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Enemies to Lovers Masterlist


More Than He Bargained For - Yuri made one mistake. One. But, since it resulted in police bringing him home, his parents put their foot down. Now, he’s being sent away for the summer to learn his place. He’ll be staying with the Altin family and learning from their son, Otabek.Aka, the one where Yuri is a rebellious shit and ends up spending the summer with Otabek and falling in love and shit.

the taste of ash on my lips, sweet bruises on my hips. (TW) -  in which Yuri is burning himself out, and Otabek can’t help but be drawn to the light like a moth drawn to a flame.

Sold My Heart to Dance, Now I Want it Back -  Yuri is a principle dancer in Russia who has lost his motivation. Luckily for him, Victor and Yuuri are starting their own company and they want Yuri. The only problem is they don’t want him to dance alone.


Edges of Morality  - The war between avians and humans is at its worst when Yuuri begins working for Metro-Sig’s Avian Detention and Research Center, thinking that he can help end the war through non-violent means. It’s all black and white until Yuuri realizes that the prisoners of war in his care are actually being tortured and experimented on.

Cinderella is a Fucking Thief - An infamous professional thief of Russia known as Eros was given a mission to steal the queen’s crown. But, fate always brings him to meet the famous detective and Eros’ no. 1 enemy, Agape. Who knew that these two foes would have their darkest secrets hidden from each other especially about their true identities as they slowly unfold the pages of secrets of their story?“So, we meet again, Eros.” A lingering smile was present under the white mask of Agape as he looked at Eros’ expression; which was smirking back at him, chuckling softly under his black disguise, “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Wherever I go, you are there. Don’t tell me your eyes are on me?” Agape smirked, “What if it is?”

My Heart is Strong (The Warrant’s on my Head) - Viktor has grown used life on the wasteland; though he lacks company, his notoriety serves as a warning to enemies.Upon the arrival of a lone, dark-haired rogue, his position changes drastically.(In which Viktor is a known enemy to the totalitarian government, and really can’t afford to form any bonds with… Well, with anyone.)

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches - A single event changes the course of Yuuri’s life, throwing him into a bitter rivalry with Viktor Nikiforov that spans across his entire skating career. But as the years go on, rivalry and hatred begin to develop into something very different and Yuuri doesn’t seem to be able to stay away, no matter how hard he tries.Hatred and love are two sides of the same coin and even though everything changes, some things are still meant to be.

to be a star is to burn -  There was just something about the skater that always got under Viktor’s skin, that had him itching, and what was worse was that Yuuri seemed to know it. He seemed to be able to look through Viktor and within a second pinpoint every flaw, fear, and anxiety. It grated on him, especially as Viktor was known for his feather-light disposition and natural confidence. Yuuri’s endless brown eyes always seemed to be appraising Viktor, and something in the set of Yuuri’s jaw made Viktor feel like he failed the assessment somehow.

it’s not like i’m falling in love - Victor Nikiforov and Katsuki Yuuri are private detectives.But they’re not just that, no, they’re mortal enemies. (Victor’s pretty sure his hatred originated from the several occasions on which Yuuri had basically stolen his case – why the hell would Celestino give a murder case like that to a fucking rookie, anyway?)And when they’re both assigned to the seemingly mysterious (and practically unsolvable) case of Guang-Hong Ji’s sudden disappearance, all hell breaks loose.


The Folly of Fate - Guang-Hong - heir to his family’s underground vigilante syndicate - is chosen as a sacrifice to the gods, but what that entails, no one seems to fully understand. What exactly is waiting for him in the heart of the forest?(Or - The Mythical Creatures AU Absolutely No-one but the Author Asked For)

Michele Crispino/ Seung Gil Lee

Mickey Always Sucked at Gay Chicken -  Michele would take a bullet for his sister, even if that bullet was the hot, vaguely sociopathic Korean skater who Sara had a major crush on.

Seung Gil Lee/JJ Leroy 

In the Motions -  The last thing Seung Gil would welcome into his life is an epic, international romance worthy of Korean drama adaptation.
He doesn’t want it. Doesn’t need it.

shortcuts -  A year later, back in Moscow.


