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The Witching Hour [1]

Summary: You and your husband Bucky move into your dream home, a few weeks after your marriage. You had no idea what you’d be in for.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Warnings: Scary and/or unsettling/disturbing content; aspects of a haunting; will contain angst and fluff

Word Count: 880

A/N: I really hope everybody likes this and sticks with me here. It starts a little slowly, but it will pick up, I promise! This is very close to my heart, as odd as it sounds as horror is my favourite genre. If you’re on my Forever Tag list however, and you really don’t want to be tagged in a story like this, please let me know and I will make a note beside your name xo

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☁️💫Taehyung x Reader ~ Seven Minutes In Heaven💫☁️

Rated: M

Genre: Smut

Warnings: (Includes) ~ Striptease, lap dance, thigh riding, degradation, edging, daddy kink, spanking, cursing, light? choking kink… and anything kinky in-between tbh, I’ve probably forgotten something… just pure sin ok ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Word count: 3,378

You’d never liked parties.

But when your best friend refused to stop whining about how this party was supposedly ‘different’, ‘more FUN’, you felt as if you’d been beat.

When you finally chose to accept the invitation, she smiled back at you, though there was something about the twinkle in her eyes that told you otherwise, as if there was something you didn’t know…

“YES! I knew you couldn’t resist! Now hurry and get changed, there’s only 30 minutes until we have to be at Jungkook’s house and you need to look like a million dollars!” Your friend excitably squealed.

A million dollars? You thought this was just some lame meet up with trashy music and an endless supply of alcohol, most likely having the night end with drunken slurs and sweaty bodies collapsed in heaps together. House parties really weren’t your thing.  

“But… but I thought this was just a simple house party?” you groaned in protest.

Before you knew it, a black lacy, strapless dress had been flung at your face and obscured your view. Pulling the unwanted item off from over your head you took a closer look at the article of clothing. You couldn’t lie, it really was gorgeous, if a bit skimpy, perhaps even raunchy you could say….

You’d stepped into the dress, glancing at the reflection staring back at you. It was a short dress, really rather short, but it accentuated your subtle curves quite beautifully. It had crystal details around the belt and bust area and the lace caressed your skin at any slight movement. The outfit was coupled with a pair of sweet ruffled ballerina pumps and a leather clutch.

“Wow… (Y/N) you really look stunning he’ll love you! Um I mean… I bet Jungkook won’t even recognise you!”

You felt very curious and slightly agitated. What was she hiding from you? Who was attending this party?

With a deep sigh, and a sharp slam of the car door, the screech of tyres pulling out of the drive signified the beginning of a very long night ahead.

“Oh for goodness sake chin up (Y/N), stop looking so unsure and nervous! You know Jungkook! He wouldn’t invite anyone unwanted or suspicious, so what’s bothering you?”

It was true, you knew Jungkook for a almost an entire year now since starting college, but your best friend’s behaviour had just been so off ever since accepting the invitation to this party. What were you supposed to say?

“Yeah, no… It’s nothing really, I guess…”


Pressing your finger into the doorbell felt as if It sent an electric shock pulsing through your veins. This was a mistake, regret was bubbling up inside your stomach like the most horrible acidic and sugary soda.

A familiar beaming face greeted you, It was Jungkook! With a warm and friendly welcome, the pair of you were ushered upstairs into what must have been Jungkook’s bedroom.

This was rather odd, as it sounded like the large main party crowd was in the living room, where you could make out a flickering of lights and see discarded plastic cups of god knows what strewn near the living room entrance.

The loud music pumped through your system and made your heart jump with what felt like a growing excitement.

Stepping through Jungkook’s bedroom door, you were greeted by a circle of party guests, none of which you knew. Great. Why were you here again?

You kept your head low, since parties really weren’t your thing. Your eyelashes rapidly fluttered as you focused on the intricate patterns of the floorboards, until you had only had to go and stumble on an uneven bump in the floor. So much for making an introduction…

Cursing your clumsy, introverted and shy tendencies, you began to rub at your ankle, which had been twisted awkwardly upon your fall. Your attention sprung to a man with pretty, honeyed melanin skin, as said gentleman had cleared his throat bringing your focus to how he was at your feet and offering his hand.

Attempting to smile through your pained and dazed expression you reached out to clasp the man’s hand. His long, slender fingers brushed over your knuckles gently before leaning forward to place a chaste kiss right there. You gasped sharply, not expecting this stranger to be so forward straight away. It felt as if your heart was trying to escape your ribcage, beating quicker with every passing moment. It was like everything was in slow motion.

“Ooooh someone’s taken Taehyung’s fancy already!” a man sitting the other side of Jungkook quipped amused.

