• Charlotte: So what was in the letter?
  • Lizzie: Oh, right. The letter. The letter from Darcy, the letter written especially to me from Darcy, Darcy's letter.

The reason why I love Mr. Darcy’s declaration of love is that, while being it very arrogant and cocky, it also means that he cannot help himself but love and admire Lizzy, making it some kind of true love.

Like: I don’t want to love you, and actually this thing is really embarassing, but I do. So… Will you marry me?

I think that Lizzy’s answer was wonderful and I admired her ability to stay polite and relatively calm, when I’d rather have thrown something to Darcy’s head, but still I love that declaration.

Be not alarmed, madam, on receiving this letter, by the apprehension of its containing any repetition of those sentiments or renewal of those offers which were last night so disgusting to you. I write without any intention of paining you, or humbling myself, by dwelling on wishes which, for the happiness of both, cannot be too soon forgotten: and the effort which the formation and the perusal of this letter must occasion, should have been spared had not my character required it to be written and read. You must, therefore, pardon the freedom with which I demand your attention; your feelings, I know, will bestow it unwillingly, but I demand it of your justice.Darcy’s letter, P&P

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Which do you like more, Darcy's letter or Wentworth's letter?



I can’t quite be fair about this, because 1) Darcy is my favourite character of all time, and 2) Darcy’s letter is my favourite passage in Austen and maybe anything. Of course I like Darcy’s letter better—best! I might have written it out by hand because of reasons:

I do have reasons beyond my relentless Darcy stanning, however. Reasons of personal taste, but w/e. 

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Okay I have always thought I was an enfp, and I'm still pretty sure I am an enfp, but what are some signs that I might be an esfp or esfj. And what are some traits of enfp?

(Gif: Lizzie and Darcy, Pride & Prejudice.)

You should compare the ESFP profile with the ENFP profile.

Simple rule: sensors do, intuitives often think or talk more than do.

ESFJs frequently mistype as ENFPs because they are indeed outgoing, personable, and have a bubbly relationship between Fe-dom (which is reading and gauging and participating in building the emotional atmosphere) and Ne (which for them is an energetic, playful, and fun function, which gives them an intellectual streak).

The biggest tell is that Fe-doms pass immediate judgment when given new information, particularly pertaining to people’s choices, behaviors, or involvement in situations. They are quick to assert an opinion and often free in sharing them, and usually expect other types to be as swift and easy with these judgments as they are, because it comes so naturally to them. Because they are high Fe’s, they are feeding off of, contributing to, and dealing in the emotional group environment – and so they are very expressive with their likes, their dislikes, how they feel about things, etc.

Fi’s are more hesitant to be open about those things and often uncomfortable being what a Fi considers “gushy” (and what a Fe would consider simply “sharing”). ENFPs do not pass judgment quickly; as perceiving dominants, they can automatically see several sides to whatever information is given to them, and prefer to withhold judgment (unless the issue is a moral one, in which they have a strong personal connection, or something is happening to someone they care about) until they have sufficient information to feel confident in their assertion.

The ENFP also trusts their intuition and uses it with greater accuracy than the ESFJ. The ESFJ might suspect something of someone, but be hesitant to believe it without proof (lower intuition) whereas the ENFP might read a situation, form a hypothesis, throw what information they know about this person already based on their own feelings and personal experiences (Fi/Si), and then seek out whether or not their conclusion is LIKELY based on Te (is there supporting evidence? could I back this up in any tangible way?).

ESFJs take longer to change their mind; ENFPs do it very frequently. Think about Lizzie from P&P. After Darcy is “taciturn and unsociable” at the ball, and infers she’s not pretty enough to tempt him into dancing, she conceals her true feelings (hurt at his insult) behind witty comments (Ne), whereas a Fe-dom would go to Jane, talk to her about what Darcy said, and how much she disliked it, and feel better in agreeing that Darcy is just a snob. Lizzie then goes on to listen to Wickham and favor his bad opinion of Darcy, without evidence, because it agrees with her opinion (Fi).