Lessons We Learned - Love didn’t come easily for him like it did for people like Yuuri Katsuki and Victor Nikiforov. Yuri had been abandoned more than once, he wasn’t stupid enough to his emotions or those of others lead him astray.A look at how Yuri Plisetski learned to want more from life than just victory.

unadulterated loathing -  Yuri glares at him, hands clenching, daring JJ to close the distance and give him a reason to connect his fist with that chiseled jaw. He receives a smirk for his trouble and JJ draws back. It’s a long moment before he finally breaks the silence. “You’re every bit the force of nature I knew you would be,” he says, almost reverently.

mihosayuri  asked:

Fic prompt: "Will you look at me?"

Thank you SO MUCH for the prompt!!

It’s set right after Never Again and thank you so much, @bogwisdom for helping me. As always, I’m so grateful! 

It’s mostly angry angst with a tiny hint of hotness. Enjoy!

She walks tensely down the corridor to his basement office at the end of it, the sound of her heels announcing her arrival. She lingers for a second in front of his door, feeling a tight knot in her chest, before stepping in. He looks up. Disappointment. Failure. Rejection, and a wave of negative superlatives hit her like a stormy sea. All of it irrational, she knows that, but her head keeps going, and she continues, recalls his words from the last time they were standing here opposite each other, recites them like a little chant to keep her anger burning brightly.

You were just assigned. This work is my life.
Maybe it’s good that we get away from each other for a while.

She enters the room quietly and he goes on about Jerse as if she cares, as if she doesn’t know already, as if she wasn’t a part of it herself. He even has the audacity to crack a joke about tattoos, adding fuel to the fire. You arrogant man, she thinks. But she won’t let this get to her. She will accept this as she accepted his disbelief when she did in fact have a date. She will accept these things but he’ll have to accept that she won’t be there forever, that things end, flowers wither, and people move on. It’s the inevitable circle of life. In order for something to live, something must die. She is ready to let what little they have die.

They sit in front of each other. He in his seat behind his desk, she in the chair on the other side, the distance between them like a vast ocean ready to consume both of them. The silence is deafening and she looks up to meet his eyes but he doesn’t see her. She wants him to look up, not for his validation, nor his attention, but to see if he’s there, to see if it’s the same two eyes that had kept her here when sometimes she had wanted to leave. She wants to believe they can make it work, she wants to make it work, but not like this, and something’s got to give. She’s about to say something when he finally speaks. 

“All this… because I didn’t get you a desk?” he asks, clueless about everything that’s going on between them, making her think there’s nothing to be saved between them.

“Not everything is about you, Mulder. This is my life,” she says agitated, not regretting her tone, hoping he’ll get it and that he’ll wake up.

“Yes, but it’s-,” he says, not finishing his sentence, as it finally dawns on him that something’s wrong, which makes her more furious.

“What? It’s your life and not mine?” she counters, recalling their last conversation here when he had flat out told her how this work was his life as if she hadn’t devoted years of her life fighting for the truth too, as if she hadn’t lost just as much as he had. No, they are equal. At the end of the day, both of them have to go home with the same worries, the same hurt, the same guilt, the same fear, and the same loss.

“That’s not what I meant, Scully. You know that,” he grumbles, still not able to see what she desperately wants him to see.

“Do I?” she answers coldly, not afraid of how she may be perceived. There’s nothing to lose. He looks at her in agony and she looks back at him. She does not pity him. Frankly, she wants to hit him in the face, not to hurt him, but to see if he’ll come back.

It’s over. She doesn’t have anything left to say. She can’t reach someone who doesn’t want to be reached. One can only take so much. She gets up from the chair, runs her hands down the few creases on her skirt, and walks towards the door. With her hand on the doorknob, she turns around to stare at him. He looks tired, like he’s been sitting there since she left for Philly. For all she knows, he has been sitting there, as he’s never really gone. His mind always occupied with the next case before closing the manila folder of the previous one. She doesn’t blame him though. It’s how he is, how he will be, and after all he’s never tried to change her, not ever. Though he has never blamed her, he has taken her for granted, depended too much on her following him to the end of the world, thus making her forget about herself, but she has reached the end now, and it’s like she feared, without him.

