so just go with it??

Word Count: 1,551

Originally posted by siriuslyilluminaeted

Never were you ever coming over to your friend Brady’s place for drinks. If you knew it’d end up with you being peer pressured into chugging your coolers and playing truth or dare, you wouldn’t have showed up. But it was too late to just up and leave now. No amount of excuses would work on Brady, or Jimmy either, and now you were stuck here. 

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audreycritter  asked:

top three Bruce Wayne fashion disasters? AND top three Dick Grayson ones? Caveat: headcanon only. Cannot be canon.

we’ll start with dick because i’ve got this all planned out

  • christmas-patterned tux. no, i shit you not. a christmas-patterned tux. he sees no problem with the christmas tux, and calls it festive
  • remember JNCO? the wide leg jeans? every time dick wears a pair of those someone has a heartattack. that, and the denim jacket. he probably wears these with his ed hardy flames t-shirt. bruce officially has more nightmares about than he does about his parents’ deaths. also, jorts. 
  • when he first moved out he tried to cut his own hair……. have you ever seen a homegrown bowl cut. to be honest i could get rid of everything else on this list an baby’s first bowl cut would still count as disasters one, two, and three

and as for bruce:

  • fanny packs. i cannot stress the use of fanny packs enough. there is a small army of pictures of bruce wayne in a fanny pack
  • someone caught a picture of him on a jog wearing a highlighter yellow windbeater pants and a green shirt and he was publicly roasted, he lied to alfred later and said it was for his cover. it wasn’t. he legitimately decided to go outside like that. fortunately he learns from his mistakes unlike someone else i could name
  • he lived through the 80s. he wore a hawaiian shirt, dare i say, multiple times, while neither on vacation nor for the irony. it happened. it happened 
Best Service in Town - Evan Hansen x Reader

AN: this took me 3963 hours to write for v v less than mediocre results. Also not only do I go out for ice cream at nine pm but I continue to eat for 2 hours straight. So. ALSO I ONLY PROOFREAD LIKE HALF OF THIS CAUSE IM LAZY SO IT PROBABLY SUCKS LMAO

Warnings: uhhhh swearing? Shitty writing? Uhhhhh ooc oops

Word Count: 2420 (heheheheheh)

Work was boring as all hell will allow. You worked day after day, weekdays after school and weekends at noon. It wouldn’t be so bad if you worked somewhere like a restaurant or helping out at a nursing home. But no, you had to work at “With a Cherry On Top”. An ice cream with the best service in town. That’s what they were known for at least.
Except for when you were working. By the end of the day, you were cranky and tired. After thinking and homework and everything all day at school you immediately had to go to work. At least you got paid for working, high school was just bullshit all the way around.
So of course, with all that anger and annoyance built up, you tended to snap at customers. You’ve been ragged at multiple times by your boss that he would replace you, but you didn’t care. You could easily get a job at the Burger King down the road, or at the shoe store even.
After a long day, full of annoying students and customers, you headed to turn the sign to closed as two boys pushed the door open. You glared at the shorter one, his nerdy glasses showing blue and brown eyes. He gave you a smug grin before patting the counter, like calling a kitten. You rolled your eyes.

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You, Me, Us (Part I)

Zen x MC/You Angst Fic

You, Me, Us: Part II | Part III


  • Minor spoilers for Zen’s After Ending and Seven Route
  • Trigger warnings (emotional abuse, mentions of death and hints at suicidal ideation)

“We are each other’s mirrors and our paths.” 

His words stayed even when you’ve lost yours.

It’s been two years since you agreed to become Zen’s manager. You watched him shine brighter by the day and take the whole world by surprise. He was a well-known musical actor now with international offers coming left and right. 

You were happy for him. You really were. But there was something fundamentally wrong. It’s been wrong for a while now, but you were powerless to fix any of it. 

“MC, where’s my gray shirt?” Zen called from your room. 

Crap. “It’s in the laundry, Zen. It’s been raining the past few days and I couldn’t just stick it in the dryer!”

Thud, thud, thud. Here we go. 

“I told you I needed that shirt today,” Zen growled as he came into the dining room wearing a different gray shirt. “The fans say I look best in it.”

You try a laugh. “You look best in everything, Zenny?”

He made a sour face. “Your opinion is different.” 

He might as well have said that your opinion didn’t matter. Still, forcing a smile, you served him his breakfast. Zen didn’t even think to wait for you to sit before he gobbled up his breakfast. 