An ESFJ, having Ti, would want to know WHY Darcy is doing what he is doing; what is his MOTIVE in doing this? Lizzie doesn’t really care about the why, so much as she cares about his ACTIONS, which tell a Fi whether or not someone has a moral center. When Darcy proposes to her, Lizzie slaps him down with a Te speech about how he’s the last person on earth she would ever think about marrying and hits him with all the accusations she has stored up; she is not aiming to hurt him, just being frank about her opinions (no Fe).

Then comes the crux of the matter: her intuition. Lizzie knows that Lydia should not be away from the family – she will do SOMETHING to humiliate them. She isn’t sure what, and doesn’t guess that Wickham will run off with her, but she knows it’s a bad idea. Her intuition is setting off her alarm bells. But she does nothing about it, because Fi/Te isn’t in the habit of controlling people. And, of course, she was right. Beyond that, however, Darcy sends Lizzie a letter, explaining his reasons for treating Wickham as he does, and why he broke up Bingley with her sister, Jane. Lizzie is angry when reading it, but she has to admit that he has logical reasons for doing so – he proves to her Te with his Te WHY Bingley being involved with her “ridiculous” family is a poor decision, based on the behavior of her family. And because Lizzie is there, saw what he saw, and isn’t a feeling dominant (can detach from her feelings and see things from a different point of view through Ne), she has to admit that based on that evidence, he had every right to form the opinion that he does.

And… Lizzie’s entire opinion of Darcy changes – both rapidly, and completely; she utterly reverses her entire first take on him, enough that she is willing to consider marriage if he ever asks her again. This all happens inside herself – so much so that her entire family thinks, even though Lizzie has fallen in love with Darcy, that her opinions haven’t changed, that she hates Darcy! Lizzie is Fi; she doesn’t share her changing feelings, she has to process them internally – and it takes her a little while, as an aux-Fi, to realize she loves him.

Since Fe-doms have no trouble sharing their feelings, an ESFJ Lizzie (or even an ENTP Lizzie) would have kept her sister more in her emotional loop. She would have also struggled more to surpass her initial sensory impression of Darcy, and not trusted her intuition about him, Wickham, or Lydia as much. She would have cared more about why he does what he does, than that he simply does it (and Fi doesn’t LIKE what he does ;).

It’s common for the Fe’s I know, wherever it falls in the stack, to be open and frank with their feelings in the moment. Sometimes they blindside me with things like, “Oh, I just like you so much!” One of the Fe-doms I know says she can’t help saying it, it just feels so powerful, she has to get it out – and then the Fi’s will look at her a little wide-eyed or uncomfortable and respond. I feel blindsided when people are that emotionally frank with me – and I know they want me to respond in kind; but what if they like me more than I like them? What if my feelings about them are complicated? I will say, “I like you too :)” or “Yeah, I enjoy our time together,” and then change the subject, or make a joke out of it, because I’m a bit uncomfortable.

It’s a little cliched, but whenever my Fe friends ask, “Do you like me? I can’t tell!!” (they’re not getting much from my Fi to give off “Fe indicators”) I respond, “I’m here with you, aren’t I?”

- ENFP Mod

PS: No, everyone is not the same, no every ENFP won’t act exactly the same, no, they’re not all utterly hilarious, etc, but Fi is Fi, and Fe is Fe.


