dare to diy

Here’s a fun idea for a group game if you find yourself in need of one. Grab a big ball from Target, and with a sharpie write a bunch of random questions on it. Sit in a circle and toss the ball. Whoever catches it has to answer the question that their left thumb is on.


We made our own dodj or daar (dodge or dare) game board from the Amazing World of Gumball using leftover dinosaurs from our Mabel juice as game pieces. I had to write goober on my forehead! Surprisingly, the game was super fun following Gumballs rules.

-Zola and Mia


“DIY NEON RAINBOW SLIME?! Di Dare w/ Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick”

I always feel better after a hair redye, no more roots! Haven’t worn this vest I painted in ages, and I got a new KVD lipstick; Double Dare. The dress, boots, and leggings I’ve had so long I can’t even remember where I found them.