“Taehyung would you please take several seats and leave (Y/N) alone! Is the only thing you think about what would make your dick happy?” Jungkook chimed in.

A rosy pink blush started spreading across your porcelain skin. This was evidently all distant background noise to this Taehyung man, as he waved them off whilst still keeping all his attention and focus on you.

“enchanté…” he leaned into the shell of your ear and whispered after finally releasing his peach, plush lips from the back of your hand. It sent what felt like thousands of shivers and quivers up the back of your neck and travelling back down your spine.

Taehyung finally helped you up off the ground, as you proceeded to join the circle of strangers. You sat and arranged the short layers of your dress, which you were still particularly self-conscious about. You could clearly feel Taehyung’s eyes following your every movement and drinking in your features. His eyes roamed over your thighs, where the milky flesh was exposed and impossible to cover with the skirt of your dress. He noticed your taut stomach, before his eyes made their way up to your long, elegant neck. Out the corner of your eye, pretending to fiddle with your skirt some more, you could notice how Taehyung’s lips had fallen open, parted in a gaping sort of way. Originally, you thought this man had good enough manners to know better than to stare, but perhaps you were wrong about this.

Time was passing and again, it felt like there was simply muffled background noise of hyper chatter and spluttering laughs, as it felt as if the spotlight had been placed on you by Taehyung. Was it you, or was he inching closer little by little, getting a better look of your cushiony coral coated lips? His tongue peeked out his mouth to swipe across his own bottom lip. You felt like prey to the broad shouldered predator who was creeping up on you, slowly, slowly….


With a clap of hands, Jungkook declared the beginning of said ‘game.’ Snapping you back into the harsh reality of this party.

“Um, excuse me sorry, I must have missed something… what game are we playing exactly?” You uttered helplessly.

“Seven Minutes in heaven x truth or dare! Kind of a merge of the two, we’ll start with truth or dare, and see where it goes from there I guess.” Jungkook had a smirk on his face which you didn’t entirely like the look of.

You gulped nervously, as a bottle was placed in the centre of the circle. So this was spin the bottle too now? You’d had enough, this was torture, this wasn’t you, there must be some way of escape!

The bottle spun, and landed on the one and only Mr Taehyung.

Oh great.

“Truth or dare TaeTae?” a small man, Jimin, you found out, called from the opposite side of the circle.

“Dare of course” Taehyung challenged with a wiggle of his brows.

This man’s confidence really was so sexy.  

“Ok then, your dare is you have to strip down to nothing but your underwear and stay that way for the whole game, until we say you can get changed again, but make a show of it.”

The man showed no look of being phased by this dare, instead he smugly smirked back at your friend, the one who had requested the damned dare, before directing his eyes back to you. There was a flicker of danger in his eyes, as you began to shift uncomfortably in your seated spot.

He stood up towering over you. Playfully, he began fiddling with the buckle to his belt before letting go, to teasingly rub his thighs with the flat palms of his hands. The clicking sound of the buckle becoming undone threw your attention tho his groin area, but to no avail, as he had not yet removed his pants fully. He was just testing the waters.

The tease.

One by one, he undid the buttons on his crisp white dress shirt. It was too much already. You stifled, trying desperately to hold back a moan that needed to escape.

His bare chest was now on show, his pecks, the small hardened nubs, stood erect before you and his chocolate abs glowed, a light sheen of sweat covered the abs as little pools nestled in the magnificently contoured structure.

His head lulled to the side, as his body now faced you completely. You could tell he was doing this all for your suffering entertainment and enjoyment, although you could tell even some of the boys in the circle were getting into this, judging by the tent forming in the front of their pants. His eyes had narrowed to slits as he quirked a brow at you.  

Rolling his head, he then proceeded to rub over his hardened nipples, allowing him to release the most delicious groan you had ever heard. His head now tilted backwards, working furiously at his nipples before moving down to palm his crotch.

A series of pants and small whimpers filled the stuffy air of the bedroom. Everything was silent except for Taehyung. His cock was now straining tightly against the material of his black slacks, leading him to whip them off in one go, as he grew impatient.

You were mesmerised, lust had clouded your vision and you couldn’t think about anything except Taehyung. Everything was Taehyung. Maybe this party wasn’t such a mistake after all.

Taehyung started thumbing the slit of his cock through his boxer briefs when his actions were halted by an older looking man, by the name of Jin.

ALRIGHT! That’s enough now, the dare was simply to do a striptease, not have a wank with a full circle of witnesses!”  

Small giggles reverberated around the room as it was evident Taehyung was trying to come back down and steady himself.  

The show was wonderful and all, but now it meant Taehyung had to sit next to you with a raging hard on, and you’d have to continue the game as normal, without staring at his clearly massive 8 maybe even 9 inch cock.