Feeling awkward just standing there watching him eat, you decide to go prepare to pack his lunch.

“Ah, I don’t need it today. I’m having lunch with the director.” Zen called without looking at you. 

Disappointment sat at the pit of your stomach. “Oh. I didn’t hear about that.”

Zen’s fork stopped midway. “The director told me directly.”

You decide to laugh. “What’s the use of a manager, then?”

You startled at the sound of a metal hitting ceramic and turned to see Zen glaring at you from the table. “I don’t appreciate your sarcasm, MC. And just because you’re my manager doesn’t mean I have to tell you everything.”

You knew you should speak. You hated mornings that started like this. They tend to lead to you falling asleep while waiting for him to come home. Like always, words didn’t come. You only nod and smile. “I’m sorry.” 

“MC!” Jaehee greeted as you walked into her cafe. It was flourishing! It’s only been a few months shy of a year since she quit Jumin’s company and she looked a lot happier than you were. 

“Sorry for taking your break like this,” You tell her, though it was hard to be sincere while knowing you really missed having Jaehee around. 

Jaehee laughs at the formality. “It has been a while since we’ve seen each other. This is nothing. Still busy are you? I’ve seen Zen’s posters at least twenty times this morning.”

You laugh when you’re supposed to. “Zen’s busy. I mostly stay home now.”

Jaehee noted the change in your voice. “What happened to being his manager?”

You shrug, trying for playful. “It doesn’t matter, I guess? It’s been going out of my hands anyway. He needs a better manager. One he could actually have on set.”

After working 4 years under the stoic Jumin Han, Jaehee had learned to read people. It was more than instinct that told her there was something worse going on in MC’s head. 

“MC, Zen works til late and leaves early in the morning.” She begins to say, not knowing how else to approach this situation. “What do you do then if you can’t meet any of us in the RFA?”

Jaehee watched your face freeze. For a minute, she could have sworn the serene expression on your face faltered, but it was gone soon as it came. 

“Well. I prepare his schedule, mostly. Adjust his meals according to the activities he’d need to do that day. It takes a considerable amount of time to clean a basement apartment too. And Zen has a lot of clothes so-”

Boisterous laughter cut you off and Jaehee glanced behind you to see girls with makeup thicker than Jumin’s files and shirts with Zen’s name on them laughing at volumes unfit for a cafe. 

“So you’re basically his maid?” One called and your blood froze. “You cook, you wash, you clean and wait. How is that different from a housemaid?”

Don’t mind them, don’t mind them, don’t mind them, don’t mind them .

But they most certainly mind you. Soon the three girls were passing by you, bags hitting the side of your shoulder as they laughed. 

“Talk about falling from grace.” One snickered and you felt sick to your stomach. 

Jaehee, on the other hand, was more than ready to pour coffee down their shirts. “How dare they?” 

When she turned back to you, she almost thought she’d imagined the whole thing as your face was already the picture of calm. You lightheartedly told her you were fine and that you were used to that sort of treatment, but Jaehee knew better than to believe you. 

A call came and soon you excused yourself, smiling and telling Jaehee you’d come visit again. The ex-assistant agreed and asked you to do so soon. Watching you go, she desperately wished you soon would. 

Because she knew what masks were, she just never thought she’d see one on you. 

“MC, would you mind bringing my script to the studio? I’d brought the wrong one.” His stress was palpable. “The director suddenly asked to rehearse a different scene and change the blockings.”

Your heart fluttered. You were going to see him act again! 

“Sure, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” You chirped. 

“Yeah, thanks.” 

You opened your mouth to say I love you, but he’d already hung up. 

So. Why did it end up like this? 

Cameras flashed left and right, screams and whines from either side. You almost wanted to cover your ears and close your eyes. 

Zen had kissed Echo Girl at rehearsal, and apparently headlines were already being made, with you forgotten and tucked a the corner. In your mind, you knew he would immediately come to you and apologize. You would then tell him it’s okay, that it’s his job. 

But. He. Doesn’t. He only inclined his head to catch your stare and you smile at him. He doesn’t smile back. 

Whispers met your ears almost immediately. 

The girlfriend. / She’s here? / She hasn’t been here a long time. / I thought for sure they’d broken up. / He didn’t go apologize. / Does that mean they’re over?

Familiar voices berate you next. “She doesn’t even get mad. Well housemaids always obey their employers. I suppose she doesn’t have the right.” 

I shouldn’t have come.