Now he’s sitting there alone, staring at the little rose petal on the desk, withered and black.

“I’m done, Mulder,” she manages to say, surprised at how easy it is to say but how difficult it is to understand. And she leaves, before she can even begin to regret going, before she can stay long enough for her to change her mind, to protect herself from what he might say - or worse; the absence of words. No, she leaves. She wants to. Needs to. And little, hot tears slowly fill her eyes as she makes her way back down the corridor to the elevator going up, up to the everyday life of gray suits on grey pavements next to grey roads.

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Here’s a master post for anyone wanting to catch up:

Cannon one shots and drabbles:

No Longer Floating: How Amelia will help Owen through 

Fever: Owen’s fear of flying and Amelia’s sickness.

Record: Prompt “delete that now.”

Not Going Anywhere: Owen is sick and nauseous and Amelia looks after him.

Pulling Over: Amelia gets car sick and turns out to be pregnant

Big babies: Maggie and Meredith find out Amelia is pregnant

Be Brave: Owen hits his head and Amelia has to stitch him up.

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30 DAYS [2]

Jaebum // angst // series

The sun has yet to rise, but I find myself awake. Perhaps, my heartache is preventing me from getting enough sleep. Jaebum lies so still behind me I’m afraid he may be gone. Or what if he’s awake and wanting to leave to accompany the other woman? My breathing becomes slightly irregular and slowly I turn over. A gasp escapes as I meet him face to face. He’s still asleep thankfully, but being this close has become so foreign. Tears unconsciously roll down my cheeks as I examine him.

My hand longs to brush the fringe above his brows, but I don’t want to wake him.

Unfortunately, sleep is far from me now. I take the time to trace his features with my eyes, but something as innocent as just staring has led me to feel disgust and sadness all over again.

I begin to think of how another woman gets to be this close to him. How she loses her fingers in his hair. How she plants multiple kisses upon his lips. How she gets every part of him but I only get to share an empty home. I feel a bile stir within me as I continue to silently cry. Why must these things haunt me? I feel goosebumps rise as I find myself so vulnerable all of a sudden. My uncontrollable sniffles awaken him and I curse at myself. His eyes slowly adjust to the dim room while I shut mine knowing he caught me looking anyway. I try to turn my back to him again, but he keeps me locked in place with a soft grip on my forearm.

“Are you crying?” His groggy voice interrupts the silence I was hoping to keep. He rephrases his question, “Why are you crying?”

How do you not know?! It’s because of you, jerk! It’s because I know you’re cheating on me! How could you?! That’s what I want to say, but the words seem impossible to spill. Instead, I lie. “Just a bad dream.”

Jaebum shifts to pull me towards his chest, tucking me there as he rests his chin on top of my head. “Tell me about it.”

“I woke up and—and you were gone.” I lie again yet it is a true fear that’s creeping up on me. What if he leaves? When will he leave? What happens then?

“I’ll never leave, babe. I’m here.” I feel a peck on my forehead that’s suppose to comfort me, but it only confuses me further. We’re both lying here.

If I have to name one person who can read me, it’d have to be my mother. She sees sadness right through my smile and hears a lie right through my nonsense. Maybe it’s a mother’s instinct. She can simply examine me in one sitting and piece all my secrets together. And I think I’m picking up on it too because I can sense she knows I am well aware of what she’s truly thinking even in my silence but says nothing unless I’m open to talk about it.

“So you called. Is there something going on?” Gently, she sips the hot tea I’ve poured for her. Here she is. Sitting in my home that looks far too bright and lively to accurately reflect how I feel inside. “Something about your marriage, perhaps?” I think my mother notices my fallen expression because she explains herself, “I don’t mean to talk down on your husband, but I’ve always been afraid he’d leave if you don’t maintain yourself.”