The Signs as my Favourite Women in Literature pt.3 (Air)

Gemini - Scarlett o’Hara (Gone With The Wind)
Scarlett o’Hara is a dark-haired, green-eyed Southern-beauty. She inherited her fathers stubbornness which sometimes conflicts with the decent behaviour, society expects from her. On the outside she potrays the busy, kind and strong woman but her inner self only longs for her neighbour Ashley Wilkes. A great part of the young woman’s personality is determination, which helps her achieving everything she needs and wants in life. This determination conveys itself either through arrogant and backstabbing behaviour or through the sole will to survive and hard work. She is a woman who starts at the bottom just to end up at the top and she doesn’t even need help for she is strong enough on her own. That’s why she makes a great leader and businesswoman, bulding up her father’s plantation after leaving it and achieving great success. She is almost exlusively driven by logic and she has a hard time figuring out the feelings and motivations of others and herself. She can only see what’s happening on the exterior which is why she has no problem being ruthless and not bothering with kindness or honor especially in topics of business. Nevertheless, she has a bright mind, always coming up with unique ideas and evaluating situations perfectly. The only man she can’t think of in a logical way, is her neighbour whom she admires through the whole book. In matters of feelings she turns into a childish, insecure and overthinking girl, who didn’t notice her real love when he stood right in front of her. Scarlet knows exactly who she is and she never made any excuses about ignoring social norms, being manipulative or  probably hurting a lot of people. But we see her searching for love and stability like every other woman back then. And even though she never really knew where she belonged, she was able to develop such a brave and independent personality, that she was able to be her very own protection and stability and the one she coud rely on.

Libra - Elizabeth “Lizzie” Bennet (Pride and Prejudice)
Elizabeth is the second daughter of the family and like her sisters she acts lively, carefree and playful. Unlike her siblings she is good at seeing through people’s exterior, noticing their truest intentions. The young women is really proud of her quick wit and her ability to read people like a book. While her younger sisters are mostly interested in men, Lizzie is attracted to everything that conveys beauty, like literature and art. She can’t stand the frivolity of Lydia and Kitty and her mother who encourages both to act like they do. When she first meets Darcy, she discounts him as proud, snobbish and bad company whereas he notices her as one of the most beautiful women in the room. Elizabeth belives that she finds a lot of validations for her judgement about Darcy such as his behaviour about Wickham who she has found to be an honorable and kind man. While Darcy grows more and more attracted to her, she is drawn away from him especially when she finds out that he destroyed the relationship between her older sister Jane and his friend Bingley. Hence, Elizabeth refuses his proposal and tells him bluntly that his cold and pride behaviour prevented her from developing any feelings. As a result, Darcy writes a letter, clarifying things like his role  in the break of Jane and Bingley or his relationship to Wickham. Lizzie has to admit, that she made a mistake by judging him so hasty but she is too embarassed to apologize. Henceforth she is beginning to look at him with other eyes, slowly falling for him as he reveals a soft, protective side and becomes a man who would do anything for her. She sees her belief in true love becoming reality and shows a genuine gentleness and real affection instead of mockery and arrogance. In the end, Elizabeth remains in the reader’s head as a woman with a lot of self-respect, who isn’t afraid of honesty or using her sharp tongue. Lizzie is able to love with her whole heart, but only if her partner understands her deepest desires and respects her as his equal.

Aquarius - Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables)
Anne Shirley is extremely curious about life. She experiences every subject in its individual way and drinks in everything she senses. Anne has a vivid imagination and is an expert in telling fantastic tales about haunted forrests or ghosts. She loves to show others the beauty of life and the possibilities it has to offer. The red-haired girl has a strong sense of right and wrong as well and she posseses unswerving opinions. She romanticizes everything and operates a search for good in people. She tries to find good characteristics in every person she comes across and she wants to be and do good herself. But most of her life is taking place in her head. It’s easy for Anne to portray a completely contrary exterior to the way it looks inside of her. When you see her smiling, it’s possible that she really feels lonely and insecure. That’s why she needs friends who grant her attention and who are always there to listen to her. She even reads her books aloud to hear herself talking because she can’t stand being alone. She will give you her undivided loyalty if you’re always there for her. Anne Shirley can get pretty passionate about things and her fiery temper shows especially when you cross her. At the same time, she is one of the most friendly and kindred spirits you’ll ever have the pleasure to meet. Unfortunately, Anne has to go through mistakes and errors to learn important lessons and life can get pretty tough for her. But after all it’s just beautiful to watch this adventurous girl floating between dreams and reality and getting to know her through her crazy exploits.

