ShieldShock Imagine-  Happy Thanksgiving

Jane had warned Steve that when it came to creating a perfect feast, newly-wed Darcy Lewis-Rogers was as unstoppable as Jane on a science bender.  She would race around the kitchen doing everything to perfection herself and get so caught up in her endeavors that she lost sight of all else.

He didn’t believe it.

She wouldn’t let him help and practically ignored him after he’d set the table to her specs, so he stripped naked and stood in the kitchen snacking on an apple.  After it took Darcy ten minutes to notice, he believed Jane’s warning.  As Darcy raised a brow and almost glared, he began to question his wisdom in pranking someone carrying a carving knife.

“Not in front of my Thanksgiving feast, Steve.”  To his relief, she chuckled.

He nodded and pulled her in for a conciliatory kiss.  “Yes, ma’am.”

She placed a hand on his chest, sighed, and shook her head.  “We only have long enough to dress before the others arrive, you Punk.”  She frowned.  “I’ll be thinking about you naked the entire time we’re eating.”

He kissed the tip of her nose.  “Yes, ma’am.”  He felt her relax into his embrace.

“I ignored perfection in pursuit of perfection,” Darcy marveled. She grinned and kissed his cheek.  “I have a lot to be thankful for.  I intend to express myself on the matter later after our guests have gone and we’ve slept off the turkey.”

He smiled easily as he followed her to their room so that they could both get dressed.  “Me, too. Happy Thanksgiving, Sweetheart.”


Some Nights

Author: Jadzia Bear @jadziabear
Fandom: Thor/Captain America
Pairing: Darcy/Steve/Bucky
Chapters: 8
Rated: M
Where I read: FF

Review: I loved the idea behind this story; that Steve needed a little ‘help’ adjusting to the twenty first century and that Darcy was happy to help out. I also liked that Darcy wasn’t just this completely high powered character this time, this time she had some self doubt that made her that much more relatable. Darcy was still her awesome self, just with a dash of doubt that helped this story move right along. I love how sweet Steve was and how flirty Bucky was - it just seemed to fit them and made them fit perfectly with Darcy. I loved this fic and I wish there were some drabbles more about their daily lives now that all three of them are together.

what I desperately crave is more friendships between marvel women.

Natasha and Wanda have regular movie nights together (Natasha loves action comedies and Wanda likes fantasy or scifi best. They have a list with movies that fall into both genres)

Maria and Pepper hang out after business meetings and drink wine when Tony has been particularly extra. You can’t tell me that Betty Ross, Helen Cho and Jane Foster don’t meet up over science business. Darcy has tagged all pictures of them together as #yeahsciencebitch!

Sharon and Natasha go to the same gym. They spar as often as possible and keep track of their scores. Wanda also tags along sometimes to pick up some of their moves.

All the ladies have a groupchat where they can exchange workplace gossip and bitch about their dramatic male coworkers. Lady Sif and Gamora are somehow in that group, too.

I know I’ve said this a lot, but I’m still Bitter™ that Jane and Darcy have been practically erased from the MCU when they’re both amazing, badass science ladies (and they’re both Jewish btw) who were given an actual story arc that coincided with Thor’s instead of them just being there to make Thor look better, like, they had as big a part of the story as he had, and I could really go with a Marvel series that dealt with Jane and Darcy and Erik studying the science in the Marvel universe and making cool discoveries and it would be so great but it seems like Marvel is pretty much done with them and it makes me so sad

MCU Women of Color Recast

I was inspired by @zamnwilson and @unclesteeb, who made a list of women in the MCU recast as women of color. So here’s my list!

Sofia Boutella as Natasha Romanoff

Lucy Lui as Pepper Potts

Stephanie Beatriz as Maria Hill

Aishwarya Rai as Carol Danvers

Janelle Monae as Sharon Carter

Angel Coulby as Peggy Carter

Diane Guerrero as Jane Foster

Tatiana Eva Marie as Wanda Maximoff (I wanted to use Alina Serban but I found this great picture that just scremed Scarlet Witch)

Gabrielle Union as Hope van Dyne

Jaime Chung as Lady Sif

Aja Naomi King as Jessica Jones

Sanam Saeed as Trish Walker

Gina Rodriguez as Karen Page

Q’Oriaka Kilcher as Bobbi Morse

Alexandra Grey as Jemma Simmons

Fan BingBing as Angie Martinelli

Genesis Rodriguez as Dottie Underwood

Michaela Coel as Darcy Lewis

Where did all the women go?

Sif isn’t in Thor: Ragnarok

So in a franchise that isn’t exactly known for having much in the way of female characters we’ve lost Jane Foster, we’ve lost Darcy, Frigga got fridged for “manpain” ™ and now we’ve lost Sif too! 

And in return for losing basically every single female character in the franchise ever, we have Valkyrie. 

Not that I’m not looking forward to Tessa Thompson, I am, but I had been hoping to see just a tad more estrogen on screen. 

Women don’t really have cooties, @marvelentertainment I promise. We also make up 53% of the film going public, so maybe you could put a few more of us in your movies? Huh? Please? 

And maybe give us names because as prime as roles such as  Asgardian Woman #2 and Sakaarian Girlfriend #1 are, I’m getting sick of your sexist shit. 

Why don’t you hire some female scriptwriters, that might do wonders for your sexism problem, or is Marvel Entertainment as big of a sausage fest as your movies are? 

Thor Ragnarok Post Credit Scene [Deleted]

[lights up on the empty field overlooking the sea in which Odín passed and Hela arrived. We close up on the remains of Mjolnir glimmering in the light of the setting sun. The sound of a van pulling up and idling for a second before turning off can be heard. Car doors open and voices chatter.]

Jane: (from offscreen) My device is showing the highest concentration of the foreign energy right…over there!

[a pair of petite shoes, obviously Janes, enter the frame right next to the remains]

Darcy: (from offscreen) Jane?

Jane: Oh my- What is…

[her hand enters the frame to touch Mjolnir. Right as her fingers make contact the remains begin to glow, vibrate and levitate. We pan out behind Jane, still being denied the sight of her face, as the remains levitate and continue to glow.]

Darcy: Jane!

[Darcy rushes into the frame as the sky grows dark, but stops short. It begins to thunder and the wind picks up. Jane’s hair (which she has highlighted blonde) blows around her. Jane begins to back away but still holds out her dominant hand in a gesture of defense. The pieces begin to reform but not before the handle places itself in Jane’s palm. We begin to pan around Jane, now beginning to be able to see her face. She holds the now re-formed Mjolnir and lightning arcs between the clouds and the hammer, which once again bears the seal of Odín. ]

Odín: (godly whispers which overlap.) Whosover holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.

[we now finally focus in on Jane’s face. Her emotions read slight fear, but in the black of her dilated pupils we see forks of white lightning. Screen goes black.]

/Jane Foster will return as The Mighty Thor/