The bottle spun a few more times, luckily sparing you as the next victim. You couldn’t believe your luck, that was until…

“Ah, (Y/N)!” The almost naked man beside you exclaimed with far too much excitement.  

So this really was your unlucky day…

“So what’s it gonna be (Y/N)…. truth? or maybe… dare?” Taehyung purred, latching his thumb onto your lip, swiping across it in an almost hypnotised manner, staining his thumb with your coral lipstick.

“I…um…. I think it would be best if I went for…”

“DARE! Right ok… hmmm…” Taehyung interrupted, saving you your breath. You wanted truth this sexy, sexy bastard.

“I dare YOU… to give me a lap dance.” The cheeky man sat back on his elbows, opening his legs rather suggestively before winking at you.

The room instantly filled with whoops and cheers of encouragement and laughter.

Could the floor just swallow you right now? That seemed like the best option. You glared over at your friend, who was now laying down clutching her stomach in fits of laughter. You shot her a look of daggers, before facing Taehyung again.

This man was clearly VERY horny but also VERY into you.

And so were you to be perfectly honest… so why not put on a show? Show everyone you weren’t this shy, innocent young girl.

Suddenly, a smooth and sensual beat flooded through the speakers located in the corner of the room.

All eyes were on you, especially a pair of chocolate orbs who had already started grazing your features once again.

You began to sway your hips seductively to the sexy, deep base before body rolling, fisting your hands into tendrils of stray hair.

Slowly but surely, you began to edge your way over to Taehyung. You spotted Jungkook’s desk chair and pushed it his way, still keeping your sensual aura about your act, dragging your feet as you walked, then heading into a crawl on all fours. You were the predator now. YOU were in control.

Taehyung spread his legs again now sat in the desk chair, massaging his pulsating length that was screaming for attention.

“Jagi…. (Y/N) ughhhmmm please, don’t test me babygirl, don’t make daddy wait.”

You could hear a concoction of snickers and breathy sighs coming from the spectators looking on at this hot mess you were about to show them. Things were about to get a little hotter though, you inwardly giggled to yourself.

With ease, you sunk smoothly down on top of Taehyung’s thick thighs and began to bounce teasingly, lifting the short petticoat like layers of your dress. You knew he could feel your heated core rubbing ever so slightly on the bare area of his thighs.

A deep growl through gritted teeth signified the man’s appreciation of the erotic act.

“Mmmmm ahhh my god (Y/N) fuck my thighs you do it for me slut ahhhh”

Who were you to deny this prince of what he wanted? You built up a strong and steady pace on his thighs, humping them whilst still keeping to the rhythm of the dirty beat.

“Daddy mmm let me hear you moan, tell me what you want… Do you want me now? How bad do you want it?”

Taehyung whimpered helplessly underneath you, cursing now and again as he clenched and relaxed his thighs allowing himself to feel more of your core humping his thigh. The feeling was orgasmic for you. It felt as if you were ready for climax, but neither of you wanted that yet.

Instead, you began to edge yourself, slowing your actions considerably, much to Taehyung’s disappointment.

But however, you did slip the dress up and over your head in a swift glide. You were rather impressed with yourself really, maybe a stripper could be a night shift job that would suit just fine.

Unclasping your bra, you sunk forward further onto Taehyung, restricting his movements. His mouth was watering, as you pressed your breasts further towards his face, he managed to grab your boobs, massaging them and going to suck on your nipple.

You were so sensitive. The only thing you could inhale was the musky, vanilla scent of Taehyung’s cologne intoxicating your senses, all you could see was red, the inside of Taehyung’s mouth laving over one of your nipples, just like velvet…

You let out deep, guttural moans. You had totally forgotten about the little audience who were still watching this extravaganza.

The song was now on repeat, but before you knew it, the pair of you were tumbling head first into a dim lit closet. The last thing you saw was Jungkook’s exasperated face, muttering something along the lines of:

“I’m sure you’ll be longer than seven minutes, but I don’t have a fuck to give anymore… *something something* I don’t want cum stains on the inside of my closet doors” The slither of light outside the closet dissipated. *SLAM.* You two were left in the dark closet now, alone.

The unexpected and cramped environment shook the pair of you briefly, before continuing your fun.

“Hey, kitten psst… I’m still waiting for a kiss before you decide to suck this enormous cock… that is, if I let you have dessert.” Taehyung chuckled, his low growl making your clit throb in anticipation as he nipped at your collar bone.

The pet name did it for you. You dived forward, connecting your ravenous lips, becoming one. Taehyung rolled effortlessly on top of your lithe body, roughly shoving his tongue into your awaiting mouth. Your tongues were dancing, never had you felt so loved. He stroked his hands feverishly up and down the sides of your body and pinned your hips down firmly. You were on fire.