Jane and Redemption

Jane Bennet hopes those who sin will reform and redeem themselves.

We may observe this in Jane’s reactions to Mr Wickham…

Mr Darcy’s letter to Elizabeth reveals the true of Mr Wickham’s past. Discussing with Elizabeth whether to make such public, Jane argues:

“He is now perhaps sorry for what he has done, and anxious to re-establish a character.” - Jane Bennet. Volume II, Chapter XVII

Jane later hopes wicked Mr Wickham and silly Lydia will redeem themselves in their marriage:

“I hope and trust they will yet be happy… Their mutual affection will steady them; and I flatter myself they will settle so quietly, and live in so rational a manner, as may in time make their past imprudence forgotten.” - Jane Bennet. Volume III, Chapter VII

Jane also believes the Bingley sisters capable of regret and reform…

Namely of reforming their opinion on their brother Mr Bingley’s choice of herself (Jane) as his wife:

“When they see, as I trust they will, that their brother is happy with me, they will learn to be contented” - Jane Bennet. Volume III, Chapter XIII

And that Caroline Bingley, like Mr Wickham, must be regretful of her former conduct:

“She must feel that she has been acting wrong” - Jane Bennet. Volume II, Chapter III

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What are your favourite p&p fics set in the regency era? x

Of Time Gone By: A tragic childhood illness changed the life of Fitzwilliam Darcy. When he meets a young gentlewoman named Elizabeth Bennet, his world is transformed again.

The Perfect Gentleman

The Recovery of Fitzwilliam Darcy: The Recovery of Fitzwilliam Darcy is the story of what happens when someone discovers that they are not the person they always thought they were. Twenty-odd years before the start of our story, a terrible crime was committed, leaving one family grieving and another with a new family member. When a long-ago mistake is corrected, what will it mean for everyone involved – those that now lose someone they love, those that regain their missing family member and, most of all, the person struggling with who they thought they were and who they really are.

Seen and Unseen: Fitzwilliam Darcy is immediately intrigued by the witty and fiery woman whose causes him to be thrown from his horse. After this first meeting, Darcy realizes that there is more to the spirited Elizabeth Bennet than his first impressions could ever have revealed.

To Save and Protect: The story begins from the morning Darcy delivers his letter to Elizabeth. Darcy finds out that Elizabeth may be in danger. Being a gentleman in love, he sets out to rescue Elizabeth despite the fact that he knows she hates him. Our hero and heroine get to experience fear, pain, and passion together. Their adventures help them understand themselves and each other better.

A Most Convenient Mishap: A comedy of errors ensues when Elizabeth comes to nurse her sister at Netherfield, beginning with her trunk being placed in the wrong room.

Mr Darcy Steals a Kiss: An alternative view of might have happened in the weeks leading up to Darcy and Elizabeth’s marriage.

Some Like it Wild: Elizabeth runs away disguised as a young man in response to Mr. Bennet’s insistence she marry Mr. Collins. She asks Darcy for help. He fears for her safety, and the two travel to Pemberley on a roadtrip to happiness.

Rumour Has It: What if Mrs. Philips had gotten it wrong? What if the rumour of Darcy’s worth had been seriously underestimated?

Wholly Unconnected to Me: Dr. Bennet, Lady Catherine’s personal physician, has brought his family to live in the shadow of Rosings park to benefit from the attentions of his patroness. Headstrong Elizabeth seems to thwart the great lady at every turn, but for the sake of Anne, Elizabeth is forgiven–until she refuses to turn her back on Mr. Darcy.