The director calls for a break and you stand to give Zen lunch, but then you remember that he’s having eating with the director today. Now you just felt stupid, standing there as fans swarmed your boyfriend. 

They part like water for Moses when Echo Girl comes, though. She latched onto his side. Zen let out a sigh after a meager attempt to get her off and gives up. 

You find your voice then. “Zen.”

All eyes turn to you, but all that mattered were the ruby-red ones that were once warm like the hearth. Now they were ice cold. 

“Does she not know we’re eating with the director?” Echo Girl’s voice was poison to your ears. 

We’re. So it wasn’t a one-on-one with the director. You should’ve known. Zen worked day and night to get up on this new stage. Echo Girl or none, he would make pleasing the director his top priority.

“I told her this morning.” No, you didn’t. His eyes beg you not to ruin this for him. “She’ll understand. Won’t you, babe?” 

No, I won’t. But he’s convinced you would and walks out with her anyway. 

“Mint flavor.” Saeran says as he hands you a cup of ice cream. He then sat across from you. 

“Thank you, Saeran.” You say and he huffs in response. He continues to stare at you as you slowly eat. 

You’d bumped to each other quite literally while you were running out of that cursed building. He’d started working at an ice cream parlor, he’d said, and that he was just out on a break. 

“Are you going to tell me what happened?” He spoke quietly. 

You answered with a smile. He rolled his eyes. “Where is Saeyoung?”

A red eyebrow rose. “You don’t answer mine and you expect me to answer yours?”

You feel a lighthearted laugh bubble from inside you. “It makes me happy to see you so sociable, Saeran.”

His cheeks turn red as his hair at that. He’s silent after that and you wonder if you’ve said something wrong. 

“It’s not easy. Not yet, anyway. I can barely say two sentences to strangers.” He says with a shrug. 

You feel yourself smiling again. “Baby steps, Sae. Baby steps.” 

“So? Are you going to keep avoiding telling me what happened?” You hear him say but the world was already starting to black out. 

“You’ll find out,” You manage to weakly say. 

Hard footsteps meet Saeran’s ears and he turns to see MC’s boyfriend, Zen, stalking towards them. 

“WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO THAT MC?” He yelled so loudly, the children in the shop started to leave. “DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE SUCH A SCENE?”


“Zen-” Your voice is small. And you wish you grew smaller. 

“DON’T!” He roared, palm slamming over the table. “Don’t even make excuses at this point, MC. You know how important this job is too me.”

“Good for your job, then. At least that’s important to you.” Saeran’s murderous voice cuts Zen’s outburst into two. 

He’d stayed quiet hoping MC would scream right back at the sorry son of a bitch. But whatever he believed was a heart tore apart at the face MC had pulled. 

“Saeran.” Zen was still seething. “Sorry. Can I talk to my girlfriend for a sec?”

“She’s your girlfriend? I thought she was just some dumb bitch from the way you were yelling at her.” Saeran spat. 

Zen was about ready to start a fight, but you couldn’t afford for that to happen. And Saeran was being your friend. He didn’t deserve to be caught between you like this. 

“Zen,” You say. “Let’s talk when we get home, okay?”

It took moments before Zen answered. “You go on ahead. I still have rehearsals.” Was all he said before storming out as destructively as he walked in.

You turned to Saeran, ready to apologize for the customers they’d lost. He simply nodded, even when you excused yourself to go to the restroom. That was, until he remembered there was no restroom here, only small a washing area tucked by the corner, one he could see from here. 

As you left, Saeran couldn’t help but ask his brother to keep an eye on you. He had to stop himself from following you to your apartment too, just in case you decided on something stupid. 

He’d seen the face you made as Zen yelled at you. He’d seen the way your tears halted, the way your face blanked and your shoulders stopped shaking altogether from the mirror’s reflection on the glass pane. 

He’d spent 21 years of his life that way. He couldn’t bear seeing you do the same.

Zen came home smelling like smoke and beer. He couldn’t look more annoyed to see you waiting up for him if he tried.

“You promised to quit smoking.” The words were barely out of your mouth and immediately you regret saying them.

A crash. Then another one. Two of the vases Jumin had given you were now a broken pieces on the floor and you thought you’d rather count them all than go through this allover again.

“You have no right to snap at me, MC.” Zen’s voice was dangerously low as he paced the living room floor.

“You were the one who almost lost me my job.” You meet his accusing stare and open your mouth to speak, only to be cut off.

“Do you know what the director said? He said you were pitiful. He said I never should have brought you on set if I was going to treat you like that.” His voice grew louder as his anger explodes. “Do you know how humiliating that was?”