The two of you broke apart for air, panting hotly against one another.

“Taehyung… I’ll always get what I want. A kitten needs her milk after all.” Your voice dripped teasingly.

You slithered down Taehyung’s fit form, reaching your prize. A large expanding wet spot was visible on at the tip of the tent in the man’s straining boxers.

You looked up into the smokey cat eyes, watching your every movement and bit your lip.

You then dipped down, kitten licking the head through the material of Taehyung’s boxers. This made Taehyung keen and arch his back. It was just like he was your baby boy for now, but you were fully aware of his daddy temperaments and dominant side too.

Not wanting to wait any longer, you grabbed the waistband of his boxer briefs and ripped them off in the speed of light.

You went to suck on his ballsack, eliciting more animalistic grunts and pants. But you weren’t one to waste time. Squeezing the girth of his shaft you deep throated his cock in one go, bobbing your head determinedly.

Taehyung’s legs were now shaking from the direct stimulation and desire coursing through his system.

“Jagi, I’m gonna cum, stop shit fuck I can’t h….hnngggg.”

You thought it was all over, until you were forced off his dick with a lewd, wet sounding pop.

His hands had found themselves on that certain part of your throat that would drive you crazy. Cautiously, he applied the smallest amount of pressure that made your head go fuzzy and made you feel warm and light-headed.

“So it looks like this princess does have a choking kink huh…”

You made no effort to respond, not even ‘hm’, neither a ‘yes daddy’.

Something darkened in Taehyung’s facial expressions in that moment.

“So baby doesn’t wanna respond? Well then I think spanking time is due Jagi…”

You were draped submissively over Taehyung’s muscly thighs, as loud smacks made contact with your bare asscheeks. You were certain the others could hear outside the closet, as your moans soon turned to screams. How long had it been? Far longer than seven minutes now. Were the others still even there?

“Keep it down my needy little whore…. keep it down or the others will hear. Or is that what you want? Is it (Y/N)? Tell daddy what you need. Beg for me.”

“Tae-T-Tae Oppa I want to… wanna cum right now.”

You felt so incredibly helpless, but you loved it. You loved being submissive to Taehyung, this sex god.

“Yeah? Wanna cum? Want this dick inside your tight pussy throbbing, fucking you senseless until you can’t even get up the next day?”

Taehyung bit down into the angry red hand-prints he had marked onto your ass, smoothing his large tongue over the attacked area and increasing the burning sensation…

You didn’t notice when he scrambled around in his jacket that had been chucked into the closet to reveal a condom. He teared the packet open cleanly with his teeth and rolled it down his length.

There was no lube however, as he proceeded to spit into his hands, preparing his cock sufficiently.

Your legs were now spread and awaiting Taehyung. With one quick thrust, the man slid into your heat with ease. Thrusting, in and out roughly you knew one another were reaching climax rapidly.

Seeing stars both Taehyung and yourself came hard, Taehyung still inside of you shooting his seed in long white ribbons as it combined with your own mess.

Collapsing together, Taehyung pecked your cupid bow lips and smiled with a warmth in his eyes.

“Heaven lasts forever when it is shared with you, angel delight.”

He whispered, as you burst into fits of giggles.

Maybe you had your friend some thanking to do…

This is so so dirty, I swear my imagination gets more vivid and dirtier by the day. I hope you enjoyed it! Asks/opinions and even requests are always welcomed!

Have a beautiful day! x



❝ Any day I think I’m gonna break now. ❞
❝ I’m hearing voices in my head. ❞
❝ It’s never making any sense. ❞
❝ I’ve got a burning in my heart. ❞
❝ It’s tearing me apart. ❞
❝ Somebody call the doctor!
❝ Hey, I think I’m losing my mind now. ❞
❝ Having trouble finding a way out. ❞
❝ Shine so bright, this star’s gonna burn out. ❞
❝ I take and don’t know how to give. ❞
❝ You know I never mean well. ❞
❝ I can’t help but to help myself. ❞
❝ The mirror showed somebody else. ❞
❝ There’s dents in every cause. ❞
❝ They don’t take ya very far. ❞
❝ We’re in a special kind of hell. ❞
❝ It’s like a monster in the night. ❞
❝ It’s giving me a fright. ❞
❝ Oh when did I begin?


