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and you shouldn't have to pay for your love, with your bones and your flesh

Author’s note: The following hasn’t been beta’d, nor have I done more than a cursory edit so there will be tense switches galore. Sorry about that. It’s not a happy fic, it’s me using Darcy to explore my own memories and the abuse that left its mark on me and left me with depression and anxiety and a really fucking hard time loving myself. My therapist said writing about past events can help take the power from my memories, so that the pain lessons and I can write about me now saving me as a kid. I didn’t really get to the saving part, but it took a lot to write this so I’m sharing it here. Maybe it will find itself on ao3 one day if I have it in me to write more and give Darcy a happier ending than how mine is.


They’re fighting again. Screaming so loud she thought the paint might peel off the walls. Maybe if they kept screaming she would melt away too. Melt like the bad guy at the end of Raiders and she wouldn’t be there any more.

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Riley Matthews, Zay Babineaux and Darcy Lewis

Spouse: Riley Matthews

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Best Friend: Darcy Lewis

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Sibling: Zay Babineaux

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(Honestly, I flipped Darcy and Zay about 50 times before I landed here and said enough was enough. But of the three I’m definitely marrying Riley.)

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Degrassi Themed Questions: Seasons 1-13
  • Adam Torres: What gender do you identify as?
  • Alex Nuñez: How far would you go for money?
  • Alli Bhandari: Name something you're passionate about that a lot of people wouldn't expect.
  • Anya MacPherson: Do age differences in relationships matter?
  • Ashley Kerwin: Are you afraid of needles?
  • Becky Baker: Are you religious?
  • Bianca DeSousa: Would you ever get married/engaged in high school?
  • Blue Chessex: Are you a good artist?
  • Bruce the Moose: Ever stolen a street sign?
  • Campbell Saunders: Are you good at something that you hate?
  • Chantay Black: Have you ever encouraged others to stand up for something you believe in?
  • Clare Edwards: Are your parents still married?
  • Connor DeLaurier: When was the last time you felt like you didn't belong?
  • Craig Manning: If you could be famous for anything, what would it be?
  • Damian Hayes: Are you and the person you like competitive?
  • Danny Van Zandt: Have you ever acted protective toward the significant other of a sibling?
  • Darcy Edwards: What can always make you happy no matter how bad you're feeling?
  • Dave Turner: Have you ever dated someone much taller or much shorter than you?
  • Declan Coyne: Would you want a twin?
  • Derek Haig: Do you and your best friend fight a lot?
  • Drew Torres: Do you play any sports?
  • Eli Goldsworthy: What does your room look like?
  • Ellie Nash: Do you like to write?
  • Emma Nelson: What are you doing to help the environment?
  • Fiona Coyne: Have you ever been drunk for something really important?
  • Frankie Hollingsworth: Do you ever feel like your parents pick favorites?
  • Grace: How many piercings do you have?
  • Hazel Aden: Have you ever felt like you had to hide what you believe in?
  • Holly J. Sinclair: Do you like to keep busy?
  • Imogen Moreno: What's unique about you?
  • Jake Martin: Ever gotten high?
  • Jack: How do you usually style your hair?
  • J.T. Yorke: What makes you smile?
  • Jane Vaugn: Recall a childhood memory with as many details as you can.
  • Jay Hogart: Has a lie of your's ever received consequences?
  • Jenna Middleton: List your favorite baby names.
  • Jimmy Brooks: Have you ever been scared for your life?
  • Johnny DiMarco: Have you ever taken in a friend when they needed it most?
  • Katie Matlin: Do you know how to play Poker?
  • K.C. Guthrie: When was the last time you stood up for a friend who was being picked on?
  • Kelly Ashoora: Have you ever slept in the same room as someone of the opposite sex?
  • Leia Chang: Are you a good dancer?
  • Liberty Van Zandt: How long was the longest crush you've ever had?
  • Luke Baker: Have you ever bullied someone and regretted it?
  • Manny Santos: What's the biggest change you've made in yourself?
  • Marco Del Rossi: Have you ever kept a big secret from your parents?
  • Marisol Lewis: What kind of guy/girl do you tend to fall for?
  • Maya Matlin: Who do you miss right now?
  • Mia Jones: Have you ever tried to balance a job with school?
  • Mike Dallas: Where do you go to be alone with your thoughts?
  • Miles Hollingsworth III: Do you and your parents get along?
  • Mo Mashkour: Ever been in a band?
  • Owen Milligan: Last time you felt abandoned?
  • Paige Michalchuk: Describe your favorite outfit.
  • Peter Stone: Have you ever lived alone?
  • Riley Stravos: Do you anger easily?
  • Sav Bhandari: Tell the story of your first kiss/what you hope it will be like.
  • Sean Cameron: Are you or any close friends/relatives involved in the military?
  • Spinner Mason: Have you ever betrayed a best friend?
  • Terri McGreggor: Have you taken any of your exes back?
  • Toby Isaacs: Do you wear glasses?
  • Tori Santamaria: What makes you feel pretty?
  • Tristan Milligan: What are you insecure about?
  • Wesley Betenkamp: Most awkward moment?
  • Winston Chu: Who's your most loyal friend?
  • Zane Park: Are you confident in who you are?
  • Zig Novak: Any regrets?
  • Zoe Rivas: Are you good at hiding your true feelings?

