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look I know it’s been like 3 years since any women had a a meaningful conversation in an MCU movie but that’s no reason to skimp on the femslash there are so many possibilities

  • Helen Cho and Claire Temple go out for coffee; end up falling in love over mutual complaining about their ridiculous superheroes.
  • Pepper Potts and Hope Van Dyne meet up to negotiate cooperations between Stark Industries and Pym Tech. Aggressive negotiating turns into eye fucking turns into making out in someone’s office.
  • Sharon Carter having a ridiculous crush on Bobbi Morse ever since S.H.I.E.L.D. boot camp and wanting to tear her hair out every time Bobbi gets back with Hunter.
  • Ayo accompanies T’Challa to Avengers Tower on business; is so hot that Useless Bisexal ™ Helen Cho actually drops whatever she was holding.
  • The Avengers appear on Trish Talk and after being totally unimpressed by any of the guys Trish Walker discovers she can’t even make eye contact with Natasha Romanoff without turning bright red. What are coherent sentences?
  • Jane Foster and Lady Sif get tired of waiting for Thor to quit dicking around and notice one of them; Sif sweeps Jane off her feet and they ride off into the sunset together.
  • Jessica Jones starts jokingly flirting with Claire Temple, asking if she wants to cross another Defender off her list. To her absolute shock Claire takes her up on it. 
  • Before she infiltrated Stark Industries, Natasha Romanoff went undercover at Pym Tech. She stole their corporate secrets and Hope Van Dyne’s heart.
  • Daisy Johnson and Wanda Maximoff take a day off from being stressed out baby superheroes with crappy lives and messed up families to go see a movie together. Making out ensues.
  • Melinda May, who deserves nice things and rough sex, starts hooking up with Agent Piper, who’s a little scared but also really doesn’t want to question her luck.
  • Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis have been living together for a year and a half, but don’t realize they’re married until they absentmindedly kiss in the lab one night.
  • Gamora, the most dangerous woman in the galaxy, becomes a stammering dork when faced with Mantis being completely adorable. Mantis is puzzled.

I could do these literally all day please come talk to me about MCU femslash or tell me yours I need more gay MCU ladies

  • Mr. Darcy: I may have... Stirrings for Miss Elizabeth Bennet.
  • Colonel Fitzwilliam: Stirrings?
  • Mr. Darcy: Stirrings.
  • Colonel Fitzwilliam: What, like feelings, you mean?
  • Mr. Darcy: No, no, no, no, not quite all the way to feelings. More like...
  • Colonel Fitzwilliam: ...
  • Mr. Darcy: Alright, feelings, damn you.

Who taught you that the value of a woman is the ratio of her waist to her hips, and the circumference of her buttocks, and the volume of her lips? Your math is dangerously wrong. Her value is nothing less than infinite.

elle’s ‘I-have-read-it-more-than-once-and-will-do-so-again’ Kingsman multi-ship rec list

Exactly what the title says

End on an Exhale by @insanereddragon - M, Merhartwin

Harry sits down beside him, heedless of the dew or the grass, and picks up the crumpled pack. Eggsy finally looks over at him as he lights up and pulls in his first lungful.

“This ain’t a mission.”

Harry glances at him from the side. “Not mine, but I don’t think you’re done with yours yet. So we’ll stay here until you are.”


A series of moments in Harry, Eggsy, and Merlin’s relationship in which they are smoking.

So in real life I am very meeeh about smoking. But I won’t pretend I don’t find it hot. I am sure I am not the only one.

fuck me a rainbow by @tastymoves - E, Hartwin

“I want to try them.” He grins his cheekiest grin. “Repeatedly.”

“You make a compelling case, Eggsy. However, I do have to finish up here first so you might need to be a little more patient.”

Another groan from Eggsy. “That’s what I get for fucking the boss.”

“Getting fucked by the boss is more like it, isn’t it?” Harry responds as he turns his attention back to his laptop like it’s not half-buried in color changing condoms.

The perfect mix of funny and hot, do yourself a favor and go read this. Seriously, it’s intimate smut at his best.

Every Step You Take by LapisLazuli - E, Hartwin, Merlahad, Merhartwin

The day that Harry’s aesthetic appreciation of Eggsy became active want was a result of nothing remarkable. He had gone to speak with Merlin, who was monitoring a training session for the Lancelot candidates, and happened to glance down at the monitor just as Eggsy finished annihilating a series of long-distance targets on the range. He stood up, pushing his goggles back on his forehead, and positively beamed, his joy in the achievement as bright as the sun, and Harry actually felt his breath stutter in his lungs. Something about the combination of deadliness and innocence that Eggsy embodied so effortlessly simply reached right down into Harry’s chest and squeezed, and he could do nothing to prevent the sharp wave of lust that crashed over him.