Kidnapped: First Lizzy had learned of Mr. Darcy’s hand in breaking Jane’s heart, and then he had offered the most insulting marriage proposal in history. Could a day get worse? Only if she were to be threatened at sword-point, tied up, and whisked away by a rogue, with only the world’s most arrogant man to watch over her. Luckily, that wasn’t very likely to happen… .

Childhood Impressions: Part One of the Elizabeth series, in which Lizzy and her cohort, Fitzwilliam Darcy, travel the English countryside in search of mayhem and mischief.

Mr Bennet’s Daughter: Sequel to Childhood Impressions. Misunderstandings sunder the childhood friendship of Darcy and Elizabeth. Now an independent young woman, Lizzy must work to regain her old friend – who has become the cold-hearted master of Pemberley. Meanwhile, Georgiana falls in love with her piano master and Jane falls in love with Bingley.

The original post is unsnippable, so replying with a new one!

#‘god bless you’ probably *is* the most romantic thing he says in the text #expressing his desire for her to be well and blessed and loved (via @ladytharen)

Exactly! He wants her to have the best, happiest life she can, even if that life (as it seems) does not include him. It’s a gesture of both pure good will and forgiveness, I think; it’s immediately preceded by telling her that all the mistakes she made about him were totally not her fault and she couldn’t possibly have known (sure, Darcy). Especially given that simply saying “God” (no hyphen or anything!!) was such a big deal. Elizabeth describes it as “charity”—in the sense of purely selfless love—and, yeah.

#also #‘declarations of love don’t do as much for me as love shining through a conversation supposedly about something else altogether’ #I see you cassian’s hangar speech #everything I did I did for the rebellion #I’M #WAIT A MINUTE #THE HANGAR SPEECH IS CASSIAN’S LETTER #*curls up into a ball* #look I made it about rogue one

Haha, nobody could be happier to have their post derailed :D


You know my theory, but it really does fit—well, it’s the second half of the letter, but yeah. We’ve got:

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I've been following you for a while and I've noticed how much you love Pride and Prejudice. I also love both the book and the 2005 film, but I've always had one pretty serious problem with the storyline. I've never understood why Elizabeth falls for Darcy. I've read the book countless times, seen the film even more than that, and I still don't understand. Why does Elizabeth, a wonderful, bright, independent, and headstrong woman fall in love with a man who has repeatedly shamed her and her

family? And when he attempts to make up for hurting Elizabeth’s feelings, he really only fixes the things HE RUINED in the first place (ie Jane and Bingley’s relationship). Other than that, I still don’t understand why Elizabeth should fall in love with this man. She even states that “only the deepest of loves will persuade me into matrimony”, and Darcy has done nothing to warrant that love besides giving Lydia the money for her marriage. I’ve looked up to Lizzy since I was 11 and I don’t get it

[crackles knuckles] buckle up yall we’re ab to get DEEP into pride and prejudice

ok well first of all thanks for sending me this ask bc i love talking ab p&p as everyone knows. 

so ur question: Why does lizzie fall for darcy??????

i like to think about it this way: what would’ve happened if lizzie hadn’t overheard darcy and bingley belittle her at the dance?(there are some rly good fics on this topic btw) how wouldve lizzie and darcy’s relationship progressed differently if lizzie hadn’t been determined to hat e him before they ever really interact? because of their interactions after that hinge on lizzie’s opinion of darcy being set – hes a pompous dick. she decides it. but what if she had greeted him with an open mind like any other new acquaintance? i think she wouldve probably still thought he was awkward and pompous but realized much sooner that there was more to him than that. 

because what happens in the book is that while darcy is having this evolution from his prejudiced view of lizzie based on her social status to falling in love with her, lizzie isnt budging from her opinion that darcy is a dick because she hasnt had any positive interactions with him to change that view. when wickham (a guy she literally jUST met and doesnt have any connections with) tells her darcy is an asshole she believes it right away because thats already how she views him. 