Darcy forgot how troubling it was to be home in London. Between the elf invasion and S.H.I.E.L.D’s fall back in the states, Darcy knew it was only a matter of time before her eldest brother meddled in her life…again.

There was a reason she ran away in the first place. She just hoped Mycroft didn’t kidnap Jane or involve Sherlock.

Lost & Found (Pietro Maximoff x Darcy Lewis)

Darcy keeps losing things. The first night it happens, she’s alone in the lab.

The pack of Sour Skittles she had been absentmindedly eating were missing. In a split second, she’d turned to grab a pen, and when her eyes returned to the desk, they were gone. She felt the skin of her arms prickle, the hairs raised on end slightly with static.

She removed her glasses and rubbed the bridge of her nose where they often pinched. She concluded that either her snack had fallen into a junk food black hole (is that how Jane stays so skinny? she wondered), or she was working too hard. She decided on the latter.

Of course this wasn’t the ideal Friday night plans she’d been expecting, but with yet another cancelled date (she’s never using Tinder again, ever) and an inordinate amount of data to process she’d resigned herself to the fact that this was her life now.

And, shit, it was boring. At least she could drink the ‘secret’ tequila and lime stash Tony left not-so-subtly hidden in a drawer with a crudely scrawled label stating: ‘Don’t Touch My Stuff, Banner’(complete with a small doodle of a sombrero-wearing Hulk).

There were perks to being Jane’s intern, of course. She had her own apartment on the 12th floor of the Avengers tower whilst she was conducting research, and she was getting to spend the majority of her downtime there. The others didn’t seem to mind her loitering presence in the lounge area; she had an open plan policy with her Netflix password and she was constantly baking, so feedback seemed generally positive. At one point, Clint had even called her his “favourite of the new kids”, between mouthfuls of a cherry bakewell slice.

“The new kids”, she soon realised were a little…odd. The first time they’d met, Darcy was sprawled out on the sofa, knee deep in a Game of Thrones marathon and shovelling raw cookie dough into her mouth without an ounce of guilt. She was hungover and wearing aviator sunglasses, despite the fact that it was 9pm and November. Thor was taking up the bulk of the adjacent couch, with Clint perching on the arm and grumbling.

“How am I supposed to reach the popcorn when it’s all the way over there?!” Clint gestures wildly at the Asgardian, who has a large plastic bowl wedged between his knees.

“My friend, simply reach over and take your share,” Thor smiles, in that jovial, puppy-like manner that seemed to frustrate the archer at the best of times. Clint flaps his arms again in the general vicinity of the god.

“I’m not gonna put my hand in your damn lap! Let me hold it.”

Darcy shh’d them both and swipes the bowl and its buttery contents in one swift motion. Both men glance from Thor’s lap to the bowl and then exchange exasperated glances.

