darcy x elizabeth

Darcy had walked away to another part of the room. She followed him with her eyes, envied every one to whom he spoke, had scarcely patience enough to help anybody to coffee; and then was enraged against herself for being so silly!

Pride and Prejudice, Ch. 54

30 Days of Jane Austen || Moment that made you smile/happy while reading

Elizabeth's feelings about Darcy

I was once writing a fic series about this but got lured away by the siren song of Star Wars. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to provide a guide to the evolution of Elizabeth’s emotions for awhile, and at long last I have time to myself, so–here goes.

note from the future: omfg this is ridiculously long, basically all my thoughts on their entire relationship after the first proposal crossed with a recap. every time I try to shorten it, it just grows again. CONSIDER YOURSELF FOREWARNED.

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