my mother during tmr

“That’s stupid they tell him not to kill and they they sent him to be killed! Why can’t they just tell him don’t do that and let him stay?!”-when they banished Ben same mom same

“what’s he from! he was in something when he was little!”- every single time Thomas Sangster came on screen until I told her it was Nanny McPhee

“are his eyebrows really like that or did they make them like that?”- she really asked this about Will I wish I was kidding

“the main one is cute”- even moms love Dylan

Película: Dos días, una noche

Me gustan mucho las películas de los Dardene. Parece que las podrían hacer cualquiera, pero no, solo ellos.

Aunque odio a Maion Cotilliard, en esta película me impresiono. Gracias a la trama que es fuerte y resiste hasta el final, vemos su “camino del heroe” en la vida “normal”.

Es entendible las posturas pero lo mas interesante es que nos pone en la situacion de entender el egoismo. A pesar de ello, eso no es lo mas importante que destaca la pelicula, sino el sobrepasarse, dejar atras lo que eras y ser una nueva persona, la búsqueda de nuevas metas, la lucha contra la corriente sin importar el resultado.

Needles and pins en francés.

Douglas Darden, “Forwards” to Condemned Building, 1991

Architecture posits the authentic.
Architecture posits the fake.

A monument is for remembering.
A monument is for forgetting.

Architecture domesticates our fears.
Architecture locates our fears.

Light is the revealer of form.
Darkness is the revealer of form.

Architecture is the reconciliation with nature.
Architecture is the irreconciliation with nature.

Architecture takes possession of a place.
Architecture displaces.

Architecture is accommodation.
Architecture is confrontation.

Architecture fulfills desire.
Architecture objectifies desire.

Man is at the center of divine creation.
Man is off-center of divine creation.

A house is for living.
A house is for dying.

Zodiac signs of The Maze Runner cast:
  • Aries:Zart (Joe Adler)
  • Taurus:Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster)
  • Gemini:-
  • Cancer:Frypan (Dexter Darden) and Brenda (Rosa Salazar)
  • Leo:Alby (Aml Ameen) and Aris (Jacob Lofland)
  • Virgo:Thomas (Dylan o'Brien)
  • Libra:Minho (Ki Hong Lee) and Chuck (Blake Cooper)
  • Scorpio:-
  • Sagittarius:Sonya (Katherine McNamara)
  • Capricorn:Winston (Alexander Flores)
  • Aquarius:Gally (Will Poulter
  • Pisces:Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) and Harriet (Nathalie Emmanuel)
What the cast said about Dylan on set of TST

“Literally every single Glader I spoke with said that Dylan took on the role of set leader when it came to the “Scorch Trial” stunts — since the rest of them didn’t have to run too much in the first movie, he had the cardio system required to both run up giant sand dunes and support his costars when they needed his help.  According to Dexter Darden himself, Dylan is his 24/7 singing buddy when the cameras aren’t rolling… and his musical artist of choice is Shaggy.

He also seemed really concerned that I was cold during our 2 a.m. interview, which, you know,swoon.” MTV