darcy sings

john crooning real quiet in sherlock’s ear, slow dancing, swaying to the music, holding him close as they sway in the sitting room, in the dark except for the light from the fire, curtains thrown open to let all the lights of london in like the light of a thousand neon stars, warm and soft and floating in the foreverness of it all, no one else in the whole wide world

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If you write a smutty Darcy/Steve for the prompt: "You're telling me the fate of the world hinges on us making the beast with two backs?" "Yes." "...eh, I've done stranger things for worse reasons," then I will write a reciprocal fic for a pairing/prompt of your choice.


Darcy Lewis, The Superhero Layer


Darcy’s formative years were built around the late nineties and early ‘aughts, and therefore, were built on a strong foundation of powerful women on television.  Xena, Warrior Princess.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Kathryn Janeway, aka master of the universe.  She might not have been seeing strong women in movies, but she saw them on her favorite television shows.  And she learned quite a few things from her ritualistic watching and rewatching of those shows.

Lesson One:  Female friendships are important as all hell.

Trying to befriend Jane Foster had changed Darcy’s life.  She had been a shiny faced twenty-one year old kid when she’d spotted the astrophysicist falling asleep standing up with a McFlurry in her hand, and half an hour later she was the only applicant to a life changing internship.  Truly life changing.  

She’d befriended the Black Widow without a second thought, and thanks to that friendship, she got the call before the Sokovian Accords went live.  Darcy had just enough time to spirit Erik and Jane and Helen Cho away to greener, safer, restriction free pastures.  And once she had set up the Ranch for Wayward Super Scientists, it had quickly expanded into the Ranch for Wayward Super Scientists and their Bootylicious Vigilante Superheroes. Aside from having to churn her own butter, her current set up in life was pretty sweet, indeed.  The wifi was excellent.

Befriending Jane brought Sif, who was a badass lady herself and taught Darcy how to knock a man out with the blunt side of a sword.  And it was Sif who would come crashing back into her life seven years later with dire news about the end of the world as everyone knew it and inform Darcy that she was one of two people who could save it.

And in order to do that, she’d need some support.

Lesson Two  Always Have a Supporting Team of Awesome Sidekicks

Sure, a lot of people thought of Darcy as the sidekick in life, but she and her rocking self-esteem had decided that she was the heroine.  And people like Bucky Barnes and Wanda Maximoff were her sidekicks.  

“Dude,” Darcy came rushing into the main building of their secret superhero enclave, interrupting a definite moment between the former Winter Soldier and the Black Widow.  “Dudes.”

“Your protege is dude-ing me again,” Bucky sighed.  He gave Darcy the closest approximation he had to a patient look and asked, “What is it now, Little Lewis?  Did the cows get out of the pen again?”

“First, rude, all of my emergencies are serious business, Buckster,” Darcy sassed.

“That time with the coyote that was actually wind whipping around a loose shingle?” Natasha smirked.

“If that had been a coyote, you’d have been sorry!” Darcy sing songed.  She pointed a very stiff finger at Bucky as he opened his mouth, “Don’t even think about bringing up the time I thought the upstairs bathroom was haunted!”

Bucky held up his hands to wordlessly protest his innocence.  Darcy nodded at him and put her finger down before taking a deep, bolstering breath and blurting out quickly,

“I’m going need to take Steve to a ritual site in about forty-five minutes and I’m going to need complete privacy and I’m really going to need you to not ask any questions.”

She brought up the finger of no argument again and stuffed it right under Bucky’s nose.

“No, I’m not going to entertain your ridiculous questions.  Now—get it done.  The fate of the fucking universe depends on this!”

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Request 16- Babysitting
I placed the phone back in my pocket as I skipped down the hall towards the kitchen where I left Dan.
“You’re happy, what’s happened?” He joked in response to the bright smile on my face. I told him about agreeing to babysit Darcy while Louise was at a meeting and his face dropped.

“Come on Daaaan, it’ll be fun!” I whined, he knew how much I loved Darcy so I didn’t see what his issue was.

I opened the door to see a small, giggling bundle of joy and Louise infront of me. Crouching down to her size, I smiled and pinched Darcy’s nose. The two of us giggled some more before she went running up to Dan. Louise and I followed, talking about how excited Darcy was.

“Okay so you know what needs to be done and how to look after her. I’ll be back at around 5” Louise smiled before walking down the stairs to the door “be good for y/n and Dan” she told Darcy before leaving.

Dan had gone to get changed into his sweats while I sat with Darcy watching  ‘The lion guard’. The six foot man came back into the room to see the two of us giggling at him and Phil who had voice overs in the episode we were watching.