Did he know how humiliating the whole debacle was for you?

“See? You’re doing it again.”

Your head snapped up to see him staring at you with something like disgust.

“You say nothing. Making everyone pity you, like you’re such a good girl and I’m the big bad boyfriend.”


“Jaehee messaged me, didn’t you know? She asked me if you were alright, because you were apparently so off when you met earlier.” His voice grows deeper as he moves closer to you.

What is he saying?

“Do you like playing victim, MC?” Zen was now in front of you, something dark you never thought you’d see gleaming in his eyes. His clothes reeked of alcohol and things stronger than that. It made you feel dizzy. “Do you like blaming other people for your issues?”

What is he talking about?

Victim? Blaming? Issues?

“Is this because I’m so busy now? Is it because you think I’m so out of reach that you have to stay so silent and resort to such ways to get my attention back?”

Silence? But silence was all you knew. If he didn’t want your silence…

Then what was left for you?

“Well, here I am! You’ve succeeded! Now talk, MC!” Your whole being shook as he grabbed a hold of your shoulders, almost pulling you up to stand in the process. 

“Zen-!” You sqeak. 

It’s hard to breathe. I can’t breathe.

“Tell me, MC! What exactly is the problem?! What happened to you?!” He was yelling now, and his voice rings in your ears. “What happened, huh? What exactly is the problem?!”

“Zen!” You scream and push him away. “Please. Please, just calm down.”

Your hands over your ears, you bite back tears as you cautiously step away from him. “Please, calm down, Zen. W-We can talk once you’re sober so-!

Another crash as an another ornament explodes into a thousand pieces. “TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED, MC?”He roared. “What happened to you? You were always so bright, so kind and supportive. God, I thought you were an angel when we met!”

In seconds, he was in front of you again, voice reverberating in your head. You can’t breathe. The world closes in and you fall to the floor, curling into yourself as your head tucks into your knees.

Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop.

“Oh my God! Look at you right now! Are you trying to tell me that this is what I’ve done to you? That I’ve destroyed you so much that you can’t even tell me what I’ve done?” 

Don’t. Please. No more. Please. Please. Please.

“MC LOOK AT ME!” His hands yank your wrists apart. “You can’t even look at me anymore? Do you think I’m disgusting now, too?” His voice breaks and you somehow find it in you to speak.

“No, Zen. I could never-!” 

“If it’s not my fault, then is it yours?” He says, eyes crazed. “Is it your fault then? That you’ve become like this?”

“No.” You could barely hear yourself say it.

“Then whose fault is it then? If it’s not me, and it’s not you, then who?” 

Us.” You say through your river of tears, hitching breaths and rattling chest. “Zen, it’s usWe’re the problem.”

Zen starts to retaliate, but you weren’t done. Not yet. While your words were free and his ears were open, you would speak.

“Do you really not understand what’s happening to us, Zen?” The hands on your wrists loosen a fraction. “Or is it that you don’t even understand what us means anymore?”

For a few moments, everything is silent. In front of you was the man you loved with all your heart, but also the man you hated most. But still you knew that Zen was not what destroyed you. You let him. And so, to blame was not him, not you. But what exists between you.

You pray that he understands, that even through his alcohol addled-brain, Zen would hear you. You prayed that the man you’d loved still lived, that he would come save you.

He didn’t.

The man in front of you begins to bellow in rage, yelling through your cries with words you once thought were foreign to him.

You see the man you loved die right in front of you, slowly, agonizingly, piece by piece. His existence spots with black and whatever he was before the day we became you and me, was lost to you.

“We are each other’s mirrors and our paths.” His words back then had stayed even when you’ve lost yours. 

But Zen, what should I do? When neither I, nor you, knows where ‘we’ has gone to?

Everything grows silent and your tears stop, too. Did he stop? You couldn’t know.

You couldn’t hear him anymore. The dead couldn’t speak.

Slowly, his fingers uncurl, and a tremor rocks his body. You think it’s over. As your arms drop to your side, you wonder if you should speak.

You didn’t. The dead couldn’t hear.

So you simply walk past him. Your eyes are tired, but tears no longer blur anything. Were you finally run dry?

Your phone rings by the bedside table, Saeyoung’s name lighting up the screen. The ringing ceased and you noted three-digit number of missed calls from either of the twins before you chucked your phone out the window.

“MC!” Zen’s booming voice makes you shrivel in fear. He runs to the window to check, but you no longer found it in you to care. 