❝ I’m down but you know I’m not out. ❞
❝ I’m coming back again. ❞
❝ Can’t break me, I’m not givin’ up. ❞
❝ I gotta prove them wrong. ❞
❝ Take your time ‘cause I’m not taking mine. ❞
❝ Voice in my head said to keep on going. ❞
❝ Don’t let ‘em see you bleed, don’t want your weakness showing. ❞
❝ Tell me it’ll all be fine. ❞
❝ That’s a lie, if I don’t reach out then how could it be mine? ❞ 
❝ My whole world was crumbling down. ❞
❝ What doesn’t kill you’s bound to come back for another. ❞
❝ I’ve found a way to tame my own monster inside. ❞
❝ Yeah we’ll survive the night. ❞


❝ Pull out the stops. ❞
❝ I got a way that we can get it. ❞
❝ Just say the word, I’ll kick it up to eleven. ❞ 
❝ We’re knocking on your door. ❞
❝ Don’t break it up, break it down. ❞
❝ We’ll kill the night. ❞
❝ And we’ll never see the sun. ❞
❝ I’ll call the shots. ❞
❝ Don’t you tell me when I’m done. ❞
❝ Live it up, this life is amazing!
❝ Don’t need to show no mercy, cause heroes never die. ❞
❝ Now listen up, I’m gonna give you a rundown. ❞
❝ Got you in my sights. ❞
❝ You know I’ve got this on lockdown. ❞
❝ This life was meant for me. ❞
❝ Step to the plate. ❞
❝ You gotta show me what you got. ❞


❝ What can I make and what can I sell?
❝ Am I a fraud or a genuine scam?
❝ Am I a monster or worse, just a man?
❝ But in the end we’re all the same. ❞
❝ To the grave we only take our names. ❞ 
❝ There’s an ocean made of dreams. ❞
❝ But the current strands you out at sea. ❞
❝ I wake up to find the passing of time. ❞
❝ Made my mirror show someone I don’t know. ❞
❝ But all kingdoms drown. ❞
❝ Tides bring them down. ❞ 
❝ My army has fallen. ❞
❝ The subjects stay loyal but don’t wait their turn. ❞
❝ Now blindly they follow their king to the fray. ❞
❝ But s/he has no action. ❞
❝ And they have no say. ❞
❝ But in the end we’re bound to change. ❞
❝ We’re made for more than all of these numbers and names. ❞
❝ We could all go down in flames. ❞
❝ Relinquish these words from my mouth. ❞
❝ The sirens, they sing laments just for me. ❞
❝ I fall to my knees and beg for release. ❞
❝ When my kingdom comes my will be undone. ❞
❝ My world then decides where to hang my hide. ❞
❝ Maybe one day you’ll find humanity. ❞
❝ Until then don’t you dare say that we are the same. ❞

✨para-centric ask game for maladaptive daydreamers✨

here’s how it works

repliers: in the tags, list the paras you want to talk about. then, if the askers do not specify any paras, just choose the ones you’d like to answer with!! your paraself also counts!

askers: send your asks in this format: list of numbers, para name, para name, para name, etc. (for example: “1, 2, 3, and 5 for Lena and Adam!”)

(for extra fun, let the repliers answer each question in the voice(s) of their paras!)

1. how old is/are ___?

2. what does/do ___ look like?

3. who are ___’s best friends?

4. who had the happiest childhoods? the saddest?

5. what does/do ___ care about the most? the leasT?

6. what are ___’s obsessions?

7. what are ___’s biggest fears? biggest regrets?

8. what is the best thing that ever happened to ___? The worst?

9. provide descriptions for all paras you’re answering for, only ten words or less!!

10. who does/do ___ love the most? hate?

11. who is/are ___’s rival(s) and enemy/enemies?

12. who are ___’s friends?

13. how does/do ___ feel about their parents?

14. time to spill the tea! who has the biggest secret(s)? who else knows? dare you tell us?

15. oops, all the tea’s in the harbor now. tell us a secret, major or minor, for each para you’re answering for!

16. what is/are ___’s greatest strengths? weaknesses?

17. what are your paras’ hamartias (fatal flaws)?

18. what do/does ___ think of themselves?

19. who, or what, would ___ die for?

20. what advice do you have for ___?

21. what advice would your paras have for others?

22. what do your paras consider their most special traits?

23. who or what is/are the greatest love(s) of ___’s life/lives?

24. if ___ could change one thing about themselves, what would it be?

25. who are the most conceited and narcissistic paras? the most humble and modest?

26. who are the nerdiest paras? the least?

27. do any of your paras share the same name?

28. which paras have the closest/most intimate relationships? the least?

29. what do/does ___ want most from their life/lives right now?

30. how do your paras feel about each other?

Tiny assassins on the loose(along with 2 sneaky templars).
Which one would you take home? :)

sassy--daddy  asked:

I was wondering if there were any fics based off the show "The Office" where stiles is Pam and Derek is Jim or vise versa, if not could you just update the pet names tag?

we have a tag for that tv show but i can’t find anything else other than whats already in the tag

Your First by Simone (fvckyourfandoms) (1/1 | 7,279 | NC17)

It’s Stiles freshman year of college and he decides to rush a fraternity. He becomes Vice President Derek Hale’s favorite pledge and they end up much closer than expected.


