darcy is ... tall

listen to me: jane being gone is an absolute tragedy but thor is going to get through the pain with another dark eyed scientist full of innocence and wonder and humbling intelligence so. he’s gunna be okay.

AU from MCU Civil War in which Bucky doesn’t choose to go back into Cryo but gets passed around the Avengers for looking after, or babysitting as Darcy calls it.

“So, who’s tall, dark and brooding over there?”

Jane’s gaze flicks up from the desk in front of her at Darcy’s question, and just as quickly, it drops back to the laptop she taps at on the tech-littered table.

“You really did keep out of everything this past year, huh?” Jane says, hushed, like half the people here don’t have super-hearing.

Darcy frowns, at Jane, at the guy leant in the doorway with his arms crossed, and wonders what her year break from aliens and scary space stuff, making mac ‘n’ cheese with her grandma and not having to worry about, y’know, dying or anything, has to do with the new face around their place in New Mexico.

The Avengers came to pick up Thor in their giant jet for some super important mission and stopped for pizza night at Jane’s lab, which is a huge step up from her trailer now thanks to Stark’s big stacks, and Darcy had thought that was weird at the time, because hello, the guy can just lift his hammer and be on another planet.

But now it makes sense.

The jet, the pizza, the sly low looks towards this dude in blue jeans and a sweat shirt with stubble up his jaw and his dark hair falling in his low-lidded eyes despite the fact he has it pulled back into a bun. They’re dropping him off and trying not to make an obviously big deal about it.

So Darcy picks up her red plastic beer cup, takes a long slurp, and walks over to the guy everyone seems to be treating like a ticking time bomb. His eyes meet hers and she steps up to meet him, a foot shorter, tilting her head back to keep his gaze.

“So who gets to babysit you? Because I would be all about that.”

The room goes quiet. The new guy looks her straight in the eye, and he smirks. She feels a thrill all the way down to her toes in her boots.

“They couldn’t pay you enough,” he tells her in a low drawl, his accent reminiscent of Steve’s when he gets talking about baseball.

“Hell, for you, I’d do it for free,” Darcy replies, watching him from behind her red framed cells as she slurps again from her cup.

In the time it takes for him to huff a laugh, and all the toppings to have slid off the slice of pizza in Clint’s grasp while he avidly watches the exchange, Darcy realises she’s flirting with the guy who they accused of bombing the UN peace summit, the big bad assassin that Tasha had told her about once, the–

“Snowflake Soldier, or something, right?”

Remember the Sparkly Shit

TL;DR:  The big thing is caring about the little things.  Remember the sparkly shit.

This isn’t the normal sort of thing I post, and some random person on the internet who says snarky things about clothes is not your first go-to for relationship advice.  So this isn’t advice.  This is just what I notice.  And it’s not about snog-partner relationships only, it’s about human relationships.  

Take a moment to pick out the most telling phrase in this conversation.  

It’s not “make my baby happy,” although the fact that he doesn’t say “I don’t want her to be mad at me” or “I want her to forgive me” or even “say I’m sorry,” is extremely telling, because those are all about him and how she feels about him, and he just wants to make her feel happy about something, whatever it is.  She may very well still be mad at him, but she’ll be happy.  

It’s “I remember she said.”

He remembers a random comment, probably made to the cousin and not even to him, about a substance he knows nothing about.  He remembered a very little thing that she liked.  That is a big thing.

Trust me, with most women, showing up with some random sparkly shit you remember she said she liked will get you so much further than a bouquet of roses or whatever.  Those say “I want you to not be mad at me.”  And that can mean “I feel terrible when you’re mad at me,” or they can mean “look, if I give you the stupid flowers like some Hugh Grant character will you stop slamming doors?”  The point is, he doesn’t have to deal with her being mad at him.

Sparkly shit, latest book by her favorite author, something she mentioned wanting but didn’t buy for whatever reason, a favorite food (a small favorite snack or candy is always a good addition to other options), her favorite animal (be careful with that one, maybe go with a symbolic stuffed one), whatever little thing will make her happy.  Or him, because because I’ve done this with male friends and it works.  The food thing is great with guys.  With boyfriends you can indeed show up in red scanties and take it from there.  

Can’t think of anything you can get fast enough, or afford?  Get a giant-ass, neon-green, stuffed, sparkly unicorn and slap a cheap plastic Batman mask and a sombrero on it for good measure.  Show up in a funny costume (avoid anything kinky here, unless this is your version of the red scanties thing).  Whatever will make her laugh, or at the very least see that you are trying here.  You are thinking of her.  That is the big thing.