That one is VERY hot okay. Just. Unf. Unf unf unf

My Love’s a Revolver by @fangirlasplosian - E, Merlahad

After certain kinds of missions, Harry Hart has two sure-fire ways to deal with pent-up adrenaline: Get pissed, or get laid. Unfortunately, the one time he takes someone home he’s interested in seeing again, he turns out to be a new coworker. A coworker with rules about about sleeping with colleagues.

Being a gentleman, Harry will respect Merlin’s boundaries. But the more they work together and get to know each other, the harder Harry finds it to keep propriety in check.

Red is the one who recced it to me a few months ago but by the gods am I glad she did. It is everything one might wish of a Merlahad story

Care and Custody by  esama  - T, Hartwin

Eggsy takes out the medal in slightly worse circumstances, asking for a miracle.

It is just such a good fix-it and an interesting AU of what could have happened if some things had been slightly different.

The Courting of Eggsy Unwin by @zombiisheep - E, Harry/Eggsy/Mark Darcy

How were there TWO Harry Harts? Eggsy couldn’t even handle one!

But then how was Harry standing in front of this cafe when he was supposed to be all the way in Brussels on an ambassador mission with Arthur?

Eggsy soon discovers that there is still a lot to learn about Harry Hart, starting with the fact that he has a twin brother, a one Mr. Mark Darcy. And Mark may share Harry’s face, but that’s where the similarities end. Where Harry is slick and charismatic, Mark is awkward and endearing. But for all of the charm Mark lacks, Eggsy can’t help but find himself falling for the bumbling barrister.

But when Harry returns and discovers that not only has his young protege has fallen for someone other than him (he may have been giving Eggsy the impression that he wasn’t interested, whoops), but it’s his estranged goody two shoes brother. The war for Eggsy’s heart begins, but none of them can plan for how it turns out.

(It ends with all three together, that’s where)

If twincest isn’t your thing, don’t read this. But if you don’t mind, zomg, go read this.

the canvas can do miracles by @sententiousandbellicose - T, Hartwin

After Kentucky, Harry will never be a knight again, but that doesn’t mean he’s lost everything. He still has the sea. He still has Eggsy. He just needs Eggsy to remind him of that. (In which Harry runs away and Eggsy waits for him to come back home.)

This story is just omg SO GOOD. It’s Harry-centric and everything I didn’t know I wanted to read about until Reg put it in words.

The Whole Truth by @oggalahad - G, Hartwinrox

Truth serum has never been perfected to actually get to the truth, and Eggsy is an expert at rambling about nothing.

A funny and sweet truth serum fic. What’s not to like?

Rainy Nights by LittleMissHara - T, Harroxy

Sometimes he just wondered a little too much, & she’d just tell him to stop, & that was perfectly okay.

Short but oh so very beautifully written

Written In the Stars by @potentiality-26 E, Hartwin

Harry blinked and said, “Eggsy,” with warmth but undeniable surprise.

Though he had anticipated exactly this reception, Eggsy barely managed to keep his face from falling. Harry never seemed anything but pleased by Eggsy’s visits, but the fact that he plainly expected to see less of Eggsy hurt. Eggsy suspected that Harry disapproved but was too kind to say so, and Harry would never have let good manners stop him from telling Eggsy where he was going wrong before; it was just one more sign that the ties that had bound them together for so long were unraveling

Eggsy becomes a knight. It doesn’t simplify his relationship with his master as much as he hoped it might.

It’s a Hartwin Star Wars AU where Eggsy was Harry’s padawan and they have a bond even after Eggsy becomes a Knight. OF COURSE I LOVE THAT BLOODY FIC AND I READ IT AGAIN AND AGAIN OKAY! (heck i dream of it having a sequel one day T^T) Also damn, it’s written by potentiality-26. I’ve never not like one of their fic.

Little Princess by @persephoneggsy - G, Hartwin

Harry Hart, a.k.a. Arthur, finds himself competing with a seven-year-old for Eggsy’s (a.k.a. Guinevere’s) affections. And then he receives help from the last place he expected.

That fic is just bloody adorable okay? Read this. You won’t regret it.

Out of Left Field by VillaKulla - M, Hartwin, Roxlin

“Now there was just one more thing,” Merlin said, addressing the sweaty, bedraggled, footballers clustered around him. “There’s been a change of ref.”

Eggsy and the rest of the UK Kingsmen looked at their coach expectantly and he raised his eyebrows.

“Harry Hart.”

