dare 2 go


♫  don’t you let me go, let me go tonight  ♫
♫  don’t you let me go, let me go tonight  ♫

1. If you have people that really care about you, don’t you dare let them go.
2. Some days, your emotions may rise to the surface regardless of how hard you try to act like you don’t have them. You might even find that tears want to fall. Let them.
3. Taking time to be with yourself is essential. Go ahead and skip that group outing, stay home and binge watch whatever you want, read that book you’ve been putting off. It’s cool to get to know yourself, the person you are when you’re alone.
4. Music can help get you through anything.
5. Don’t overwork yourself. Your grades don’t matter as much as you’ve been taught that they do. What really matters is doing the best you can. 
6. Sometimes you’re going to have to lose people you thought you were close to. It might hurt, but that’s okay. That’s way better than holding on to people that only seem to manage to break you.
7. Smiling is good for you.
8. Laughing is even better.
9. Spreading love is a must. There’s more than enough hate in this world, and you never know what someone is going through. A kind word may change someone’s life.
10. You matter.
—  10 things 2016 taught me. // Maxwell Diawuoh, Once A Day (366/366)

Wirt: Greg got one of these…kiguri-kiguru-kigu things and wouldn’t let me out of the house without matching with him! so I got Jason Funderberker to put his on too so that I wasn’t alone. They’re actually really comfy and good for sleepovers…

Jason: He didn’t make me, I’ve been waiting for this since he ordered it C;

(It’s transparent! Also we’re going through the asks and 3 of you guys asked the same question haha so that one’s going to be sort of a mini comic thing! Look forward to it!)

刀剣破壊 その壱

So there is this Saniwa who recorded down all the swords last words before they broke ; A;

Crying whilst I translate all of them so please bear with me QAQ

三日月宗近  [Mikazuki Munechika]

Maa, all things that have a form will eventually break…
It’s just my time (to break down) is today…

岩融 [Iwatooshi]

As a weapon that has hunted many swords,
this is a befitting end

蛍丸 [Hotarumaru]

There’s so many fireflies around, they are sparkling
It’s so pretty ne,,

鳴狐 [Nakigitsune]


Nakigitsune! Open your eyes!
Stand up!
Aaah you cannot??

五虎退 [Gokotai]

Tiger kun, everyone, run

燭台切光忠 [Shokudaikiri Mitsutada]

Its common for swords to fall in battle,
but now I can’t look cool anymore

加州清光 [Kashuu Kiyomitsu]

I am loved till the end right?


大和守安定 [Yamatonokami Yasusada]


Okita kun, I can finally be by your side..

堀川国広 [Horikawa Kunihiro]

Aaah, this is bad.. what will happen to Kane san when I’m not around


QAQ oh my god.. I cannot continue today..

after the absolutely wonderful remake of bangalore days to tamil in an era of subtitles and dubbing, we can all now look forward to;
charlie in tamil
premam in telugu
2 countries in telugu
thani oruvan in telugu
puthiya niyamam in hindi
visaaranai in hindi
ok kanmani in hindi
and varsham in hindi.

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since there’s now 100 of you (thank u) does anyone have any ideas for how dare pt. 2 should go?? i’m really focused on school and having a huge writer’s block so if you have any thoughts PLEASE TELL ME because i really want there to be a pt. 2.


*dies* It was a dare from an old friend. Now I’m addicted to this song again..

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