I lifted Darcy onto my lap and glanced up at Dan to see him looking down at the two of us, smiling from ear to ear. He hadn’t bothered straightening his hair so his small hobbit curls remained.

I leaned forward to whisper something to Darcy, suspicion flooding Dans face. Her blue eyes lit up as she screamed at the top of her voice.
“Do you want Dan to help us?” I asked, Dan still completely confused.

Before I knew it, Darcy was tugging at Dans leg for him to crouch down to her height.
“Daaaan” she began, her hands tangled in his hair “do you want to bake cookies with us?” She finished with a small giggle.

The three of us made our way to the kitchen where I kept my recipe books. Darcy made her way over the the one named ‘cookies and cakes’ and began turning the pages. As she looked through the book I bought her soft blonde hair into a small bun ontop of her head. I looked up to Dan as I did the same with my hair. He smiled back at me before wrapping his arms around me and resting his head on mine; both of us looking over at Darcy who was still searching for her favourite recipe.

Dan read out the ingredients as Darcy and I weighed and stirred. After 30 minutes of complete giggling we had the cookies in the oven for another 10 minutes. I beckoned Darcy over to me while Dan was putting things away; the bag of flour in my hand. My index finger went to my lip to shush her as I walked behind Dan. My hand, full of flour, went to his hair and released the flour over his head. Darcy started giggling as Dan turned to look at us.  I joined Darcy’s giggling as Dan realised what I had done.

Before I had any concept of what was happening the oven was beeping, notifying us of the cookies. I bought them out of the oven and turned it off. Turning around I saw three of us where covered in flour; Dan had most of it in his hair.

“Now the cookies are done, I think the three of us need to go clean up” I said in a slightly strict manner. Dan agreed and began walking towards the bathroom. “And you missus” I smiled at Darcy who was sulking at me. “Listen, Mommy’s going to be mad of she comes to pick you up and you’re covered in flour” I smiled.

We reached the bathroom where I began to wipe the flour off Darcy and he clothes. Dan stood in the door way; ever time I looked up at him he was smiling down at me.

When the flour was finally gone we made our way to the bedroom where I got Darcy’s spare clothes from my draw. No one else knew about the clothes I bought for her so both of them stood with different expressions on their faces.

Soon all three of us where sat on the sofa watching Disney movies. Dan sat in his usual corner while I cuddled up to him. Darcy sat in the small gap between our legs, singing to every disney song that played. Every now and then I felt Dan leave a kiss on the top of my head, causing my smile to widen.

I looked up to him and we joined lips in a small kiss while Darcy coninued singing.
“I love you” he whispered as I leaned back into him.

sometimes when Sherlock is in the mind palace too long John sings cheesy 70s and 80s love songs to him until he notices. John crooning Baby I Love Your Way and Wonderful Tonight and whatever else he can think of until Sherlock is laying on the sofa with a funny look on his face because he’s trying not to smile and give himself away but he can’t help it, and then John goes over and sits by Sherlock’s hip and whisper-sings the rest of the chorus to him, I hope you don’t mind, I hope you don’t mind, that I put down in words, how wonderful life is now you’re in the world, before leaning in and kissing him, gently and slowly but deeply, and Sherlock wraps his arms around John’s neck and kisses him back.

Off Tune
  • Darcy: *singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall*
  • Tony: Smurf, what did you do to piss her off this time?
  • Loki: *gets drowned out by Darcy's singing*
  • Tony: What?
  • Loki: I said, her parents caught us in the shower and asked when the baby's coming.
  • Tony: What did you say?
  • Loki: Nothing. I transported out of there.

Where is my fic where Darcy has Thor watch Moana? I imagine Darcy singing “You’re Welcome” when Tony gets pissed off she interrupted him and dances her way out of the room. Then Thor wondering what it’s from (since it always ends up ends up in his head) and so they watch it and Thor fucking loves it. He adores Moana and thinks Maui is hilarious and amazing (which prompts Darcy to post videos of him speaking the lines during a rewatch. Steve joins for their viewing and discovers Thor likes to sing and talk along with films. He’s slightly blurry behind Thor, trying to contain his laughter. Darcy posts it and it’s how she became friends with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Best. Idea. Ever.) He then decides he wants tattoos of his “bardic tales and escapades for and with people of Midgard!”  

The next Halloween, it happens. Dwayne Johnson shows up as Maui and Thor’s got his version of the tattoos (stylistically Nordic but figures have similarities to The Secret of Kells film) with his mythic tales form Midgard during the old days and Darcy is elated and dressed up as Mabel from Gravity Falls and is squealing similarly. (They then go to a children’s ward in a hospital and MAKE EVERYONES DAMN DAY.) 