Really truly broke, or maybe the laugh thing didn’t work?  Text a picture of the sink empty of all the dishes you just washed.  Her freshly-washed car.  All I want out of life most days is somebody who will scoop my cat’s box, take out the trash, and do my dishes. Whoever her somebody is, become that somebody. 

For so many women I know and have seen on the internet, that bastion of truth, Mr. Darcy the tall, dark, brooding, rich guy is not the fantasy.  Mr. Darcy the guy who makes problems go away just to make a girl’s life not suck is the fantasy.  If he comes in a tall, dark, brooding, rich package, hey, bonus!  But the important thing is he makes her life not suck.  And he makes it not suck not because he wants her to owe him a marriage, or even want to marry him, he doesn’t even want her to know he does it, he just wants to make her life not suck.  That is the big thing.  

I’m serious, guys, unexpectedly scooping my cat box is one of the most romantic things you could do for me.  That right there is caring.  

That is the big thing.  The big thing is caring about the little things.  The Prodigal Cousin cares enough about his girlfriend to remember she likes some sparkly shit, and even if it takes him into the depths of Sephora and requires the assistance of two other women, by god, he is going to go forth and get her that sparkly shit.  He cares enough about her to remember she likes something he doesn’t care about at all.  He remembers little things about her, because making her happy is the big thing.  

Do not save this for fixing problems.  Do not reserve it for romantic entanglements.  All people know you care about them when you care about the little things, and it helps prevent or alleviate problems if that caring is firmly established to begin with.  A friend picked me up from the airport and there was a hershey’s almond bar on the seat–he remembered I like the almond ones.  That, more than the chocolate bar, or even the ride home from the airport, was a “you are my friend” signal.  A group of friends and I have a mutual support group based on sharing cute or funny animal videos with each other on facebook, and with every panda falling off a wall or whatever, we’re telling each other “hey!  This cute animal video made me think of you!” (Especially when the panda falls of the wall.)  

Post funny crap on their facebook walls. Remember people’s favorite candies and randomly show up with them.  Offer them a ride home from work. Do your roommate’s dishes so they can study that night.  Change the oil on their car. Scoop that stupid cat box. Text before something stressful to check on them.  Text after to see how it went.  Offer to fight that jerk who keeps double parking over their spot every damn day. Ask if they’ve eaten recently. Know when a rough day at work or school is coming and have breakfast or snacks or flowers or little encouraging notes and jokes on their desks when they wake up or get to work.  Or make/buy them lunch to take with them.  Dinner so they don’t have to when they get home.  

Because food is caring.  “Here, you like this food.”  “Here, you have not eaten enough food today.”  “Here, I have made, procured, or microwaved food so you don’t have to.”  You know why women think men who can cook are so great?  You know why we want to keep friends and boyfirends around who’ll make sure there’s food for us after a long day, whether it’s take out on the couch or their secret-recipe quiche on a candle-lit table?  Because it means we don’t have to.  They care enough to give us both food and nothing to do.  Having nothing to do makes our lives not suck for a bit.  Nothing is a big thing.  

The big thing is caring about the little things.

Remember that sparkly shit.

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Your p&p posts have such fantastic nuance. I've read them all! What are your thoughts on the sexual tension between Elizabeth and darcy in the book? When do you think the physical attraction starts? Also - who kissed who first? I suppose propriety would have demanded it be Darcy?

Thank you! That takes dedication ;)

I think the sexual tension between Elizabeth and Darcy is absolutely present in most of the book, though Elizabeth’s motives are so confused and her own awareness of them so flawed that it only emerges in little scraps on her side.

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Miss Darcy was tall, and on a larger scale than Elizabeth; and, though little more than sixteen, her figure was formed, and her appearance womanly and graceful. She was less handsome than her brother; but there was sense and good-humour in her face, and her manners were perfectly unassuming and gentle. Elizabeth, who had expected to find in her as acute and unembarrassed an observer as ever Mr. Darcy had been, was much relieved by discerning such different feelings

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Are the requests still open???? Could you write A N Y T H I N G with Muriel? (could be NSFW or not, you decide :p) (Btw I love your writing <3)

first of all, thank you!!! god i honestly think my writing is shit and im trying to find ways to improve all the time! <3 

i’ve been searching for ways to thank the people that have drawn/are drawing my apprentice, so here’s one of them~

this is for @murielswife‘s mc, her name is Darcy; I absolutely ADORE her art and my new otp darcy x muriel!! please go follow <3

“Muriel?” Darcy glanced up at the tall man after concluding the piano piece she was softly playing. It was raining hard outside. which confined the two in their cottage they shared together, deep within the forest.