“Where are you going?” His voice reaches you again. It cracks. He’s sober. You wonder if Zen’s back, too– the Zen who promised forever, the Zen who called you his sun, his moon, his stars.

But still you continue to pack, his protests now just a buzz in the back of your head. You blink and a cab slows in front of you. You move to open the door, but Zen slams it shut.

You may be deaf and mute, but you were not blind. Zen’s red eyes were very much alive with the emotion that had been missing for months. Regret had space in there too.

But then the shutters close and pain radiates from the marks on your wrists.

He sees something in your eyes. It terrifies him, breaks him, kills him to, but he steps aside and soon you tell the driver to drive.

Zen is dead. And the dead cannot come back to life.  

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That… was long. I didn’t expect for this fic to even have two parts, I originally planned to create one-shot but my angst meter just hasn’t had enough. 

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sexual release - spideychelle smut

Michelle and Peter haven’t seen each other in a few weeks. They decide to go out on a date to the theater and possibly release some sexual frustrations.

Michelle could count on one hand how many times she’s been on a date with Peter, a total of three. She wasn’t sure if the third should even be considered a date, since he whisked off into the air ten minutes after arriving, promising to make it up to her.

The thing was, she didn’t mind not going on those fancy dates. Just being able to spend quality time with him snuggled up with each other as Michelle teased him about how good looking a good majority of the Avengers were, especially Natasha and watching him whine about how he was the cutest. But no matter how much she tried convincing him of that, he refused to settle for it.

Which is what lead them here, standing in front of a movie theater, Michelle grilling him for forcing her to even come here. “We could’ve just watched a movie at your place.” She groaned, crossing her arms over her chest as a cold breeze hit her. Peter noticed, wrapping his arms around her from behind. Even though he was a tad bit shorter, he loved the height difference. He brung her back until there wasn’t any space between them, laying his head against her.

“Michelle, I promised i’d make it up to you, this is me doing that.” He mumbled into her shoulder, Michelle shivering from the vibration. She squeezed her eyes shut, tilting her head back against his. Even though she’d rather go home and find a rerun, she loved that he wanted to do little things like this when he had time, which was rarely. His time is always spent saving the world or working in the stark tower for hours on end. They’d go days without seeing one another but Michelle understood. It was time for her to push her pessimistic attitude aside and enjoy this moment with him. “Fine, let’s go.” Unraveling his hands from around her, he walked beside her towards the theater, his warm hands intertwining with her cold ones.

One they reached the ticket booth, there were two couples and a group of teenage boys ahead of them. They decided to use this short period to choose a movie. Peter scanned his options, skipping over horror movies but Michelle seemed to be doing the opposite, finding which horror movie was the best choice.

“Let’s watch Rings.” She suggested, a smile etching on her lips as she side eyed him. Michelle knew that he wouldn’t dare to pick a horror movie, which is partly why she chose it and also because all the others were less appealing.

Peter snapped his head in her direction, “What? No way!” He exclaimed, shaking his head.

“Peter, we’re watching it.” Peter groaned, letting it go. He knew he couldn’t win. Michelle was never one to give up.

The line moved up quickly and before they knew it they had retrieved their tickets and went to go claim their seats in the back of the theater. Once they were seated and comfortable, the previews started. There were about thirty people in total spread around. Their row and the one ahead of them had been empty and Michelle couldn’t be happier. She hated being bunched up with lots of people.

“I can’t believe you forced me to watch this.” Peter whined in a low voice. “Peter we could always see another movie.” Peter stood up quick, preparing to grab their belongings. When Michelle didn’t move an inch, he tilted his head in her direction, “You weren’t serious, were you?” He asked, pouting. Shaking her head, she pulled him down into his seat. “Should I at least go get snacks?” He would try anything to get out of here but Michelle wasn’t having it.

Grabbing her bag from the seat beside her, she placed the leather material in his hands. “Open.” She demanded, eyes focused on the screen ahead. Peter obeyed, opening the bag to find all his favorite snack inside the medium sized purse. “I thought the theaters didn’t let you bring your own snacks?” He questioned.

“They don’t but i’d be damned if either of use spent a shit load of money on two items when we could spend the same thing at the deli and get way more.” Peter smiled, returning the bag to the seat, before sitting back and laying his head on her shoulder. “You’re so smart.” He whispered as the movie began. “I know.”