Courage and Kindness: Part 4

PARING: au reader x bucky barnes 


WARNINGS: mentions of death and grief. 

Part 4 is here!!!! and in other exciting news Prince Bucky will finally be making an appearance in the next chapter woohoo!! I know most of you have been waiting for that moment but for now hang tight! It wont be too long! Hope you enjoy Part 4

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Part 3


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The next morning you decided to gather the eggs from the chicken coop, a sigh of peace between you and Natasha. Stepping out into the morning sunshine you hummed a lullaby one of many your mother use to sing to you.

“Sing sweet nightingale, sing sweet night…” You stepped lightly across the courtyard

“Morning Miss (Y/N)”

“Good Morning Hank” you greeted the old man, he cared for the gardens of the farm. He had a slight obsession towards small creature, especially insects. No matter how creepy Clint thought it was, you found it endearing.

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prompt 4 and/or 21 (those look promising)

Well, I’m going to do both! Cause you’re my favourite.

“Please tell me you’re not going to sing.”

Darcy closed his mouth with a snap, teeth clacking together. Three people winced at the sound. Kels just smirked. Darcy turned his head, frowning across the room at Kels. They were as far from each other as they possibly could get. Kels stood closest to the hall, easy escape, while Darcy had somehow managed to find himself on the love seat with both Gold and Jonas cuddled up to his sides. Jonas looked nearly asleep curled up with his head against Darcy’s chest.

“Do you have a problem with my singing?”

Kels snorted. “You probably sound like an old hag who’s been smoking a pack a day.”

“Actually,” Gold cleared his throat. “Darcy is pretty good.”

The man in question shot a look down at his friend. “When have you heard me sing?”

“Remember that time you took us to your coven’s Yule celebration?”

“Not my coven,” Darcy grumbled.

“Yeah, yeah.” Gold waved him off. “You all started singing and I could definitely hear you over everyone else.”

Kels watched as Darcy’s face slowly pinkened. It was strange to see someone so pale with colour on their face. The animal inside begged to run over and rub his cheek against Darcy’s, feel the warmth under that flawless skin. Push Gold and Jonas away and hog all of the witch’s warmth to himself.

“Yeah, I remember that,” Jonas said tiredly. “You looked really happy.”

The pink flush darkened and Kels was absolutely fascinated by it. He wondered if the blood under Darcy’s skin would change his scent. 

“You should do it,” Iris piped up from the couch beside the love seat. “I didn’t get to hear, and Kels thinks you sound horrible. Clearly both need to be amended.”

Kels smirked across the room at the witch and he hoped it came across as a dare. Darcy has a soft voice naturally with something bright in it and even if Kels didn’t want to admit it, he wanted to hear Darcy’s singing voice desperately now that it’d been brought up.

Darcy narrowed his eyes and sucked his bottom lip between his teeth. The action drew Kels’ eyes down for a split second before he forced them back to cool blue ones.  He saw the moment Darcy made his decision.

The young man closed his eyes and leaned forward a bit, jostling Jonas. The man simply shrugged and slid down to used Darcy’s lap as a cushion. The animal inside Kels snarled. 

Darcy took a deep breath and the voice he let out was rich in every good way. Kels didn’t understand the words. It was something old and magical and Kels didn’t even mind that he couldn’t understand. Darcy’s voice wrapped around him, blurring everything that wasn’t Kels and this ice creature. 

He found himself leaning forward and away from the wall, trying to get closer to this sweet voice. It was rich and bright and warm and didn’t suit Darcy at all. Where did the soft voice go? Where did this confidence come from? Nothing about this new voice was soft-spoken or drawn out. Kels wanted to wrap himself up in it.

The singing tapered off at the end and Darcy smiled. Kels found his eyes drawn to a small dimple just above the corner of the left corner of his lips. He narrowed his eyes and fled into the hall while the others praised Darcy. 

‘  wh  ––  what  ??  ‘    the  words  darcy  sings  sound  foreign  to  the  girl.  when  the  threat  of  PRAIMFAYA  caught  the  ear  of  all  of  the  ice  nation  ,  darcy  had  already  foreseen  that  being  her  end.  never  rationally  seeing  a  reason  as  to  why  she  would  be  spared.  she  was  not  a  SOLDIER  ,  ROYALTY  ,  or  anyone  of  matter.  and  so  when  darcy  spoke  ,  PROMISING  her  room  within  the  bunker  ,  it  was  clear  from  the  shocked  look  upon  enya’s  facade  that  she  had  been  BLINDSIDED  by  the  news.    ‘  are  ,  why  me  ??  i  am  no  fighter  nor  person  of  great  value  ––  ‘    /    @icethrived


The Storm Hunters

A Mad Max: Fury Road Crossover.