Look, I don’t care about sport. And yet I devoured that story because it’s so much more than this and the sport in it just make it all more rich.

Not Good, Doesn’t Mean Bad by @anarchycox - M, Harroxy

Harry and Roxy have broken up, but now a mission has them playing a happy couple. It is very easy to pretend to be in love, when you never stopped.

While I completely adore the Knitter Eggsy Verse and everyone should go read it NOW, I decided to rec this Harroxy fic instead because DAMN we need more Harroxy and this one is just so good! Harry is an idiot, but he’s lucky Roxy is more than ready to think for him.


ShieldShock Gif Set and One-Shot Fanfiction ​ -

All’s Fair in Love and Matchmaking

Steve started to enter the lounge, but stopped as he saw the woman in red.  She was stunning. Gorgeous. A knock out.  

“Your car’s ready, Darcy! Enjoy your date and thank me later.”  Natasha sounded triumphant.




He regretted blowing off Natasha’s latest attempt at matchmaking more than he could’ve ever imagined. Self-insulting curses and expletives echoed inside his head as he realized his epic mistake- and he tried not to drool.  He stayed out of Darcy’s line of sight and stared at her hopelessly.

So beautiful…

As Darcy swept out of the room, Natasha handed her a condom.  “You look fantastic and you’re gonna need this.”

Darcy grinned and tucked it in her handbag, “If he’s as amazing as you say, we may need more.”

After she was gone, Natasha turned and called out.  “You can come out now. Did you want something?”

“Is that the woman you told me to ask out for tonight? Was THAT Darcy Lewis?”  Steve hung his head, wincing.  

Natasha raised a brow.  “Yes.  THAT was Darcy Lewis. Why do you ask?  I mean.. sure, she’s funny and gorgeous and nice. Brave, too. She laid Thor out with a Taser when they first met.  But, you ‘just want some peace and quiet’ and ‘no one can be THAT amazing’.  Right?”

He swallowed hard and looked longingly towards the door Darcy left by.  “I may have been completely wrong about that.”

Natasha’ nodded, smug.  “Uh huh. Say you’re sorry for doubting me.”

Steve sighed, “I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have doubted you.”  His expression crumpled with regret.  “I’m really sorry.” He closed his eyes tightly and shook his head.

With a triumphant air, Natasha walked past him and pulled his dark navy suit and his black dress shoes out of a nearby closet.  “Here.  Get dressed and don’t doubt me again.  Oh.  And name one of the kids after me.”  She frowned.  “Don’t gawk.  Dress. Hurry. This is planned down to the second.” She pulled out her phone and hit speed dial.  “Agent Hart?  This is Romanoff. Return to your post. I’m sorry, but you’re needed at Headquarters tonight.  I’ll have someone let your blind date know. Thank you.”

Steve stripped without further delay and put on the suit. He frowned. “Hart? Hasn’t he dated every woman on base?”

Natasha looked like the cat who had eaten the canary.  “Almost. A few of the men, too.  He’s really good in bed. If for some reason I couldn’t set Darcy up with the man most likely to be the love of her life, I was at least gonna make sure she got laid.”  She stepped closer and helped him with his tie.  “Just be yourself, Steve.  You two are perfect for each other.”

With a bashful smile, he nodded and leaned down to kiss her cheek.  “Thanks.”

Natasha stood back and looked him over.  “You look good.  Your driver’s route is shorter than hers and I gave them your name at the restaurant.  Have fun.”

Barely repressing a smirk, Steve looked askance at Natasha.  

Finally, she reached in her pocket and handed him several condoms.  “Oh?  Okay.  Here. You’re welcome.”  She chuckled.

As he dashed out he called back to her, “THANK YOU!”

Mi ascolti: credo che dovremmo darci un taglio. Comincio a dipendere da lei. Non posso stare ad aspettare un giorno intero l'e-mail di un uomo che mi gira le spalle quando mi incontra, che non vuole conoscermi, che vuole solo le mie e-mail, che usa le mie parole per costruirsi una creatura tutta sua, perché le donne che incontra nella realtà lo fanno soffrire fin oltre, presumo, la soglia del dolore. Non possono continuare cosí. È frustrante. Capisce cosa intendo?

Daniel Glattauer, Le ho mai raccontato del vento del Nord

Fic: Duet

Summary: Kurt Hummel has certainly complicated Blaine’s life. And it’s Blaine’s own fault. But still. He’s just not sure what to do. Duets. That is the Glee club assignment of the week. And that’s really what has gotten him into this mess.