Twenty minutes. That’s approximately how long it took before Peter started shielding his eyes behind her shoulder. Michelle tried to refrain from laughing. “Peter, calm down.” She tells him in a gentle voice. “No.” He whispered, wrapping his arm around her waist. For someone who fought creatures from different planets and battled people with unbelievable abilities, she couldn’t understand how he’d be afraid of horror movies when they were far from real.

Her attention returned to the movie. Peter stood in the position for a good five minutes before he peeked over her shoulder to see what was happening now. He may have been frightened but he’d grown oddly curious in what direction this movie would take. From the horror movies he’s been forced to watch with Michelle throughout the years, they seemed to all end the same way.

The savior decides to take it upon themselves and get rid of the killer once and for all. They believe they succeed until a short time later, they realize they never did. The spirit or whatever would plant themselves into someone else and kill the savior. The same thing in all horror movies and it was becoming tiresome. But he couldn’t talk much considering he was still scared of them regardless if he knew how it would potentially end.


“But i’m scared…”

“Well let me sit on you.”

“Wait, what?” Peter sat up, staring at her with wide eyes. “I’ll be comfortable and you’ll be shielded from the screen.” She explained before settling into his lap. She slouched down a tad bit, dangling her feet across the empty seats ahead of them. Peter held in his breath as she rubbed against him in the process.

Leaning her ahead against his shoulder, she tilted her head upwards toward him. “Comfortable?” She whispered. Peter couldn’t mutter out a word, he just nodded, staring down at the armrest. Michelle looked at him weirdly before turning back to the movie, covering herself with his sweater. Peter was unable to focus on anything but Michelle’s bottom against him. Even when he tried focusing on different things, his mind continued imagining her grinding against him. What was wrong with him? Michelle sat on his lap countless times before, what was the difference now?

Peter thought back to the past few weeks. They’ve seen each other twice and even during those two times of spending time together, it didn’t make enough time for them to catch up or satisfy their sexual needs as they would usually do.

That’s when it hit him. He was sexually frustrated. Masturbating hadn’t been doing a great job at craving his needs. He needed her, to be with her, to be inside of her. Michelle moved her hips against him to readjust once more, and Peter wanted to vanish in that moment. His member decided it wanted to react in that moment, growing hard. He prayed to all things holy that she didn’t notice.

Luck was not on his side because Michelle had indeed felt his bulge pressing against her. She tilted her head in his direction, trying her best to suppress a laugh that was demanding a release “Peter, seriously?” Peter looked at her nervously, “I- i’m sorry, I can’t help it!” His voice came out childlike and it was making it harder and harder for Michelle not to laugh at his current situation.
“Calm him down.”

“I can’t….”

“And why not?”

“Not with you sitting on me like that.”

“So, what i’m hearing is, i’m the problem?”
Michelle was well aware of what Peter had been going through, she’s been dealing with the same thing, except for the bulging penis of course. She just couldn’t help but find the situation to be amusing.

“What? Mj, of course not.” His hand rubbed his face, laying his head back against the seat, “I just… we haven’t had sex in a long time and it’s getting to me ya know? I’m not blaming you, I know i’ve been incredibly busy with work and being Spider-man… Michelle, i’m just sexually frustrated..” He spoke fast and low, Michelle was even surprised she’d heard a word he said.
Moving her head towards his, she pressed her lips against his jaw, smirking. “Well, let’s have sex.”

“You can’t be serious?” He questions. Michelle planted gentle kisses along his jawline. “Oh but I am. Live a little.” Even though the idea was insane, he found her offer hard to resist, especially with her kissing on him the way she was currently doing. Her lips traveled down his neck, pressing kisses against it before she located his sweet spot and began sucking on it.

“M- michelle.” He moaned out. “Let’s go find somewhere more private..” Michelle didn’t waste time. Grabbing her bag and sweater, she and Peter quickly rushed out the theater. When they stepped into the hall, it was completely empty. Peter looked around for a good private area when he noticed the supply closet reserved only for employees.

Peter, not caring much at the moment, lead Michelle into the closet, locking it behind him. When he turned around, her belongings were dropped on the floor. She stared at him with a lustful look in her eyes, tempting him more to rip her clothes apart and fuck her senseless but today, he wanted to take it slow. He wanted to make this a moment she’d never forget.

Before she could blink, Peter had her back pressed against the wall, hands on either side of her head. He scanned her from bottom to top before his eyes flicked up to hers. A smirk played on his lips, affecting her in ways she didn’t know possible. Her legs clenched tightly as a tingling sensation traveled throughout her. Peter noticed this and took this as his cue. He began placing delicately sweet kisses on her neck, making his way down further.