Her words shake me, but I know exactly her intention. She’s always told me her doubt in Jaebum. That he’s too critical, too picky and too idealistic. I sigh, “You don’t have to worry, mother.” Mentally, I vow to myself that regardless of the attention I may garner, I will stay true to taking better care of myself for myself. “I’m just exhausted. Jaebum says I don’t have to lift a finger to provide because he’s got it all taken care of. So here I am, always home tending wife duties and—and I don’t feel fulfilled at all.” This is another problem that I’m dealing with aside from trying to accept he’s also been cheating. “I desire more, you know?”

My mother nods to indicate she understands me. Oh, thank god. She motions for me to continue with details.

I ramble off, “I really want to go back to school. Specifically medical school and I know it’ll take some time, but it’s something I really want to accomplish.” So beautifully, she gleams at me like a proud mother would. She appears extremely pleased to hear my goal. “I don’t think that’s what he wants for me though,” My voice lowers.

“Oh, sweetheart.” My mother leans forward to take my hand in hers. “If it’s something you want and you know for yourself it’s something good, you go for it. If Jaebum really cares, he’ll support you.”

“It might consist of us moving and I don’t think that part he’ll be fond of. At all.” Partially because he’s running his father’s corporation and of course, that other woman. He won’t dare relocate if it means distance from her. Right? “It’s just—not that simple.”

Will he rejoice in my decision or turn it down without a valid reason? I don’t know if I want to hear his input simply because I think I already know the answer. It’d be a waste of breath and time. I rub my forehead as I ponder tiredly.

“Talk with him. Layout your plan and really let him know where exactly your heart is.” It soothes my anxiety to hear her words. “If he’s as good of a person as you always convince me to believe, he’ll understand.”

But he’s not. He’s far from it. I want to admit that the image of Jaebum I have painted for her to see has changed. But I have too much pride and hope that he’ll prove this all wrong. That maybe his entire affair is just an illusion to me. That he’s still very much in love with me.

To further remind me that we’ve fallen apart, my mother checks her watch. “It’s almost 9pm. Do you often wait this late for him to come home?”

I cover for my husband to save face. Sadly, I can’t even confess the truth to the woman who’s given me life. It clearly makes no sense whatsoever. “Ah, he had called earlier that he’s staying late at the office. He should be on his way home.” Pure lie. He hasn’t contacted me the whole day of his whereabouts. Not like he needs to but the fact that I know exactly why, I’m wishing he’d reach out to me just to stop my mind from wandering to what crime he’s committing towards me. Actually, it’s because I knew I’d be home alone tonight that I had called my mother over for dinner and tea.

It’s 2AM when I hear shuffles through the front door. I slip out of bed to be sure it’s Jaebum. As quietly as humanly possible, I make way down the hall to see he’s made it to the laundry room where he unbuttoned out of his shirt to toss it in the washer.

“Hey,” I yawn and it seems to frighten him just a tad bit because I see his muscles twitch.

“"God, babe. Why’d you scare me like that?” He was definitely not expecting me. “Why aren’t you asleep? Go back to bed. I’ll join you in just a minute.” He softly smiles and I almost melt because it looks so damn sincere.

Instead of answering, I look at his appearance. He’s shirtless now, but I recall the shirt he threw into the washer was definitely not the one he wore to work this morning. I know because I had ironed a grey one for him but he returns instead with a sky-blue one. It clearly means he has extra clothes at the condo. It is to say that his trips are frequent. Reality strikes me with the realization that she probably wears them to sleep. My heart sinks deep into my stomach as I too begin to think of how many of his other belongings are currently there with his mistress.

To hold back, I bite my tongue hard to keep from revealing my inner feelings. I guess I shouldn’t let it strangle me since the condo is technically his home too, but it just hurts like hell because I suddenly feel like I’m the second option. What if he actually considers that place, that person his home and I’m only the one he visits so word doesn’t get out? Have I been a fool all this time? Has he moved on and created a home elsewhere that I’m the only one oblivious too? Does that other woman know about me? Is she inwardly laughing that I’m the one being played?