After being beaten up at a dance for being gay, Blaine leaves his old school for McKinley - where he promises to jump right in - glee club, basketball, choir, even superhero club. But he will not come out. Not until college. He’ll just manage and thrive knowing it’s just two years away. Kurt Hummel was not part of the plan.

Loosely based on the prompt: “Why are you so clingy people will think we’re dating- I know we are but you’re the one who wants it to be secret you moron!” AU

Words: 4100

Rating: Mature

On AO3


Kurt Hummel has certainly complicated Blaine’s life. And it’s Blaine’s own fault. But still. He’s just not sure what to do.

Blaine has known he was gay since he was 11. It was nothing earth shattering or terrifying really. More like a ‘Huh. okay. I guess that’s me,’ when he was watching Dawson’s Creek and there was actually a gay kid on his screen.  He knew that that’s who he would be one day.

Keep reading


“How are you this evening, my dear?”

“Very well. Only I wish you would not call me ‘my dear’.”


“Because it is what my father always calls my mother when he’s cross about something.”

“What endearments am I allowed?”

“Well, let me think. ‘Lizzy’, for every day. ‘My pearl’, for Sundays. And ‘goddess divine’, but only for very special occasions.”

“And what shall I call you when I’m cross. ‘Mrs. Darcy’?”

“No! No. You may only call me ‘Mrs. Darcy’ when you are completely and perfectly and incandescently happy.”

“And how are you this evening, Mrs. Darcy?”

One Shot Harry Styles

  • Pedido - poderia fazer um imagine do Harry, que ele e a S/N são casados, e tem três filhos (c/ idade entre 3 a 9 anos), dai o Harry quer se divorciar, e em algum momento do imagine ele fala a seguinte frase: “ Por que você vacila tanto?!” obrigadinha Tay! ❤

O dia se foi tão rápido quanto chegou, (seu nome) estava preparando o jantar repleta de esperança de que o marido chegaria a tempo para fazer a refeição em família como não acontecia há um tempo. Pela manhã, Joanne, a filha mais nova, estava tristonha e para alegrá-la (seu nome) disse que provavelmente Harry estaria presente na hora do jantar como ela o pediu. Talvez ela não tenha feito certo em transmitir sua esperança para a filha, caso Harry não aparecesse, não seria só ela que ficaria decepcionada.

A família Styles não estavam em seu melhor momento, as crianças estavam sentindo falta do pai e (seu nome) do marido, Harry estava cada vez menos em casa e isso mexia com o humor de todos. (Seu nome) sempre tentava chegar a uma explicação para o que foi acontecendo sorrateiramente, mas ela ainda não entendeu.

O jantar estava pronto e eles estavam a espera de Harry se sentarem à mesa como uma família que eram, mas os segundos foram se transformando em minutos e os minutos se transformaram em horas, as crianças já estavam com sono e (seu nome) não poderia segurá-las ali por mais tempo.

— Vamos comer, vocês precisam ir para a cama porque amanhã tem aula. — (seu nome) disse começando a servi-los.

— Mas e o papai? — Joanne perguntou olhando para a porta de entrada da cozinha como se esperasse o pai passar por ela.

— Ele deve ter ficado ocupado e não pôde vir. — (seu nome) beijou a cabeça da pequena de três anos depois de servi-la.

— Ele está sempre ocupado para nós de uns dias pra cá. — Darcy, a filha mais velha, com nove anos, falou começando a comer.

— Isso não é verdade, Darcy. Seu pai ama vocês. — (seu nome) se sentou a mesa começando a comer também.

— Papai nem joga bola comigo mais… — Brendan, de seis anos, disse chateado.

— O pai de vocês os amam e logo, logo estará aqui sem todo o trabalho que ele tem tido, ok?! — (seu nome) quis encerrar aquele assunto porque não aguentava ver os seus pequenos tão tristes.

O jantar continuou, agora todos em silêncio enquanto (seu nome) pensava se Harry não quis chegar a tempo ou ele apenas esqueceu que tinha prometido fazer o possível para estar ali. De qualquer forma, não era uma surpresa, aquilo vinha acontecendo frequentemente nos últimos dias.

Após o jantar, as crianças escovaram os dentes e cada um foi para seu quarto dormir, (seu nome) foi para o dela e se deitou ao lado de Joanne que há muito tempo dorme com ela e Harry. Depois que a pequena dormiu tendo a mãe acariciando seus cabelos, (seu nome) não conseguiu evitar o sono por muito tempo e acabou dormindo também.

Durante a madrugada, (seu nome) acordou percebendo que Harry não estava na cama, ela olhou o relógio sobre a mesa de cabeceira e marcava 3:00 am. Ela deu uma olhada em Joanne e se levantou caminhando devagar para fora do quarto e em direção a cozinha, antes de terminar de atravessar a sala, ela pôde ver o pé do Harry para fora do sofá,. Suspirando, caminhou até ele e acariciou seus cabelos desgrenhados.