“Yes?” he replied slowly. In that one tiny word, Darcy could see how thrilled he was to hear her say his name; her heart fluttered.

“You stole my heart, but I think I’ll let you keep it.” she smiled shyly, trying to contain herself. She had hung onto that line for awhile after somewhere. The gentle notes reminded her of it, thus leading to her cheesy, but cute line.

 Over in the corner, Verona, Darcy’s foxy familiar nudged Muriel lightly. Muriel walked over to her carefully picked her up bridal style, his green eyes full of love and admiration. 

“That’s good because it’s more beautiful than the millions of stars that glitter at night.” His voice was soft; the one he exclusively saved for her. Darcy grinned and then giggled, and Muriel’s heart melted. Darcy’s laugh was one of his favorite sounds in the world. 

The rain seemed to let up to a light drizzle. It piqued Muriel’s interest and suddenly, Muriel had an idea. He started walking out of the den with her in his arms, ignoring Darcy’s playful protests. Shifting Darcy to one arm, he opened the door that lead to the gentle drops from the sky.

“Do you want to dance in the rain with me?” he asked. Surprise crossed her face, and quickly turned into excitement.

“Yes.” she answered confidently, quickly slipping on shoes. The blonde witch grabbed Muriel’s hand with her own and led him outside. 

Muriel could survive out in the woods with no shelter and no food, but for the life of him, had no idea how to dance. So, he left it up to Darcy to show him.

She took his arm and placed it around her waist, causing Muriel to blush. He looked away, but Darcy caught his flushed cheeks and laughed. She placed her own hand as high as she could reach, and her delicate fingertips almost reached Muriel’s shoulder. Then, she took his other hand with hers and gazed at his face with wonder in her eyes.

“I love you.” she smiled at Muriel, pleased with their dancing.

“I love you too, Darcy.” 


fictional ladies of the 19th century: Georgiana Darcy 

Miss Darcy was tall, and on a larger scale than Elizabeth; and, though little more than sixteen, her figure was formed, and her appearance womanly and graceful. She was less handsome than her brother; but there was sense and good-humour in her face, and her manners were perfectly unassuming and gentle. Elizabeth, who had expected to find in her as acute and unembarrassed an observer as ever Mr. Darcy had been, was much relieved by discerning such different feelings.

'To Stay Warm'

To Stay Warm-One Shot #190


Harry wrapped his hands around the chilled leather of the steering wheel, the windshield wipers scraping nosily over the snow and frost-coated window, trying to clear the view-obscuring winter weather from the glass. There was a rumbling crunching sounding from the tires as they rolled along the road. The late-morning in December was pleasantly overcast and gray, a comfort for most London residents and though most would protest the slick conditions, and flurries of snow, clinging to everything in their wake, he found them distinctively comforting.

There was something about the way snow fell, that made him want to take a moment and let his entire body relax, until it was warm and pliant. Let his eyes grow heavy and the fatigue that he found sometimes wove its way into his muscles and settled bone deep, from the long work days he still maintained, that often flowed into late nights, ebb and flow away, until he was comfortable enough to fall asleep.

Until you found him, and more often, Darcy, soundly and shamelessly curled up, he having tucked his lanky limbs towards his chest and his chin into the space of his collarbone. Darcy finding a place against his body, soaking in his warmth and security. And you would drape a blanket over them, tucking it around their sleep-laden bodies the way only a mother would. He could sit for longer than he should, in the living room, sprawled lazily out on the couch with something warm to sip on cupped in his hand and just watch the snow fall, watch it blanket everything that fell in its path. Everything was still, as this happened, quiet, hushed by the powder that caressed its surface, and for a brief moment he would forget that he was living in the bustle of the city. He felt like he was back home, in the tiny and quite picturesque town that had been home when he was young. There was nothing like snow in Cheshire. It would dust the fields and crust the hills, glistening when the winter sun touched it with a delicate brush. So, he loved when it snowed in London.

He cranked the dial on the heater, making the stale and dry, warm air, whistle through the vents, coating his face and chapping his lips. The roads were listless in the late-morning hour. Most having gotten where they needed to go for the morning early on. There were a few clusters of people bundled heavily and walking with a hint of purpose in each step, towards the Tube station, either to catch their train or gather a moment of warmth.