A story in which Derek can’t keep his hands off of Stiles’ sweet, irresistible, virgin ass and fails at not feeling him up.

Surprises Come In All Shapes And Sizes (Or; The Dare That Literally Bit Stiles In The Ass) by agirlnamedtruth (1/1 | 2,812 | NC17)

Of all the days for Derek to surprise him with a romantic gesture, he had to pick the day he’d been forced to wear panties to school.

Can’t Let You Leave by Krose_16 (1/1 | 1,608 | R)

Stiles has his own way of making Derek stay in Beacon Hills.

Stiles Stilinski : The Protector by Little_red_2000 (1/1 | 13,222 | R)

It’s all very new to Stiles, his and Derek’s relationship has been going on for less than a week, but it’s so natural that he feels that it’s been longer than that.

Everything is almost perfect, except for one thing. No one knows about it. He has an inkling that Derek’s betas know but they haven’t said anything yet.

so someone by the name of @cccvenus tagged my reply with

so here ya go this is what we’re doing now. I present to you a few of my personal favourites straight from my comp

there are these three

which are just some quality™ gifs of joey titled “is kaiba wet yet”

these two of kaiba laughing

which are part of the “kaiba go to therapy” series of my photos/gifs

and the gif of joey knocking on kaiba’s door in BC

which i’ve named “joey pounding kaiba”

and then an image of joey in DK 

appropriately titled “joey getting fucked” (because i swear to god tell me that’s not what it looks like go ahead i dare you)

thank you for coming with me on this journey

if you ever think i don’t read your tags about me

you’re wrong

for all the honest world to feel (trixya) (5/8) - dare

Brian stared down at his screen, trying to understand what he was seeing – the mild frown on Katya’s face, and the other queen, hands raised, standing just out of frame beyond the gap in the bus bunk curtain.

(AN: so this is… long and sad. finally-throwing-in-an-angst-tag-at-the-bottom levels of sad. warnings for unsafe alcohol use and overdrinking; as usual, “she/her” for adore and “he/him” for trixie (brian) and katya. also, this might read a little weird, but i made the executive decision not to name the weho queen who’s been giving trixie shit because (contrary to, uh, all other signs, i guess) i don’t actually want to speculate on who’s a douche and who isn’t in the ru girl community. so that’s also a thing. 

(OH, and, there’s more lyrics in this one, please don’t judge me, it’s very hard to try to measure up to trixie’s irl songwriting chops lmao)

this week on honest world: shit’s sad. shit’s real sad.)

ch. 1 | ch. 2 | ch. 3 | ch. 4 |

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Truth or dare

Hello ! I’m back with this (hopefully as fun as the last one) game ! You know the concept, it’s a classic Truth or Dare but with the Inazuma Eleven characters. Yep. This tag game is going to turn into a romantic soppy teen show, I know you all too well… So huh, you can also thanks @penguinsandsoccer ‘cause I came up with this game after I read her fanfic “truth or dare” (a gorgeous kdfd fic). Hehe, thank you, dear <3 Also I’m sorry there aren’t any Go chara but I was limited to 31 chara max and I am way more comfortable with IE characters… :<

Rules : First of all you have to choose between truth or dare, thanks to the third letter of your last name ( vowel = truth and consonant = action), and then find which character match with your birthday date in the list below. Then you have to answer/describe the reaction according to your character’s personality (and your headcanons about him/her) ! Before you tag someone else, don’t forget to give one Truth and one Dare so the next people can play !

(If you need inspiration there is actually a bunch of websites listing ideas for teens and young adults)

/!\ Please tag only one person ! If the game is stuck I’ll tag people by myself
/!\ You can ask touchy/embarassing things but nothing too dirty
/!\ You can choose if you want your character to be a teen or an adult when he answers
/!\ Mention me ! (@ygreczed)

I’ll illustrate your posts if I can !

  1. Endou
  2. Kazemaru
  3. Kabeyama
  4. Tsunami
  5. Haruna
  6. Kogure
  7. Tobitaka
  8. Fudou
  9. Fubuki
  10. Gouenji
  11. Toramaru
  12. Aki
  13. Midorikawa
  14. Kidou
  15. Nagumo
  16. Sakuma
  17. Someoka
  18. Hiroto / Tatsuya
  19. Natsumi
  20. Tachimukai
  21. Suzuno
  22. Touko
  23. Hitomiko
  24. Aphrodi
  25. Fidio
  26. Edgar
  27. Angelo
  28. Rika
  29. Osamu (Desarm)
  30. Reina
  31. Fuyuka

I start ! So the third letter in my last name is a consonant, and my birthday is on the 9th : Fubuki is going for a “dare” !