in short what im saying that they both start out with a predisposition to dislike one another – darcy because lizzie isnt high born and lizzie because she overhears darcy say a mean thing about her. darcy’s opinion changes because he spends time with lizzie (and jane) and sees what great amazing vibrant people they are. 

but lizzies opinion of darcy doesnt change except to get WORSE based on what other people tell her. and thats because of one of the central problems in p&p: DARCY IS HORRIBLE AT COMMUNICATING WITH OTHER PEOPLE!!! he cant show his personality to lizzie the same way she does to him because hes so awkward and doesnt know how to act well. i think if darcy didn’t have issues with being around new people lizzie’s opinion of him would change so much more quickly and thats because DARCY IS ACTUALLY A GOOD PERSON!!!!!

the bennets are always like why does bingley who is amazing hang out with darcy who is the worst??? its because darcy is actually a caring and compassionate friend again he just doesnt do well with new people. we see this with how he interacts with georgiana, when the housekeeper at pemberley tells lizzie and her aunt and uncle that darcy is adored by all the staff and everyone in town, etc etc. darcy is a good person – not perfect, he def has lots of faults like pride and prejudice and classism for example – but he just isnt good at showing that thru words. 

so what changes lizzies mind??? even if darcy is secretly a good person why would lizzie care after what he did to jane and bingley? well a few very important things happen. 

1. lizzie gets the letter from darcy. this letter isnt a 100% fix it situation because he doesnt explain the rude things he says ab her family but it does explain ab wickham and make lizzie feel for him ab that whole situation. it also explained ab jane and bingley and while lizzie doesnt agree w him, it def changes her perspective that darcy is an evil villain who just wanted to cause pain. still, after the letter she mostly feels awkward and guilty and embarrassed but no love. 

2. darcy practices. when at rosings lizzie makes fun of how bad darcy is at talking to people and he tells her that its not something that comes naturally to him. lizzie tells him to “take his aunts advice and practice” and when lizzie goes to pemberley its obvious that he hAS BEEN PRACTICING!!!! lizzie notes that he is not at all like how he was when she interacted with him before, and her aunt and uncle are like why did u tell us darcy was such a bad dude?? he rules?? darcy isnt perfect but the point is that he gets better – he learns!!! lizzie teaches him!!!!!! he becomes better – less judgmental, less standoffish because he wanted to better for lizzie. 

3. actions speak louder than words. even tho darcy is getting better at talking his actions still speak louder than what he says. the way he interacts with georgiana at pemberley, the way he rescues lydia, the way he convinces bingley to go back to jane. these actions show lizzie that the TRUE person he is and make her realize that hes actually Great. 

like if ur thinking ab lizzie and darcy as darcy is an ass why does lizzie change her mind about him i view it differently?? like i think darcy was always a good person who is very suited to lizzie but because of the communication errors (lizzie “willfully misunderstanding” him) and drama that goes on, lizzie doesnt find this out until the end. 

because i do think that lizzie and darcy are Very suited for each other. they are SO ALIKE (lizzie says this so cutely at the end of the 2005 version). they are both proud and they both have prejudices. lizzie kind of thinks shes better than everyone else and love to make fun of people and secretly watch their “follies” to get amusement. darcy prefers to be by himself or with a close few because he generally thinks all new people arent really worth his time. they are both really fiery and passionate. and i think they both challenge each other like… when u think ab darcy growing up losing his parents at a young age and being so rich do u think anyone really called him out on his shit in his entire adult life??? no. so when lizzie like dragged his ass thru the dirt it was probably the first time anyone told him that he came off like a total douche. and even tho lizzie makes fun of darcy when he says “my good opinion once lost is lost forever” ISNT THAT EXACTLY WHAT LIZZIE IS LIKE??? she decides she hates darcy and likes wickham and then realizes she was totally wrong about both of them. 

they are also both oblivious about their friends’ love lives even though they want whats best for them (im talking ab charlotte for lizzie) and both are really loyal to their families. and yeah, what darcy said ab lizzies family was really really rude but was it different than anything lizzie has said before??? she is constantly getting annoyed/embarrassed by her mom and her sisters. so. 

i really think they are soulmates because they bring out the best in one another. they challenge each other and have really different viewpoints and upbringings but the same core values. 

i hope this maybe explained a little of why they fall in love??? basically it wasnt about the lydia wickham thing at all but about lizzie Seeing darcy as he truly is.  