“Shut up. You have to pay attention! This show is, like, so badass and great and everyone dies!” She edges forward in her seat and gleefully rubs her hands together.

Thor’s face drops. “I’m unsure as to why you would enjoy that, Lady Darcy.”

In her abstraction, Darcy had failed to notice the twins’ presence in the room. She was about to geek out and regale the two Avengers with a complete history of mega dorky Westerosi knowledge, but was cut short by Jarvis.

“Good afternoon, Miss Maximoff, Mr. Maximoff,” the AI intoned.

“I’ll never get used to that.” The dark-haired female mutters, referring to the disembodied voice with a smirk. She’s all smudged eyeliner and graceful, slender limbs like a ballet dancer.

Damn, thinks Darcy, what an accent. Eastern European, husky, with a hint of snark. Ticks all the boxes!

And then she notices him. He’s just like when she saw him on TV news reports when Sovokia was falling to pieces. Tall, toned and lean. His borderline-ridiculous silver hair is curled, messy and falling into his eyes a little. Those eyes are glancing awkwardly around the room when they finally settle on Darcy. He gives her a small, tight-lipped smile and when he breaks her gaze, and she doesn’t realize it but she continues to gawp open-mouthed at the handsomely dishevelled speedster.

“Sweet baby Jesus holy mother of fuck” she breathes.

A chunk of cookie dough drops off her wooden spoon and lands rather comically in her cleavage.

Clint gets up off the couch (snatching the popcorn bowl from Darcy in one fell swoop without even looking) and shakes the hands of the twins. This is the most time they seem to have spent inside the gaudy, somewhat over the top Avengers tower, and both siblings appear to be a little flabbergasted.

“Hey, kid,” Clint grins at Wanda and pinches the lapel of her fringed red leather jacket. “Nice threads.”

“Thank you,” Wanda’s face softens a bit at his tone and an elusive smile graces her features for a moment. Darcy has heard that she trusts the archer the most out of all her new teammates, especially after the events at Sovokia. I’m getting some serious father/daughter vibes here, she thinks, Oh Clint, what a goddamn sap.

“Pietro,” Clint greets him with super manly man’s side-hug/ cool bro handshake combo.

“Old man,” The blonde twin replies with a good natured wink.

The archer sighs theatrically and throws his hands into the air. He’s like 1000% done with today, huh? Darcy chuckles to herself. 

Wanda’s head whips round to Darcy who appears to have only just realised how much of a hobo she looks and attempts to hide her food-stained Captain America pyjamas (which are from the kids’ section at Walmart and make Steve uncomfortable when he sees his own distorted face stretched absurdly over Darcy’s ample chest, making him look like Sloth from The Goonies…but a hot version, as Darcy had protested, much to Steve’s further insistence that she must burn them).

“You guys know Thor, and this is Darcy. She’s always here and we don’t know why.” Clint gestures to Darcy’s form, now half-huddled under a blanket.

Wanda raises an expressive eyebrow at her brother.

“Šis viena būs jautri, ne?” she giggles darkly.

“Redzēsim, māsa.” He replies, throwing a smirk and a knowing look back at her.

What are they saying? Are they talking about me? Darcy is paranoid and immensely turned on. It’s quite a predicament. Accents are her weakness. Along with, y’know, god-like bone structure and biceps. Which Blondie definitely has.

Thor’s laugh booms across the room, he gets up to clap a large hand on Pietro’s shoulder with enthusiastic aplomb. “To what do we owe this momentous pleasure of your company this evening?” he asks.

“We are staying. Indefinitely. Stark’s orders.” Wanda says, holding up a pair of keycards. On one, a red card key with a plastic keyring of Elphaba from Wicked. The other, blue with Road Runner dangling from the end and a speech bubble saying ‘Meep Meep!’. Darcy almost lets out a squeal. Tony, you hilarious bastard.

The twins have no idea why Clint and Darcy are sniggering. They look to Thor hopefully for answers. He shrugs.

“So, like, which one of you is the evil twin?” Darcy blurts out. Wanda scowls at the question but Pietro immediately points to her. She punches him on the arm and he holds up his hands innocently.