(My sister chose the dare)

Imitate one of your friend until someone guess who it is !!!”

Fubuki : *stern face and tied back hair, drawing glasses on his face around his eyes* I look so cool… I am so serious and mysterious… My IQ is about 300… I’m looking for the true sakka… (did you see it) ? *deep and sexy voice*

(did you guess ?)

I tag @shawn-and-aiden-frost-9 and @penguinsandsoccer to begin with ! Have fun girls ! <3

@shawn-and-aiden-frost-9‘s :
TRUTH : Who was your first teen true love ?
DARE : Go tell Tachimukai he looks stupid but amazingly cute when he’s practicing with Endou’s tires and see how he reacts

@penguinsandsoccer‘s :
TRUTH : Did you ever flirt with a member of Inazuma Japan during a party ? If so, who was it and how did he/she react ?
DARE : Text your crush and ask her/him if he’d prefer go to the cinema with you or to come your place so you can watch a movie… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

God, I hate the porn blogs cluttering up the Elsanna tag, half the time with stolen art to promote their shit.

God, I hate that these blogs can also tag their posts with the individual characters’ names, meaning it’s more than just us shippers who get subjected to this grossness.

God, I hate that this sleazy ugliness is associated with my ship… and don’t you dare say, “Well, your ship is sleazy and gross anyway, so don’t be surprised.” I’m an Elsanna shipper and I am disgusted by all this.

Most of those posts weren’t made by ordinary people who create for the ship. They were made by noxious porn blogs. And these noxious porn blogs have the sickening gall to tag the individual characters, forcing people who you can be sure have no desire to see shit like that, to hate going into the tag centered around their favorite character.

Yes, people can block this shit, but they still have to see it and that’s odious. I still have to see it, going into my ship’s tag, and I don’t want to see it, even for a moment before reblogging. And if I detest this, can you imagine how the poor people who just want to look at something non-ship-related associated with their favorite princess or queen must feel about it? My heart goes out to them.

EDIT: Since someone snapped at my post calling me hypocritical, I want to clarify some things:

I am not saying that nsfw Elsanna art is bad. What I am calling bad is when porn blogs STEAL and REPOST other people’s art with a link in the caption promoting their own blog. ART THEFT is not a good thing and I don’t want STOLEN ART shoved in my face to promote a porn blog.

I also objected to art being IMPROPERLY TAGGED. Proper tagging is merely common courtesy. No one should be subjected to things they do not want to see. 

My rant was made early in the morning when, going through the tag, I saw a number of such posts - made by porn blogs promoting themselves specifically with stolen art.

Mind ya’ll I didn’t tag that post Zarya for a reason. I just specified my opinion that I’d much rather not see her as a lesbian. I’d prefer to see one of the other Overwatch ladies as a lesbian instead.

I’m okay with ya’ll wanting her to be a lesbian. More power to you. I’d even be okay with her being a lesbian IF she were revealed as one. Any representation is okay.

I just like my representation as a minority man myself to be something that’s not stereotyped and joked about by others. 

I’ve seen enough jokes about butch women of all sexuality and in particular butch lesbians to know what would happen with Zarya if she were revealed to even be bisexual at most. 

And butch women are always joked about by ladies, straight or lesbian, for their looks and being a ‘’man” in reality. 

And maybe that’s why you guys want Zarya to be a lesbian so much.  Because in universe no one would dare talk shit to Zarya because they’d get their fucking teeth kicked in.

And that’s why I didn’t tag her name in that post ya’ll now have going around. I didn’t want to upset you guys. Just share my opinion that I find Zarya far more interesting for her warrior qualities and not her sexuality which is really not that much of a factor to me.

TWC's Challenge Celebration!

So it’s official- we’re doing a writing challenge! I’m so excited to read what you guys come up with. As a celebration of hitting 1 500 followers, I’m really looking forward to reading everything you post.

There’s just a couple of ground rules:

1) When you write, make sure to tag me! I’ll try to like/reblog/queue it within a day or two of it being posted, but PLEASE send me a message or something if I don’t. I’d hate to miss any:)

2) Write a fic (obviously)! You can write for any pairing, reader insert or not. Remember to put warnings at the beginning of the fic if there are any. If your fic is longer than around 400 words, then please insert a Keep Reading.

3) Post them to your blog and tag me by September 1. If you need an extended date for whatever reason, let me know. I would like to have all the works posted on my blog as of September 10, but that may be subject to change. If it’s not up and I haven’t given a reason, let me know; I’ll probably hit something other than post.

4) Most importantly, send me an ask for the prompt you want! Unless I get an ask from you, I won’t reblog your fic- and I really want to!

If you have any further questions, PLEASE send me an ask.

Writing Prompts

- “Don’t make me hurt you.”