Michelle gasped as one of his hands grasped her breast, massaging it gently. Using his other hand, he unbuttoned her shirt, not daring to detach his lips from her skin. Once each button had been undone, he swiftly removed her breast from the black laced bra.

Not waiting a second, his tongue worked it’s way around her nipple. First he flicked it a few times before sucking on it as his tongue traced circles around it. Michelle moaned in pleasure, hands clenching.

Peter continued the process for a few more seconds before he moved down completely, positioning himself on his knees. He kissed along her waistline, unbuttoning her jeans and pulling them down at the same time. Michelle helped, pulling her long legs out the black jeans.
When they were completely off, Peter tossed them to the side. “Spread your legs.” Michelle didn’t hesitate, instantly separating her legs from each other.

His hands trailed from her waist down to her thighs. The tingling sensation returned once more but when she went to clench her thighs together, Peter quickly halted her movements. “Peter.” She whined, which is something she’s never done.

Michelle wasn’t a whiny person, she’s the person that causes it. Her underwear were completely soaked. This was the perfect time for entry but he refused to settle for that this early on. He wouldn’t enter her until he had a waterfall running down her legs. Hand gripping her thighs softly, he took her panties between his teeth, tugging them down to her knees and letting them proceed to fall on their own.

Michelle watched his every move and she couldn’t deny how sexy that was. That made her crave for him to take her more and more but she wasn’t oblivious, Peter planned to make this worthwhile and that came with him teasing her tremendously.

Staring intently at her flower, it was perfect in every way. Flowers deserved to be treated with endless amounts of care and love. He planned to do just that. His thumb pressed against her core, massaging the precious area. She shuddered from each stroke. Using his free hand, he lifted her leg over his shoulder, giving him a better view of clit. Licking his lips, he dived in, immediately sucking her tongue between his teeth. He loved the feeling of her clit twitching against his mouth, he craved each one.

His lips made out with her clitoris wildly, sucking and twirling his tongue around all at once. Reaching up with his hand that wasn’t massaging her clit, he wrapped his palm around her chest, massaging them while he worked her magic flower.

Along with the continuous moans, Michelle kept slapping her hand against the wall. Peter never noticed though, completely invested in pleasuring her. Peter was pleasuring her in all her favorite spots and she was bound to go crazy if he kept it up. She wasn’t used to this, to Peter being this way and she loved every minute of it.

“Oh m- PETER!” She moaned loudly as he licked her sensitive spot. Peter peered up at her, never stopping his process though. A random person would believe he did this for a living from how much of an expert he appeared to be. He smiled against her, enjoying her reactions a little more than he should he. Continuing to hit all her sensitive spots, Peter was determined to have her orgasm. He applied more pressure with his thumb to her clit and rubbed his fingers against her nipple in a slower motion.

Peter didn’t expect it, neither did Michelle. She tried preventing it for long as possible, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of her giving in yet. She always seemed to find a challenge in something but this happened to be in Peter’s favor. As Peter went for another lick, Michelle climaxed all over his tongue.

Pulling himself back, he stood up slowly and stared her in the eyes. Michelle didn’t know how to react after what she’s just done and she couldn’t predict how he’d react. Of all the times he’s given her head, she doesn’t recall climaxing on him. They watched each other intently, neither of them moving an inch.

Then he did something she didn’t expect. His tongue licked around his lips before he moved in, closing the space between them, leaning close to her ear, “we should do that more often.” in a sexual tone. It was in that moment that Michelle realized she was completely and utterly fucked and they haven’t even gotten to the actual fucking part yet.

Her heart pounded hard against her chest as his hands roamed her body once more. She tried predicting what he would possibly do now because he seemed full of surprises tonight.

“Peter…” she whispered into his ear. “Hm?” He hummed in response, breathing against her ear. Leaning her head back, she was able to get a good view of his face. Around his mouth was sticky from her orgasm but he didn’t seem to mind. Looking up into his eyes, he had been staring back, awaiting her to finish what she had to say. “Fuck me, please.” She breathed out.
With no hesitation, Peter unbuttoned his pants and slipped them off along with his boxers. His member poked out as soon as it was released from its shackles, ready for entry into paradise. His arms wrapped around her waist and unexpectedly he grasped her ass in his hands causing her to gasp.

“Do you want this?”

“Yes, I do.”