“You see?” he says triumphantly folding his arms across his chest. “Pure evil.”

The room erupts into childish sniggers once again.

The twins eventually feel comfortable enough to sit down. Wanda slinks down onto the couch next to Darcy and both siblings stare at her expectantly. If they weren’t both so sinfully pretty they’d almost definitely make her nervous.

“Fine, fine. I can take a hint. I’ll move.” Darcy sighs, rolls her eyes and shifts over towards another seat to make room for Pietro. “Lannister vibes…” she hisses at Clint before she gets up. 

Her body brushes his a little accidentally-but-totally-on-purpose as they exchange places so Pietro can sit beside his sister. It’s like her brain starts streaming the world in slow motion when she ends up in close contact with him.

“Priekā, mīļotā” he husks lightly, and she feels the warmth of his breath in her ear for a slow, agonizing second before he flops down onto the couch and begins bickering loudly with his sister in what Darcy can only assume is Sovokian. Darcy thinks she may have just imagined that. Against her better judgement, she’s flustered. Hella flustered. Hot damn.

No-one notices her slink off, muttering about being tired and needing beauty sleep to stay looking this cute- and trying to hide the beet-red flush creeping up her neck.


When Darcy reaches her door, she feels in her pocket for her keycard. Uh oh. This is the second time her personal belongings have evaporated before her eyes.

She spends the night in the lab once again. When she wakes up, her head is haphazardly smushed into the keyboard of her Macbook, and drool is pooling inbetween the keys. The word document flashing in front of her sore eyes now reads ‘In conclusion asdfghhkjlklddlfll’.

She closes the laptop with an audible groan and, to her complete annoyance, her eyes settle on her keycard- and three Skittles.

Once the fog in her head clears and she realizes it, she begins to laugh weakly. The only explanation that comes to mind is him. Of course, he’s messing with her.

“That sarcastic, speedy lil shit!”

Well, she thinks, and her lips curve devilishly. Watch out, Sonic, this means war.

I just re-watched the Domino Demo videos and I just…those episodes give me such an attack of Darcy siblings feels! I love the Bennet sisters as much as anyone, but I just can’t help but have this intense love for Gigi and Darcy’s relationship. I don’t even know why…maybe because it has the potential to be both unbelievably sweet, but also unbearably heartbreaking. Although, to be fair, so does Jane, Lizzie and Lydia’s relationship. I think the difference might just be that we saw their relationship (specifically Lydia and Lizzie’s) kind of bomb on-screen, and then begin its recovery process, whereas we can fill in a lot of holes in Gigi and Darcy’s story ourselves because a majority of it (specifically the dynamic while Gigi was growing up and Darcy was raising her) was never actually shown on-screen, only hinted at.

They love each other so much, you know. But it’s such an interesting dynamic because Darcy’s her older brother, but also sort of her dad, because after their parents died, he raised her. So he’s not just older-brother-over-protective, he’s father-over-protective. And Gigi–well Gigi knows better than anyone just how much Darcy’s had to sacrifice in his life, and she wants him to be happy so badly that she’s willing to do anything to make sure that he and Lizzie end up together (or you know…just have her not hate his existence) because she knows that that’ll make him happier than anything else.

They’re just so sweet!

Plus, I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but Daniel and Allison look so much like real-life siblings, I swear to god they’re secretly brother and sister!

LBD FIC: Business as Usual

I wrote the Darcy siblings. I have a feeling I’ll be doing that a lot in the coming weeks. Call it my coping mechanism.

Business as Usual: Gigi allowed William his silence for an entire week while he was miles removed from her. But now that he’s back at Pemberley, he can no longer put off the conversation.

I’m just having some ridiculous Darcy siblings feels right now. Just thinking about how their lives must have been after their parents died, and how much Darcy must have sacrificed to take care of Gigi, while still being CEO of Pemberley Digital, and getting his degree–and he probably didn’t even complain, because for him it wasn’t even a choice. Despite all the hard stuff, he had to it. He had to keep his family legacy going. He had to go to school. And he absolutely had to take care of his baby sister. And then after a few years, when Darcy was probably starting to feel a little better, the whole George situation happened, and it completely destroyed Gigi–and Darcy probably just didn’t know what to do, but he knew he had to make sure his baby sister was happy again. Because if he was hurting–fine, whatever, he could deal with it–but not her.

