Google hangout with LBD people was fun. I’ll be sad when I go back to work next week and won’t have time for these anymore, unless they’re on weekends.

So. I am so happy that Gigi watched the video. This shows that Darcy is at a place where he has more or less come to term with Lizzie’s rejection and is calm enough that he could confide in his sister about it. He’s over the anger and is probably ready to move on. And I think this is an important development for him. He has to accept the possibility that nothing will come between them for their relationship to actually be able to come together later on.

I am sure when they were away on their ski trip, they had a long talk, that probably had Darcy preparing Gigi for a lot of what to come in the videos. I am sure Gigi came into it knowing that this is a girl who, despite everything, is still very important to her brother, but she would also know that this wouldn’t be 6 hours of compliments on Darcy.

I would think, Gigi started watching, expecting to be a lot more offended by the videos, which was why she tweeted that she enjoyed them more than she thought. That doesn’t mean that she thought it was all fun and wasn’t offended one bit. I’m sure there must be points that struck nerves. But this is Gigi. She isn’t not going to angrily tweet at Lizzie or make passive-agressive comments on Youtube. She just likes the videos she “liked” (whatever that means. Clicking “like” on a video can be interpreted in so many ways) and her comments are vague at best.

So I think it’s unfair if (when) people start implying that by watching and “liking” the videos, she’s making fun of her brother, especially when I think Darcy told her about the videos in the first place and maybe implied that she should watch them and get to know Lizzie (or vlog!Lizzie anyway).

Everything that’s happening today is making me super excited for what’s coming in the next few months. Also I’m a little wary because there will be at least one week in January when I will be traveling with probably really unpredictable internet and might not be able to catch the videos in real time. And I have a feeling it might even be at really crucial plot points. Which would suck.

Appreciation Post

Today I almost died!

The feels, the feeeels!!! I couldn’t believe what I just saw, if its not for the fact that I purposely went in to work 15 mins later just so I can watch the new episode, I wanted to jump, skip, scream, out of control! Out of control I tell you!!!

Thank you Bernie for #trollinginthedeep, because that was an episode with so many happy, jumping, skipping through the meadows, and I don’t think (and hope that I’m not speaking too soon) nothing can ruin my day!!!

Dearest LBD fellow fans

I have to be a responsible adult until 6:15PM central time, LBD comes out at 11AM. We all know that one does not simply just watch the newest LBD. You have to watch it at least three times and then spend at least an hour fangirling and tumblring. After which one’s productivity is quite simply shot to hell. 

Because I have to be a responsible adult until 6:15 PM, that means I will be unable to engage in the LBD watching/fangirling/tumblring process. And that also means tumblr is off limits to me because Spoilers! (in River Song’s voice) 

And so, dear fellow LBD fans, I will not be joining Dizzie Day or DarcyDay2 until way late. I will miss you and be thinking of you all day. But I will join as soon as I am able, and it will be totally awesome. (Yes, I did reference two other fandoms in my letter)


How did i only realize now the HURT AND PAIN in Darcy’s voice when he says “Understood” when she doesnt want a ride.

He understood that she didnt want to ride with him in his probably awesome car, and he wasnt going to press it.

I mean, he also understood that Lizzie is kind of determined to a plan, and she had planned to walk, but still, he understood that SHE STILL DOESNT LOVE HIM WAHHHHHH.

I gotta stop watching episode 78 sometime soon.