He hummed along to the soft melody of an acoustic track he had playing on the car’s stereo, tapping his fingers on the wheel, navigating in the direction of Darcy’s school, the charming dark brick, cottage style building coming into view. He swung the bulky body of the SUV into the parking lot, pulling into a space among a cluster of other parent’s cars. He clicked the keys out of the ignition and folded them into the pocket of his pea coat, before button up a few extra buttons to brace himself for the cold, shuffling into the fluorescent lit building. 

He spotted her before she spotted him, as he padded on the stiff carpet-lined hallway, to the door of her classroom. He smiled and pressed his back against the wall, watching her chat amiably to another little girl, with a smile that brightened her face. A few other parents stood near the wall beside him. The high-pitched chatter of three-year-old voices, ringing through the hallway.

Harry smiled when she finally caught sight of him, watching her eyes go bright and a toothy grin envelope her lips. He waved to her, before pushing off the wall and stepping into the tempura paint and glue scented classroom. He squatted down, and Darcy wrapped her arms securely around his neck.

“Hi, sweetheart,” he cooed, placing a hand to her back affectionately, happy to have her back in his arms. He placed a soft peck to her temple.

“Hi, Daddy,” she squeaked into his neck. Her breath hot on his wind-bitten neck and ears.

“Did you have a good day?”

She nodded. “Yeah!” she chirped. “I painted a snowmen!” She held up her hands to show her paint-streaked palms as evidence.

Harry laughed lightly. “You did? I see,” he hummed, taking her hands in his. “Did you give him a scarf to stay warm?” He cast his eyes up at her nursery teacher who was beaming at them, as she cleared the art supplies, to replace it with fresh things for the afternoon class.

She nodded proudly. “And mittens.”

Harry gawked at her. “Well, he should be nice and cozy, shouldn’t he? Should we get your coat?”

She nodded, tugging at his knit beanie, so it was further over his ears, going to the line of hooks along the wall behind her, to the one with her name card tacked above it, snatching her cream wool trench coat and multicolored bulky wool scarf and bobble beanie from where they had rested on the hook. Harry held the coat open for her, helping to slide her arms into it, before she pulled on her own beanie over her long, wavy hair. Harry smiled, buttoning up her coat with nimble fingers and tucking in her scarf to her collar.

“Ready?” he asked, giving a polite wave and smile to her teacher. He held out a hand for her to take. 

She nodded. “Uh huh.” She slipped her slight hand into his and gave her teacher a wave as well.

“What do you think?” he asked, as he pushed open the building’s front door, shuddering from the blast of cold air.

Darcy looked up at him as they shuffled along, towards the car. Her bright yellow wellies squeaking with each clomp, her nose already starting to go red from the cold.

“How about you and I go and have a hot chocolate, and then go and see Mummy at work for a little? How does that sound?”

Her watched her beam; a smile making her dimples show. “Okay,” she agreed.

Harry smiled back at her. “Okay, it’s a date.”


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fem!England/male!Scotland headcanons

gonna set this in a human AU because there is so much I can do with it

  • She only starts dating Angus as a rebound. She just broke up with a “proper boyfriend” and Angus is a friend of a friend, so she reckons he’s hot enough to pass the time while She gets over the loss of her other relationship.
  • —but for some reason his stupid freckled face grows on her, and She gets over her last relationship quicker than she anticipated. Maybe it’s his face and the way he looks at her like he’s staring at stars.
  • (Angus is much more into her than she is into him. he would slay a lion for her if she asked because there’s just something in her eyes and the curve of her lips that makes him feel weak at the knees yet makes his spine feel strong enough to lift his head and make him smile)
  • She is far more intelligent than Angus and she enjoys correcting him, maybe a little too much. It makes her feel better by comparison and that’s a feeling she just loves.
  • —but annoyingly Angus is willing to learn and appreciates what she tells him. He’s never had a girlfriend this smart before and learning about “feminism” and “misogyny” is new to him but it’s something he’s willing to learn if she’s the one teaching it.
  • before she even realises it they’ve been dating for a year and she panics. It was only supposed to be temporary and now he’s booked a weekend in Paris for a lovers holiday, how could he be so stupid—. She breaks it off and stays with her sister for a while. She can’t believe this has happened.
  • (Angus is heartbroken. He listens to Sinead O’Connor and drinks until he cries. His brothers are fucking fed up of it)

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He Comes Back From Tour - Short - One Direction


Your heart raced as soon as you spotted his bright blue irises. They darted around and finally met yours. A smile sprouted onto both of your lips. He dashed towards you and scooped you into his arms.