I walk away from Jaebum. I skip the bedroom and head for the living room with a pillow and blanket. Just when I wanted to see him most, I no longer do. It’s not long until he stops in the living room to ask what I’m doing there.

“Are you not going to bed?”

I pretend I am okay. Not tired. Not hurt. Nothing out of the ordinary as I turn on the TV. “I’m going to catch up on some shows. I can’t sleep anyway. You go ahead.”

He leaves me be and until I am certain he’s gone to bed, I release the pent-up emotions into the blanket while reminding myself I need to be strong for myself. I don’t deserve to be in this position. Ironically. I can’t express my suffering to the man who I always thought I could tell everything to. I guess it’s different when he’s the one causing me to lock myself up in this mess. How long will I be here?

i said beg. | m

➵ characters: shownu x reader
➵ genre: smut
➵ wc: 5424
➵ summary: requested. includes kinks such as axyphiation and voyeurism.
author’s nore: this was a very detailed request, one that i was very happy to get because the more detailed the better. and this is the longest smut i’ve ever written. ever. enjoy.
➵ masterlist
➵ disclaimer

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Blinking lights and getting high on a roof of a Friday
Rising to the surface ‘til we drown, who cares, it’s Friday

In a sea of shooting mists, your eyes arose from the bay
My sober heart longed for a nourishing gaze on a Friday

When the upbeat rhythm roared, I was already your prey
But you had no clue with that lethal smile on a Friday

I called to your unknown name from a few tables away
Just like the movies, you lifted your glare on a Friday

We tilted our heads from different directions as if to say,
“Chase me if you can, we have a lot of time, it’s Friday”

This is a silent banter with subtle smirks and body sway
Still, nobody dared to close the distance on a Friday

All the kisses we didn’t kiss and all the beds we didn’t lay
Were buried in the oblivion when you first left on a Friday

Before you go on your way, you surrendered a wink to stay
Who knows, maybe we’ll see each other again next Friday

title: when you’re not listening
summary: Luna misjudges the relationship between Bellamy and Clarke. In response to this post by @bell-clarke.

The sleeping quarters were modest: a long, narrow bed; a desk decorated with scattered papers and spilled ink; a small, circular window; a lit candle that bathed the room in a dim orange glow. It smelled of sea water and rust. The metallic odor burned at Clarke’s nostrils, distracting her from the fact that she wasn’t alone. 

There was a fine line, Clarke had found, between being honest and being appreciative. It turned out, that Clarke’s honesty had struck Luna, who was under the impression that a romantic entanglement existed between she and Bellamy, as ungrateful complaint.

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Bill Skarsgård x OC Imagine

Requester: jackbaby23

Hey, could you do an imagine for me? Its where a new girl moved to LA beside Bill’s house with her best friend as a foreign exchange student. Riana (the reader) is South Asian and Bill doesn’t know that.

One day he hears them talking in Bengali (language of Bangladesh) and immediately starts finding Riana attractive. He asks her out and learns that she’s Muslim and both of them just talk away about each others culture and finally they kiss.

Warning: Mild hint of involving a bed at the end >\\\<!

Note: So I can do OC fanfics but I don’t really like to do them because I don’t think like the requester does if their character is sassy, always snappy, sweet, short or tall, thin, big hips, big boobs, small boobs, cranky a lot, etc.

So if it’s not satisfactory you can’t blame me because I don’t know anything about this character. 🤷‍♀️! Enjoy anyways.

Originally posted by mrbeniciodeltoro

When Bill woke up this morning he was surprised to hear that a new neighbor was moving next door. He could tell by the boxes outside and the sound of people walking back and forth constantly.

However what he noticed was when they talked in both English and a foreign language Bill couldn’t tell. It sounded like it was from the East part of the world though.

After a few hours he decided to come over and visit making sure he was dressed nicely and looked elegant as always. He tied his tie tighter as he walked over doing last checks to make sure he looked good.

Bill arrived to the door and gently knocked his knuckles against it. After a few seconds the door opened revealing a young woman who had beautiful golden tan skin and dark hair. He choked on his words unsure what to say.

