dare to be a daniel

imagine whatever you’d like ;-)))


Phil Lester is 30, Daniel Howell is almost 26 (they do weekly live shows where they talk to their audience which is made up mostly of minors), Connor Franta is 24, Tyler Oakley is 28, Ben J. Pierce is 18, Dodie Clark is 22, and Thomas Sanders is 28.

It doesn’t matter what someone’s age is…

I’m 20 years old and I talk to people who are 3-7 years younger than me on social media and I think of them as my little sisters.

If you have something to talk about and you have fun talking to each other I don’t see anything wrong with that. Both Tyler and Thomas have collabed with Ben who is 10 years younger than them but they have fun together anyway. Dan and Phil are 4 years apart and they live together. Tyler and Troye were best friends and they’re 6 years apart.

Don’t you DARE single out Thomas and call him a pedophile.

Daniel seems like one of those classic high school guys that comes off as this total badass that smokes and doesn’t give a shit about anyone or anything. but on the inside he’s the worlds biggest geek who loves Marvel and wears his big round glasses as much as possible and owns multiple scarves even though he lives in California.