God…why do I inflict this pain on myself?

I just realized that chances are the stories of the Darcy siblings is essentially over now. And that it would have been even sooner had the team behind LBD and WTS not elected to make Gigi the center if their version of Sanditon.

And just…I’m torn. Because on the one hand, I’d like for Darcy or Gigi or, heck, even Lizzie, to appear somehow in Emma Approved. But at the same time as much as I will always adore and admire them, I’m content knowing how their stories ended and that they’re happy somewhere. In a way, I don’t want them appearing because it takes away from the new story Emma, Knightley & co. will paint, and I don’t know if that’s something I want. That’s not saying I don’t want to hear about Darcy and Lizzie’s eventual engagement somehow–‘cause I do–but still.

Bottom line: I just love the Darcy family and I think it’s finally hitting me and I’m crying and SOMEBODY HOLD ME OR HAND ME SOME FLUFFY FIC OKAY I DID NOT ASK FOR THESE FEELS.

These excellent posts about the Darcy siblings in Pride and Prejudice gave me similar thoughts bout Valjean and Cosette’s father/daughter relationship, canon vs. fanon.

So often I’ve heard people call Valjean “controlling,” say that he “isolates her almost to the point of abuse” and “won’t let her grow up,” and imply that it’s because of her loneliness and longing for freedom that she latches onto Marius so quickly.

Is it just me, or is that not quite true in the novel?

Yes, they live a secluded life, and yes, Valjean has a serious overprotective/possessive streak, but if he were really so strict and controlling, he would have stayed at the convent and made Cosette become a nun. They leave the convent expressly because Valjean doesn’t want to unfairly cut her off from the world! He takes her on outings every day (though yes, he discontinues them for three months after he sees Marius making eyes at her), specifically chooses a church that’s far from their house to give her a long walk every Sunday… we’re not dealing with Rigoletto and Gilda, the Witch and Rapunzel, or (God forbid!) Judge Turpin and Johanna! He doesn’t keep her locked in the house! Nor does he stop her from buying spiffy new clothes or parading in the garden after she realizes she’s pretty. And even though his first response to Marius is near-murderous jealous rage, he selflessly puts it aside much more quickly than a lot of other fictional parents do.

And the claim that Cosette isn’t happy until Marius comes along is total bunk! Until she becomes pretty, she’s not the social type (understandable for a child who was abused and enhanced by the fact that she thinks she’s ugly) and is content to be alone with the father she adores. Unless I’m forgetting something, only (a) her blossoming beauty and (b) Marius change her priorities.

Yes, things are different in the musical. “In My Life” implies pre-Marius loneliness and longings that Cosette doesn’t express in the novel. Plus we have visual imagery like her somber, conservative dress in the original stage production, Valjean’s repeated window- and door-closing in the movie, and the emphasis in both on the garden gate with its prison-like bars. Even I, in my essay on characterization in the musical, used terms like “stifling protectiveness,” “gilded cage” and “cut off from the world.” If an actress wants to play up Cosette’s loneliness and make her slightly more resentful toward Valjean because it’s a way to give the character depth in spite of her minimal stage time, more power to her! (Just as long as she still comes across as a sweet, loving person and doesn’t cross the line into “spoiled brat giving her father a hard time.”)

But that’s the musical, not the novel. Everything in the musical is simplified and that includes playing the “princess in the tower” trope more straight where Cosette is concerned. But in the novel, I’m pretty sure it’s a moderate example of that trope at most. And even in the musical, we first see grown-up Cosette on a charity outing with Valjean – she’s not a prisoner!

Like anghraine, the author of that fantastic Pride and Prejudice meta, I’m a sucker for beautiful family relationships. In case anyone hasn’t guessed, I’ve been annoyed lately by how the musical and fanon handle Valjean and Cosette’s relationship, for more reasons than one.