- “You lied to me?”

- “How long before we’re safe again?”

- “I’d let her step on my face.”

- “Is that… A penis?”

- “That better be a gun or so help me…”

- “Guava’s are a social construct.”

- “Does family mean anything to you?”

- “I haven’t slept in six days and to be honest I’m not sure I can tell reality from… I don’t know what the opposite of reality is.”

- “Chuck, I’d just like to personally thank you for mango smoothies.”

- “Doritos? What are we, desperate?”

- “There’s no time to explain, but I think I may have been stabbed. It’s cool though.”

- “Yeah, you shot me, but I kinda had it coming to me.”

- “I have a method.”

- “You could totally be a drag queen.”

- “Bitch I’m gay as fuck what are you talking about.”

- “Check out that Moose Caboose.”

- “You should wear spandex more often.”

- “That was not okay.”

- -“Will you come back?”

- “Guess again, Gordon Ramsey.”

- “You’re my new favourite sibling.”

- “I’m fired?”

- “Please don’t pursue a career in comedy.”

- “The meatball says no.” “The meatball can go fuck itself.”

- “That was about as much fun as a sandpaper dildo.” “As a what now-”

- “I’m gonna die.” “You say that every day.”

- "Ho don’t you dare eat my chips.“ ”… Did you just call me a hoe?“

- “What did you say?” “I said I could kick your ass, blindfolded.”

- “… Furries?” “Wow, ______, you must feel right at home.”

- “Go suck an egg.” “Okay.”

- “You don’t really speak French, do you?” “Allez-vous faire foutre.”

- “-I want to die.” “And I want a four cheese lasagna. Maybe it’s all for the best.”

- “On a scale of Taylor Swift to Beyoncé, how do you feel today?”

- “Her boobs are almost as big as Sam’s.” “Yeah- wait, what?”

- “Dean the Bean. That’s your stripper name.” “Do I want to ask why?”


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Love on A Dare- A Trent Seven Fic

Tag List: @southernbelle24, @fluffyhales, @imnobodiesbitch, @smolsassynalilsmartassy, @blondekel77, @wrestlingnoob, @karleedaniels27, @nao-balor, @xfirespritex

Warnings: Adult lanuage, Tyler Bate being a prick, OFCs, mushy serious Trent/Benjamin Webb (yes, I used his real name…), use of bab, possible mis-use of British slang…enjoy! Next up will be Tyler!

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the signs as things Hetero SH fans have said
  • aries: the books are not problematic it's cold a plot
  • taurus: (to McG) please, we need Sizzy not Saphael, stop to fan service, daddy! Sizzy is the real couple 👫💕 Please, daddy, please! Sizzy! 😭👫💞
  • gemini: make me dizzy miss clace
  • cancer: If you replaced "straight" with "gay" wouldn't that sound homophobic? Think before writing crap.
  • leo: not all sizzy fans!
  • libra: Hahahaha wtf Raphael gay? Seriously 😂 😂
  • scorpio: *tags two people and calls them bullies for calling out a bully* Team up on me! I dare you. [Bullying a saphael shipper]'s an opinion, you rocket scientist. You're disrespect. Go play with your toys.
  • sagittarius: Friendship saphael is real three kisses
  • capricorn: (on clizzy) have you read the books? Clary and Izzy are friends, you mundane!
  • aquarius: (after being told the books are problematic) ah ur h*mos now this makes sence
  • pisces: simon as a known heterosexual should be respected

lol nothing amuses me as much as all the ppl who get pissed and shitty about us daring to have “discourse” blogs or posting in the tag without wanting to “discuss” all that stuff

Listen 1) we’re not the ones who named it “discourse” and I barely see anyone who thinks this is largely a toxic mess calling it that unironically, we just use the tag bc it’s the (annoying) name that stuck 2) discourse does not mean just a direct debate anyway, 3) I literally do not give a shit u think you’re entitled to my time and energy by virtue of me using a tag

And like you realize ppl from all sides frequently post stuff like “x is depsicable don’t to it ever” and callouts in that tag? And regardless of whether or not we block shitty responses we’re not open to “debate” a lot of stuff as if all views should be listened to?

So you should realize u can generally put stuff in that tag and not want to discuss it… like u know, tends to be the case with tags for basically any topic and issue, so I can’t believe we need to tell ppl to stop trying to get others to not utilize the block function. I respond to ppl often enough but I’m not in this to “debate”, I’m here bc there’s so much blatant anti-ace/aro crap and toxic shit going around that I could not let be.

So yeah respect ppl’s boundaries maybe and stop trying to mock them for them. It’s not surprising how many ppl in this mess have outright ignored mine, including by trying to circumvent my block just to be nasty to me

Toxic crap remains toxic