“Y/N.” He breathed, pressing you tight against his body. You could feel his heart rapidly beating. You ran your fingers through his hair as he rocked you back and forth. He pulled apart slightly and brushed his lips against yours. “Hi.”

“Hi.” You left out a soft giggle.

“I missed you.” He hummed.

“I missed you more.” You grinned and pecked him. He chuckled, tracing circles on your back.

“Come on Love Birds, let’s get a move on.” Paul patted Niall’s back. You sighed but separated. You could already hear the screams from here. Niall laced his fingers with yours. You looked over at him and he threw you a wink as you sauntered through the doors.


The cold wind whipped your hair around but you didn’t care. You were seeing Liam again and after a couple of months without him, you didn’t care that Mother Nature was ruining your hair. All that matters was him.

You shivered but didn’t back away. You’ve been waiting for about an hour - not knowing his plane was delayed. That still didn’t stop you from waiting.

Liam said to meet him where you had your first kiss - a private place where fans, hopefully, wouldn’t find you.

When he jogged around the coffee shop building, your heart lifted. You began to question why he wasn’t with a security guard and why no fans were chasing him but he pushed you against the brick wall and flew his lips onto yours.

After minutes of kissing he pulled back and grinned ear to ear. It must have been your expression because he laughed. You quickly wiped the shock off your face and smiled, red rising to your cheeks. “I love you.” He chuckled.


You held Darcy steady as she peered down a the crowd from upstairs. She looked through the glass, jittery and excited. You let her stand and lean against the glass, with you holding her hips of course.

“Daddy?” She questioned, pointing towards a man with curly hair while glancing up at you.

“Darcy, not every tall man with curly hair is Daddy.” You laughed. But as you got a closer look, it actually was Harry. You gasped and Darcy squealed.

“Daddy!!” She cried. Harry knew her small voice anywhere. His emerald eyes darted around but he finally looked up and saw you two. A grin grew on his lips as he now dashed up the escalator, skipping steps.

Darcy ran as fast as her little legs could. You called after her, trailing close behind. But soon, she was safely in her father’s arms. He placed a kiss on her forehead, laughing. He looked up and met your eyes making your heart stop. Those were the eyes you fell in love with and were the ones you were still madly in love with.

He placed Darcy on his hip and walked over towards you, wrapping an arm around your waist. “Hello, Kitten.” He said, planting a short and sweet kiss on your lips.


It was getting late and your eyelids were beginning to droop. You were snuggled up in bed, anxious for him to get home. It was way past midnight but you didn’t care. You were going stay up for him. That was outlived as you finally let your eyes close. You soon were thrown into sleep, as much as you didn’t want to be.

Your eyes bolted awake as the bed sunk. You turned and saw him crawling into the bed.

“Zayn!” You gasped and lunged at him, wrapping your arms around his neck, bringing you both down to the bed.

“Hey, Gorgeous.” He propped himself up with one hand, the other on your waist. You searched his eyes.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t stay up… what time is it?” You looked over at the clock, trying to read it. He moved your head with his finger on your chin. He forced your eyes on him.

“Don’t worry about it.” He whispered, his voice instantly calming you. He flipped over and cuddled up next to you. “Go back to bed, Babe.” You melted into his warmth and you were soon fast asleep.


“Excuse me?” A shy voice sounded behind you. You twirled around to see a bright smiling girl. “Y-you’re Y/N, right?”

“Yup! That’s me!” You beamed.

“I-I was just wondering if you could sign this for me and maybe I could, umm, get a picture? I’m a big fan of One Direction and I admire their girlfriends so…”

“Yeah, of course!” You stood up from the uncomfortable airport chair and snapped a picture.

As you were finishing signing your name, you heard the girl gasp. You slowly glanced up at her and saw her starry-eyed and looking behind you.

You flipped around and saw those beautiful blue eyes. “Louis!” You breathed and wrapped your arms around him. He enveloped you in his warmth and you instantly felt at home.

He pulled away with the biggest grin on his face. “Hello, Love.” He chuckled and planted a kiss on your nose. You giggled but then realized there was a fan waiting for the autograph, which was still gripped in your hand.

“Oh, sorry!” You exclaimed handing her the paper.

“No big deal!” She laughed, still shook by the sight of Louis.