— Acho que o problema sou eu… Por que você vacila tanto? — (seu nome) sussurrou sabendo que não poderia ser ouvida e voltou a fazer o caminho até a cozinha para beber um copo de água.

— O problema não é você em si… — (seu nome) se assustou quase deixando o copo escorregar de sua mão — Nós não temos mais a privacidade de um casal.

— O que você quer dizer? — ela se virou para olhar o marido.

— Você sabe… A Joanne sempre dormiu no nosso quarto, nós passamos muito tempo fazendo sexo escondidos no closet ou no banheiro, mas agora isso não acontece mais. Ela tem o sono leve e acorda sempre que está sozinha na cama. — Harry explicou caminhando até o banquinho da bancada onde se sentou — Eu não estou dizendo que um casamento não sobrevive sem sexo, mas isso é meio que preciso.

— Você então está dizendo que quer se separar porque não fazemos mais sexo? — (seu nome) deixou o copo sobre a pia sentindo um aperto estranho dentro do peito, não era possível que eles iriam se separar.

— Eu passei esses dias distantes a procura de uma resposta, eu não conseguia me decidir estando aqui com você todo o tempo. Você é uma ótima esposa e uma mãe melhor ainda, eu não conseguia me decidir.

— Então agora você se decidiu? — (seu nome) já sentia os olhos repletos de lágrimas — Claro que decidiu, você nem ao menos foi dormir na nossa cama. — (seu nome) se virou de costas para o marido assim que as lágrimas começaram a descer por seu rosto como se apostassem uma corrida — Você deveria ter me dito… Se você queria se livrar da minha presença, poderia ter conversado comigo e não ter magoado as crianças por minha causa.

— Eu não queria me livrar de você… — Harry se aproximou abraçando a esposa por trás — Eu só precisava pensar.

— E decidir que quer o divórcio. — (seu nome) falou com a voz um pouco ácida, mas não afastou o corpo de Harry do seu — Eu sou filha de pais separados, você também é… O que será das crianças, Harry? Eu não as quero sofrendo.

— Nós não vamos nos separar, eu decidi que o motivo não é algo irreversível, nós podemos mudar isso. — Harry beijou a cabeça da esposa que ainda chorava — Podemos deixar as crianças com a minha mãe ou com a sua para termos uma segunda lua de mel. Podemos acostumar a Joanne a dormir no quarto dela, podemos conseguir nossa privacidade de volta. — Harry virou (seu nome) para olhar em seus olhos — Basta nós eu e você querer. — ele limpou as lágrimas que no rosto da mulher.

— Eu não quero ficar sem você. — (seu nome) o apertou em um abraço podendo ouvir as batidas coração de Harry por sua cabeça estar deitada no peito dee — Eu te amo, Haz!

— Eu também te amo, te amo muito. — Harry acariciou as costas da mulher tentando acalmá-la.

— Por que a mamãe tá cholando? — Harry e (seu nome) olharam em direção a porta da cozinha onde Joanne estava em pé há algum tempo observando-os sem que percebessem.

— É só um cisco, meu bem. — (seu nome) sorriu passando a mão no rosto.

— Vamos dormir, ok? — Harry beijou a testa de (seu nome) caminhando em direção a Joanne — Amanhã será um novo dia. — ele sorriu pegando a filha no colo e estendeu a mão para (seu nome) caminhando com as duas em direção ao quarto.

Amanhã será mesmo um novo dia, o pai ausente ficará no passado e todos juntos juntaram todas as peças do quebra cabeça para colocar cada uma em seu devido lugar. Nenhuma peça daquela família ficaria faltando, todos ficariam bem unidos e inseparáveis.  

Espero que tenham gostado… ❤

Fiquem a vontade para falar comigo na ask a qualquer hora 😘

- Tay

AU Headcanon: Tony Stark is always Tony Stark

When Steve is a Georgian-era sea captain,

when Natasha is a half-cyborg space princess,

when Clint is a mermaid,

when Sam can shapeshift into a falcon,

when Bucky is a mechanical engineering professor,

when Thor is a vampire,

when Bruce is a steampunk version of Jekyll & Hyde,

when Pepper is the mayor of a post-apocalyptic holdout,

when Coulson cracks jokes and grins like a loon,

Tony Stark is always a wealthy libertine genius inventor who doesn’t like to be handed stuff and is snarky and crass when he’s uncomfortable and is bad at showing affection.