“Um, are you alright?” She asked with a strong British accent.

“I uh…yeah…I’m fine.” Bill cleared his throat before holding his hand out, “I’m Bill Skarsgård, I uh, I live right next door to you.”

“Oh well it’s very nice to meet you Mr. Skarsgård.” The woman greeted.

“I’m Riana and my roommate Chloe is inside. Care to come in? We are still unpacking everything so there might be a few scattered boxes.”

“Oh it’s fine, I’d love to step into your home.”

He walked in and looked at the bare walls of the hallway. There was no paintings or knick-knacks up yet and were instead still in boxes or leaned against the wall. Riana lead him through her house until they arrived to the living room where her roommate Chloe was.

Chloe talked in their foreign language he heard them speak outside and they went back and forth for a minute. Meanwhile Skarsgård was examining Riana noticing all her attractive features and the way she smiled.

Finally she spoke English and said, “Bill, this is my friend Chloe, Chloe this is Bill.”

“Hey there! I uh, wish I could talk to you longer but I sort of gotta go grocery shopping so…have fun!”

Riana seemed to try to stop her speaking in her native tongue but her roommate was gone and out the door.  

“So…um…wanna sit down?” Riana asked gesturing towards the couch.

The man nodded and sat down and the woman followed.

Several of awkward silence followed with one another looking towards each other when the other wasn’t looking, feet tapping, finger fidgeting, etc.

“So um…where are you from?” Bill asked.

“Oh I came from South Asia.”

“Oh….is it nice there?”

“Well…my religion is Muslim so we came here to have more freedom.” Riana explained.

“Oh cool. I come from out of America too in Sweden.”

“Oh, is it nice there as well?”

“Yeah I mean everyone’s friendly and there’s mountains and stuff.”

“Oh really? That sounds like a beautiful place to live.” Riana chuckled.

“Yeah.” He shrugged.

That’s how it went for the rest of the day. Bill talking about his Swedish routes and Riana talking about her south Asian roots. It lasted for a long time and Chloe was completely forgotten and out of the picture.

She probably just used shopping as an excuse to get Bill and her together alone.

Eventually Bill had his arm propped on the top of the couch his head leaning against his hand as he talked to the woman who was nearly nose to nose with each other.
Bill was the daring one and closed the distance between the two causing a pn immediate make out session that let’s just leave it off heat up a bit too much.

At least the bed was unpacked ;)!

Epilogue: Yeah. I’m really really sorry it’s so short it just proves that I CANNOT do Ocs I SUCK at them. Like legit I’m not trying to fail at writing on purpose I’m just not good at doing OC fanfics in general.

It’s either too cringe or too short or just straight out horrible from the start so sorry about that :(!

On a much brighter note due to Spider-Man Homecoming being released for DVD I have an excuse to post my Peter Parker x Reader and Avengers x Reader fanfic!!! I will also take requests for Bill Skarsgård, Pennywise, Roman, Avengers (team or individual) and Peter (aka the sexy nerd aka my kinda guy 😍) okay thanx!

Next: Roman hiring you and taking an interest

After: A story/imagine where the reader is working as an extra on set and has a crush on Bill but they’ve never interacted or had much to do with eachother until she accidentally messed up one of the scenes so they start arguing in private, she had a panic attack/asthma and he comforts her

Then:  love your stories! Do you take requests? If so, could you do one the reader is part of the Loser’s Club and is at homecoming with them, sitting while couples dance. Then Pennywise - disguised as a human - asks her to dance. As the dance goes on, she starts to realize who it is, and he tells her that she intrigues him before he disappears

Enjoy your life well you still have it :)!

Snapback Princess

Luke Hemmings AU Imagine


Warnings: Smut


When you were walking around for orientation you were given pamphlets for depression, the freshman 15, student orgs, sororities, and nearly everything else you could think of. Still, somehow, you managed to miss the pamphlet on what to do with a frat boy between your legs.