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yes. these are the fics i’ve read recently:

Bruises: “You see what a strange circumstance it is,” she said, feeling some fleeting relief. “You know our acquaintance has not been easy.” Elizabeth wakes up to find she and Darcy have been married ten years.

To Save and Protect: The story begins from the morning Darcy delivers his letter to Elizabeth. Darcy finds out that Elizabeth may be in danger. Being a gentleman in love, he sets out to rescue Elizabeth despite the fact that he knows she hates him. Our hero and heroine get to experience fear, pain, and passion together. Their adventures help them understand themselves and each other better.

It is What It Is: Elizabeth Benetez and Fitzwilliam Darcy each have their futures planned out and they certainly look bright. Decisions made by each of their father’s years ago now stand in the way.

Marry In Haste Version 2: Elizabeth Bennet marries an Earl 2 years before Bingley lets Netherfield. While in London for the winter, Darcy makes her acquaintance, & discovers that her marriage is not a happy one, causing him to form and offer her a desperate resolution.

Till You Or Jane Return: Jane accompanies Elizabeth and the Gardiners on their travels to Derbyshire. Meanwhile Bingley’s siblings go to Bath, causing many things to occur at Pemberley.

Green Eyed Monster: Darcy is interested in Elizabeth Bennet even though he knows he shouldn’t be, yet why she is spending more time with someone else, someone named Bingley? Modern P and P,with a new Character, lots of plot twists and one very jealous Darcy.

Directors Cut: Modern P&P. Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy are actors working on a 19th Century film adaption, suffice to say all does not go according to plan!

The Ball is in Your Court: Basketball reigns supreme at Pemberley University, and as captain of the team, senior Will Darcy is practically worshipped on campus. Freshman Elizabeth Bennet cannot understand the fuss- all she sees is a handsome but brainless, emotionless jock. Will is equally unimpressed by Elizabeth, viewing her as a boring, simple fan. But as we know, you can’t trust first impressions!

The Fall: Lizzy is walking in the grounds of Pemberley with Georgiana and her Aunt when she takes a fall. Mr Darcy acts as a man violently in love can be expected to act.

Mr Darcy and Mr Collins’s Widow: Mr. Bennet died when Elizabeth was fifteen and she married Mr. Collins to protect Jane and her family. Now, years after he died, will unpleasant memories stop her from finding happiness with Mr. Darcy? One violent event described.

 i also have a fic rec tag. :D

Something Rotten (and christian borle arms) Fans!

So guys me (and several other SR fans) have come up with an idea to create a sort of book for the cast members. Depending on the amount of letters i get sent to me, I will either make one big book, or several small books ( for example i might make one entitled “to the leather boys” and another entitled “to christian borle’s arms (and christian borle)”). If you would like an example of what I intend on making click here!

If you’re interested heres what you gotta do:

  • Write your letter!
  • Tumblr message me your letter or email it to rottenbwayletters@gmail.com
  • Write as many letters as you want - and to whomever you want! Wanna write one to the director? go for it! Wanna write one to Margo Lawless? even better! literally anyone in the cast or crew 
  • in your email make sure you specify to me who your letter is for, your name (you don’t have to include your last name if you dont want to), and any social media links you want there. 

Here’s an example of what you should write:
For: BDjames
From: Camryn Rose
twitter: @/blah IG @/wtv

  • I ask that you get them into to me by August 31st!

Ok so message me if you want more info or have any questions but, I hope you can all join in on this!