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Película: Dos días, una noche

Me gustan mucho las películas de los Dardene. Parece que las podrían hacer cualquiera, pero no, solo ellos.

Aunque odio a Maion Cotilliard, en esta película me impresiono. Gracias a la trama que es fuerte y resiste hasta el final, vemos su “camino del heroe” en la vida “normal”.

Es entendible las posturas pero lo mas interesante es que nos pone en la situacion de entender el egoismo. A pesar de ello, eso no es lo mas importante que destaca la pelicula, sino el sobrepasarse, dejar atras lo que eras y ser una nueva persona, la búsqueda de nuevas metas, la lucha contra la corriente sin importar el resultado.

Needles and pins en francés.



This Meek Mill situation is titled “When you give a lame kid money and a bad chick." He can’t handle it, he is asking about exes, worried about Drake. His self esteem is real low, he is insecure and jealous, he is acting like the classic average frustrated chump! At times it could be so simple, just drop dope stuff for us to consume, buy, play, write on, and hate on. All the "WWE" yo its not the 90s b. After Monday’s stunt that New York DJ ”Funkmaster Flex“ in hot water with fans of Hot 97 and also fans of the genre.

Meek Mill was to deliver a diss track directed to Drake. Mass numbers of the app that enables you to stream Hot 97 and also Flex was downloaded and there was no premiere and no explanation to the public until the next morning from Program Director of Hot 97 Ebro Darden. It was a damning moment in this generation because this was the biggest rap-beef / battle to date and Mill did not show up to the fight.  

As far as the idea of Drake using a ghostwriters or the idea of songwriters, these people are apart of the game. Ne-yo, 50-Cents, Jay Z, all wrote classics. ”Irreplaceable" with Ne-yo, “Still Dre” with Jay, The Game “The Documentary” album 50-Cents. Please my guy what are you saying my G? 

To Pimp a Butterfly”, Writers, "Chronic 2001“, Writers, ”The Carter“, Writers, Snoop’s stuff since 2006, Writers!  Meek Mill has low self esteem and when that esteem gets low enough everything a person does is perceived as a threat. He has what we call a "fuck nigga mindset.” Circular mind chatter that says everybody is against him, a true product of his environment. I got the new album and the last one. Name one song outside of “Amen” and “The Intro”. I’ll wait … “Dreamchasers” does not count. Damn Drake also “left” you on the track on that! Mill sounded very weak saying Drake didn’t tweet out the link to my album. Meek you said the same about Wale. Maybach Music Group is probably the worst rap crew ever. Wale is the only respectable member of the crew. Decent music, down to earth personality, fan friendly, and professional. Just take the L and do better. Don’t be a sucka!


“Le Gamin au Vélo" Jean-Pierre Dardene / Luc Dardene, Bélgica / França / Itália 2011