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To The Next Girl,
Don’t ever give up on her. Wake up every morning and choose her, and at night do the same. There will be rough days but she’s worth it. There will be days where she’s sad and speechless. When you ask her if she wants to be alone and she says “idk” stay. Listen to her talk about what she loves it’s different from anything else. Respect her body and her values. Meet her family and treat them with respect, you never know they might be your in laws. Let her fall asleep on FaceTime, and stay there just in case she wakes up because of a bad dream. Reassure her you aren’t going anywhere. Tell her she’s beautiful. You can never say I love you too much. Don’t ever go to sleep angry at each other. Do little things to make her happy. Attempt to make a homemade meal for her, if it comes from the heart it shouldn’t matter what the final result is. If she cooks for you eat every last bite even if your taste buds reject it. If she has a passion you better study it so you can talk to her about whatever it is. It can be as simple as just watching a few videos or reading books. Sit down and people watch with her, you’ll learn a lot more than you think. Take her on silly dates like to the arcade, or the beach. Go to the aquarium, you’ll understand why when you get there. Give her gifts that have meaning. A high price tag won’t impress her. Listen to her when she’s angry. It might scare you at first but she just needs someone to talk to. Calm her down, talk about the things she loves and what makes her happy. Tell her you love her and nothing will change. Let her take her rage out but after when she’s tired play with her hair, kiss her forehead and let her fall asleep with you or on the phone. Respect her mother with everything you have because the second her mom doesn’t like you you’re done pal. Treat her family right. Shake her grandparents hands firmly. When she walks into a room don’t make it too obvious that you are in love with her but make sure she knows you are. I love you doesn’t always have to be said. Do it in the smallest of motions like holding the phone to watch a film or grabbing her hand and do the thumb thing when she’s nervous or stressed or kiss her before you go take a shower. Don’t let her get too upset about college, and when she gets upset about it calm her down, tell her grades don’t matter. No letter will ever change how much you love her. Call her baby, she acts like she doesn’t like it but who doesn’t? She’s a tough girl, don’t hover over her. Let her do what she wants, she’ll do it either way. She’s a bit stubborn but she’ll have a soft spot for you and don’t you dare take advantage of that. If you are out and she is home upset about something and she texts you, you better drop everything and call her because no one wants to be alone when they’re upset. Send her texts randomly throughout the day telling her you’re thinking of her. Compliment her smile, she doesn’t like it but I’d do anything to see it and now it’s your turn to make her smile. Treat her well.  Don’t let her want me back, you better make her forget me. Set her free if you love her, let her go into other relationships and love others because if she comes back you’re very lucky because that means forever. Love her with everything you have. Travel 3000 miles to see her if you have to. If you send her packages include her whole family. Remember that handwritten things mean a lot more to her. Tease her for the shows that she watches but watch them with her even if you don’t like it. Pause certain films and shows if you want to talk or kiss her because she gets invested in them. If she falls asleep on you don’t you dare move. Kiss her head and just keep watching. If she wakes up pause what you’re watching, kiss her again, explain to her what she has missed and continue watching with her. Call her cutie, it’ll never fail to make her smile. She has a lovely voice, compliment it. If she sticks her feet in your face just embrace it because she won’t stop. Just love her with everything. Treat her right, she was my everything. To lose her is an awful thing, trust me. Learn where she draws the line for jokes because if you cross it you are dead. Live everyday to the fullest with her, because you never know when it might end and when it does it hurts. Walk next to her, not behind her or in front. Respect that she may do things you don’t like but don’t change for her too much because she chose you in the first place (and for that you are very lucky). If you break her I will break you. Don’t you dare hurt her. Realize that she is a tough girl, she doesn’t need you to protect her. When you two are alone don’t you dare put distance between you guys. Hold her close and call her baby. She is beautiful don’t you let her forget. She loves fun facts send her a few a day (especially about the things she loves). Give her a kiss before you go. Cherish her. She deserves the best. It’s okay to make mistakes but don’t make excuses for them.
Just treat her well, love her, and do what I couldn’t.
—  Someone who lost her