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jiang wen and donnie yen right

for some reason i felt the need to let u know how they are both very attractive but in subtly different ways and i

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Me: Wow, I can’t believe Skam is ending in a couple of days. That must mean we’re going to tie up all the loose ends of the many storylines Julie created this season.

Skam: *introduces new relationship drama with Eva, Jonas, Emma, and PChris*


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HONESTY HOUR! how do you imagine Izuocha-s wedding? HUWHUWHUWHUW

Zak is that you? nah you do that with e’s so this anon is safe from suspicion

here goes my little rendition tho I think rex, chapelseed and absolutescribbles are the real pros with these ^^;;;

At first when they decide to get married Ochako says she’d rather just put the marriage registration through and not have a ceremony, it’d cost too much money she’d rather save. Izuku of course respects those wishes at first until one day, after many little moments of seeing ochako seem more out of it than is her usual, notices where her eyes stray on one particular outing. 

Somehow or another there they were at the convenience store, even something as simple as that was important when work and responsibilities would piled too high on their everyday living, a simple outing like this soothed them from the stress of indoors. Taking in her stare on the magazine racks, eyes staying glued to one particular cover, a cover with a woman, in a white dress.

And much in the usual determined Izuku fashion he knew what to do.

Not till several weeks later until he had all he needed to convince his future wife that there was no refusing, he brought her into their living room and gave her the longest presentation she’s ever had to non-willingly sit through, she knew there was no stopping an Izuku lecture once he was on a roll. Yes there were arguments against it because they couldn’t waste so much on something so frivolous but Izuku lets her know although he may not be the best partner, he works for far too much sometimes he misses the importance days and events and he feels his shortcoming might be too many for even him to see but he wants to give her what she wants, what’ll be special to her if and when he can; ‘lets have a ceremony where everyone can come and lets be happy together surrounded by everyone we care about’

Tears in her eyes and embracing Izuku, Ochako relents because her future husband is a madman when he puts his mind to.

The engagement turns into a big PR event, can’t be helped when two big names are tying the knot so everyone wants a piece of that. They humour the press either way and suffer awkwardly being lovey-dovey on camera for millions to see (they can’t watch it at home its too embarrassing to sit through).

Big days and you’d think Izuku would be too busy and hands off about it, he’s there every step helping with planning & selections; the great table arrangements and location: all him. The only real snag was when to have it and how to get kacchan there at all, a chore indeed when he’s halfway across the world they do it by will and badgering till relent-ion is received.

All friends & family are there, Tsuyu as maid of honour (with a very dejected but understanding Mina who threw the best bachelorette party to make up for it) and all the 1-A girls as bridesmaids. Izuku of course has Iida & Todoroki down as his best men, they tried to get kacchan to become one but he viciously refused while pushing kirishima to fill his spot, so they also kiri as a best man up there too. Even if she’s a bit too old for the role, they invite Eri to be their flower girl and she’s delighted to say yes. Even Kouta joins in as the ring bearer (call him a ring boy and he will not speak to you).

Izuku is the biggest dork with his curls combed back and down (somehow the ‘great bakugu katsuki king of explodokills’ convinced best jeanist to style it for the wedding, terms being they’d call him that for the rest of their lives but everyone knows its just till after the receptions).

Ochako of course is the real show stopper, her gorgeous long hair pulled back in an elaborate bun, veil hiding the impeccable makeup job only Momo’s skilled hands could have done, a strapless dress with sweetheart neckline and the poofiest skirt imaginable finished off with short satin gloves topped with a bow to make sure the groom didn’t float away.

The big event is held in Ochako’s hometown so her family won’t need to travel and she could fulfil her secret wish to be married in the same place her parents had theirs.

After a teary-eyed reading of their vows, the receptions is decidedly carefree and far more uproarious. Jirou DJs and Kaminari tries to steal the dance floor except no one excepted Iida to out dance everyone there, guys got moves and somehow ends up in a breakdance contest with Mina. Must of been all those dance classes he insisted the couple take, the now husband & wife will never match their all time friends grace or flexibility (whoa since when can you do that with your hips iida?!(○A○))  but their first dance is magical nonetheless since they can’t take their eyes off the other.

Bakugou refuses this is whole dance deal till bakusquad intervenes and he can’t get out of the ‘friendships’ circle, who he calls dickwad horde. eh they got him on the dance floor its their win.

Though unlike the dickwad horde, the bouquet never survived the indignation felt by the explosive man.

After the happiest night of their lives spent with their friends and family the couple ride off, well wishes in two, to make a perfect night unforgettable.

Well I don’t need to say any more now do I (・ωー)~☆

Wow would you look at all this, who wrote it? Me? Nooo couldn’t be that lazy kitty ;3

Well Anon, I have cheated you because this isn’t honest in the least, I went off the seat of my pants but my goodness was that fun to conceive at the tip of my mind :3

Anyway I certainly hope you enjoyed it half as much as I thought it out =w=

Playing through ‘All that remains’ and Anders said this and


 I miss Rachel and i hope that we see her on Trials of Apollo because if we don’t i’m gonna be upset :)))))) 

LIKE I WAS GOING FOR A “i’m snas undertale the small and chubby goblin huihuihui.” But it ended up more of a
“I’m sans da schweet littol munchkin luv me or die.” Kinda thing


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