Nodding, he pressed a quick but soft kiss against her lips. His strength came into play, lifting her up, he entered her as she wrapped her legs around him. They both gasped at the same time. Michelle has been craving him for weeks and after all this time, she finally got him. Peter slid his hands down underneath her thighs and began pumping in and out of her. Her insides were tight against him as it had been during their first time.

Her hands grasped onto his hair, gripping onto it but not to the point where he was in pain, well not anymore at least. They’ve had sex plenty of time where Michelle would be so into it, she’d yank on his hair. He hated it at first but after a good few times, he had grown used to it.
The kinky part of him actually liked it but he’d never admit that to her. She’d never let him live it down. “Ye- ooh- yess!” she moaned loudly. Peter would’ve tried to convince her to quiet down before she got them caught but he could care less at the moment.

The way she began moving with him at a quicker pace, forcing him to speed up with her. She bounced up and down aggressively and Peter couldn’t deny how much he loved when she got like this.

By now the sounds of their skin slapping against each echoed throughout the room. Peter was almost certain the entire theater could hear it, including the ones where the movies were currently playing. He continued regardless, thrusting into her roughly, how she loved it. Each thrust, a loud moan escaped past her faint pink coated lips.

Arching against him, her eyes rolled back. She had creamed against his length and he wasn’t far behind. Pressing her back against the wall, one of her legs dropped down, the other held up by him. He jerked himself inside and out repetitively, his legs growing weaker with each movement.

Michelle cried out in pleasure with each thrust. “Fuck!” Peter moved his face in, pressing his lips against hers. His free hand gripped her waist and brung her into him. “Mi- I love you!” He cried out against her lips as he finally released.

They stood there for a few moments trying to catch their breathes before they separated from each other. Michelle pulled on her clothes, trying to fix herself without staring at a reflection in the mirror. Peter never removed his shirt, pulling his jeans up, he button his pants and ran his fingers through his hair to make it appear as if it was this way purposely and not because his girlfriend pulled his hair during sex.

Once all fixed up, Michelle pushed herself up against him, smiling brightly. Peter laughed, pushing a strand of hair from her face. “That was amazing.” She admitted, lacing her hands with his. “I agree.”

Her smile turned into a smirk. “How about we head home and do that again?” Peter was drained at the moment but the short journey home would give him enough of a break to proceed with another round. Plus, he couldn’t just turn her down, especially when he wanted it just as much.

Pressing a kiss on her cheek, he smiled cheekily. “Of course, lets go.” They headed out the closet, grabbing their items they dropped along the way. When they opened the door, they halted and stared down. There stood a boy, who couldn’t be any younger than nine, staring at them confused. “What are you doing?” He questioned, peering past them into the closet.

Peter scratched the back of his neck nervously, not sure what to say. Michelle smiled evilly, leaning towards the little boy. “The thing your parents do when they think you’re sleep.” She said, the smile never leaving her lips.
The little boy looked lost in thought for a moment before he realized what she meant and quickly backed away. “I’m telling!” He shouted, running off to find his parents.

Peter eyes widened as he looked at the little boy run off. “Why did you do that?” “Because it was fun.” “He’s a kid.” “Live a little, now let’s go so I can release a little bit more frustration on you.” She smiled seductively, walking towards the exit. Peter laughed, following close behind. God, how did he get so lucky?

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Why is everyone so excited about him being shirtless. There are thousands of actors out there who have showed much more what am I missing

My dear anon. Nonny. Friend. You don’t understand. The prophecy has been fulfilled. We have unlocked our supernatural powers. A new time began. The world got united in the midst of a thunderstorm. Some of us got injured. Some of us got lost. Some of us have fallen. Some may never return home. But we made it. We finally made it. After years of fighting brutal battles and planning ingenious strategies, after years and years of giving and contributing, we are finally in the position of receiving the gift of salvation. 

This is not just an actor creating The Orville, putting off his shirt and daring to step in front of a camera to be seen by millions. This is an act of generosity. From a man with eternal talents and never ending kindness. To the fandom, a group of warriors and diligent followers, who have now been blessed. We never thought this day would come. But we were wrong. So wrong

Our elders founded this community centuries ago, giving the knowledge that there might be, one day, a man who will do the one thing to bring us world peace, from generation to generation. That day has now come. The atheist blessed us. What a time to be alive. Now that we made it this far, we want more. Of course we do! We want world dominance, step by step. And now that our man has done the first step, I present to you step #2:

But you just don’t understand, anon. And you probably never will.