Growing up in the wasteland, Darcy had spend all her life dreaming of rain. She remembered the days when her mother had tugged her in, telling stories of men dancing in the rain, singing lovesongs to their one true love.

There was too much sand in her throat these days to sing anymore, and Darcy had stopped believing in the concept of love the day the world took her mother from her, but there was one thing Darcy had not quite been able to stop believing in: rain. Because stopping to believe in the possibility of the rain returning meant stopping to believe in the possibility of surving. And that was something that no one could take from her.

That’s something that Jane and her had firmly shared from the beginning of this, when Darcy had first met her. They bothed hoped.

There had just been something that they had acknowledged in each other from the first time their eyes met. Jane had once explained it to the guy that they had picked up along the road with his dog, Clint, that both of them were people who took every blow that this world had dealt them so far, and had still gotten up again.

If anything, Darcy would have said that it was the fact that both of them were lost souls. By the new rules of this world, both of them had started out as prey. No car, no bike, no nothing.

Jane had grown up in a former military base, but after her father’s research had turned out to be failure, him and Jane had had to leave, and had been stranded on the road.

Darcy… Darcy had spend most of her life as a normad with her family, going from one town to another, doing what they could. But her mum had become sick, and in this world, you earned your medicine. Darcy’s mum was a good woman, but being good, being truthful, being kind… that wasn’t the thing that paid off anymore. They hadn’t been able to earn the medicine, and Darcy had spent weeks watching her mother waisting away.

But to her dying breath, Deborah Lewis had believed in the one thing. That one day, the sky would open, and the rain would return to this world, just like in that children’s song she had used to sing Darcy to sleep with.

For most of her life, it had just been that - a song. And then Darcy had met Jane, in the desert, both trying to figure out a way to survive. Jane, who had grown up knowing the sky, the stars and all things out there better than the parts of a car.

When they had met, Darcy hadn’t known this. They had just been stuck in the same place, by coincidence. They had bothed been ‘collected’ off the road, and had been brought to a workers colony. Not that either of them had had any intention of remaining captives.

Darcy had been in the process of putting together a plan to steal a van and escape, actually, when they first really met. It had taken her weeks to figure out how to do it when she had become careless, and Jane had seen her stealing the keys. Jane had figured that she could either help her or stop her. Jane had opted for helping her, under the condition that she could come with her. If anything, Darcy had actually been relieved. Being alone was not something she liked. There was only so much you could talk about with yourself.

During their first night on the road - on the run - Darcy had started to sing the song her mother used to sing her, so she would keep awake and keep driving. Jane had offered up the tiny bit of information, that actually, did darcy know that this song was based on a legend? And that this legend was based on science? Because her father used to work on that. Her father was sure that this song was an instruction on how to ‘open the sky’. On how to bring back Thor, the deity of thunder and rain and fertility, so he could revitalize earth.

Darcy did not. But she figured that her mother might have known. Her grandmother had once been a history teacher, and had taught her mother everything she knew. Mythology had always been her mothers favourite part of history, though she had never been able to get darcy to share in her enthusiasm. Darcy had been more into … well, cars, and all things mechanical and electric, to be frank. Real things.

But to her mother those legends had been just as real. So, yeah. If her mother knew the song, she probably had know the legend. Darcy knew for a fact that her mother had been sure that the sky would open again. The more she thought about it, the more it made sense.

And in her tired, half-asleep frame of mind, Jane had offered up that she was sure herself that it could be done. Her father had had it almost figured out, but he never got to finish it.

Because there had been one component lacking to the whole thing, that was integral, and he had waited for it in vain. And that thing, as Jane explained, had been a storm, with lightnings, but where the mility base had been, there had never been any storm of that kind in all the years that Jane lived there. There had been sandstorms, but that was that. She wasn’t even sure if such storms existed anymore.

Looking back, Darcy couldn’t figure out how, for the life of her, this conversation about a children’s song had turned into something fundamentally different. Because she remembered the moment that it had hit her. How she had held her breath, and looked at Jane. “Where I grew up, there were some. If you had such a storm, do you think…. would you be able to recreate, what your father did?”

And that was it. That had been the night that Darcy and Jane became friends. And that’s the night they became Storm Hunters.

Their journey only started out that night, and there would be several people that they would met along the way, that would join their gang. But this night, driving and singing under the stars - this was the night that they kept remembering, when even they swayed in their believe for hope.

Because this had been too much of a coincidence to be just a random encounter down the highways of their life. This, this meant something. Maybe someone had been watching them all their lifes, and fated them to meet each other. And maybe, just maybe, they were fated to bring it back. To bring back the rain to this world.


Trying to catch Darcy singing

Made with Vine