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I love how Pride and Prejudice and Zombies just heightens everything already in the original book like
  • Original: feminism
  • Adaptation: MAJOR FEMINISM
  • Original: mr darcy would do anything for elizabeth
  • Adaptation: mr darcy would do A N Y T H I N G for elizabeth
  • Original: wickham is the Worst™
  • Adaptation: wickham is the literal antichrist

Pride and Prejudice is the best.

Darcy is all like “Miss Bennet ur family is embarrassing and I will not allow ur sister to marry my bff! Also I’m in love with u. Please marry me.”

And the poor guy is so shocked when Lizzie is like “Are you a fucking idiot?”


| FFVII Zack+Sadie | — “Mr and Mrs Smith AU”

I just saw this movie & could'nt stop thinking about Zack Fair (from Final Fantasy VII) and Sadie Darcy (an OC of mine; from my FFVII fanfic “El porqué de las cosas”) being in something like that, lol~ So! I drew them! 😂❤️


I think a lot about a Steve/Darcy/Bucky Pirates of the Caribbean AU.

Obviously, Steve would be Will Turner. He’s brave and loyal. Hard-working. Tries to do the right thing. Especially when Bucky calls him Steve or Stevie, he’ll respond with a “Mr. Barnes”, and he’ll hide his love for his childhood friend. But when Buck is taken, he’ll team up with a pirate to save him. Steve will burn the world for Bucky. 

Bucky is Elizabeth. Growing up a little spoiled, rebellious and in love with Steve without knowing it. He has been taking care of Steve ever since they found him drifting in the ocean as a child. He’ll confront the pirates on the Black Pearl, and give himself up as hostage to save the city. He saves himself and Darcy from the Island by burning the rum.

Darcy is Jack. Captain Darcy Lewis. Likes rum, brilliant in her own way. Pirate!Darcy with flowing hair, tattoes, and a pistol with one shot. Everyne underestimates her, ‘cuz she’s a woman. Helping Steve save Bucky while reclaiming her ship. Fighting, drinking, throwing sass everywhere. (Also, I can totally see Keith Richards being Darcy’s dad)

Steve falls a little in love with her when they sail after the Pearl. And Bucky and Darcy flirt on the island. Basically they all fall in love and there’s canons and swordfights and pirate-zombies and flirting and SHENANIGANS! 

It’s National Best Friend Day, so I had to make a collage of some of my favorite friendships from web series. Because obviously.  

Sam Riley as Mr. Darcy and Lily James as Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016).

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

I just went and saw this movie and I must say, it blew my expectations out of the water. It was the perfect mix of humor, action, and romance. And also zombies. And these aren’t just regular zombis either. Oh no. But more of that later, I don’t wanna spoil things.

Let me put it this way. Do you want kick-ass female characters that fight for their family and have no time for fooling around with marriage devoid of absolute devotion? If you answered yes, then this is the movie for you. Do you want a cast full of attractive people that aren’t over sexualized and valued more for their characters than their faces? If you answered yes, then this movie is for you. Do you want zombies and Matt Smith bumbling around like a happy idiot? If you answered HELL YEAH I DO, then this is the movie for you.

In short, go see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, because it is really fantastic. 


I believe their dance happened between Darcy asking her to dance (very clever of him to spring it on her from behind) and when Collins comes from behind her to be introduced to Darcy. Cause after that they go there separate ways as Collins follows Darcy out of the room. And for some reason at that moment it feels like something is missing.