After the fan was in awe of the picture with Louis and had left, you dashed and divided from the airport before you both got mobbed.

As the night ended and you were safely home, it turned into a blur of lipstick against bare skin.


Ugh, so so sorry! That was complete and utter shit… but I had to get something out there and I haven’t written in a while. Anyways, thanks for reading and liking and following and stuff!

Oh and my blog is 99% One Direction and 1% random! Btw, with the tour and everything, my blog is absolutely crazy… sorry about the mess! haha

AND ALSO ONE LAST THING DON’T LEAVE PLEASE… I take requestsssss (only one direction sorry)

Sorry for being annoying :p xx

(I’ve said sorry about five times there, sor– nevermind goodbye)

Brought about by this post and, more specifically, my long rambling tags on it: 

#tiny little darcy yelling a big tall asgardians 
#sitting on the kitchen counter to be closer to eye level
#or Loki: shall we fetch you a box? Or shall I give you a summary of what we just discussed up here?
#Darcy: yes fetch me a box. Now.
#Loki: >:p
#darcy: >:p
#and she spends the rest of the conversation standing on a crate so she can slice through their arguments while looking straight at them

you’d think that having three large posters of Loki on my wall would mean his clothes are easier to draw. Nope. 

So, I’m writing a book with my friend (yeah, that happened) and we were doing character profiles because my chapter was getting nowhere. She was going through physical descriptions and was like ‘old-ish, grey hair, tall’ and my immediate reaction was 'DARCY IS TALL!’. I could feel her looking at me despairingly. Oh dear.

Please tell me I’m not the only who can’t taken certain words seriously anymore due to fandoms. Like, is it just me?

Preference #113 Butterflies:

“Darcy I think daddy’s home.” You told Your four year old daughter. She gasped and got the brightest smile on her face, her dimples showing. “Daddy?” She called out peeping around the corner hoping to find her father. “DADDY!!” She squealed. “Hey sweetie! How are you?” He said smiling and hugging him tight. “I’m happy” she said. “Daddy!” You said the same way that Darcy did, hoping that Harry would play along. “Hey sweetie! How are you?” He chuckled. You greeted him with a hug and a kiss and asked him how his day was. “It was good, how about you guys.” He wondered starting to get settled an taking his seat on the couch. “Well Darcy and I went shopping for her Halloween costume today” you filled him in. “Oh really? And what is it?” He asked. “ITS A-” Darcy started before you clapped your hand over her mouth. “Remember its a surprise Darcy” you whispered. “Oh ok mommy… Well daddy it’s not a butterfly costume” she said. You and Harry both started laughing. “Come on lets go get you changed hon” you said. You helped her get into her beautiful butterfly costume and you carried her in your arms so that it looked like she was flying. “WHEEE LOOK AT ME DADDY! IM FLYING!” she exclaimed. She had a smile that matched her fathers. “Wow its a beautiful butterfly! Excuse me miss butterfly but have you seen my daughter Darcy? She’s about this tall, has dark curly brown hair, and she’s completely adorable!” He said. “Daddy its me ” she whispered. “Oh its you Darcy! I didn’t recognize you. Wow you look beautiful!” He smiled.
“Are you serious!? Pancakes are not better than waffles (Y/N)” Niall told you. “Yes they are!” You responded. “Alright give me one good reason why.” “Ok well pancakes are smooth so you can easily spread peanut butter or chocolate syrup, or both…” You paused for a moment imagining how good that would be. “Sorry what was I saying?” You giggled. “You see this is why we’re best friends we get lost talking about food” Niall laughed “yeah well I don’t know if I can be friends with someone who likes waffles more than pancakes…” You joked. “Oh? Well um maybe we an be more than friends?” Niall said taking a step closer to you and taking your hand in his. It wasn’t long before your palm started sweating. You looked down at your intertwined hands and then look up to find Niall smiling at you. “I like you (Y/N)” “I like you too… my stomach is filled w-with butterflies right now” you said, your voice breathy. He smiled and the two of you continued walking through the park hand in hand. “So I was thinking for our first date we could go for breakfast…where I will prove to you that waffles are better than pancakes.” Niall said. You rolled you eyes, “yeah well good luck with that last part”.
You and Liam wanted to have a picnic in a public garden that was near by, but you both were too lazy to make sandwiches and pack snacks. So you ate before, grabbed a bottle of water and a blanket and left. Once you made it there you spread your blanket and lay down on it. Holding hands with Liam and looking up at the clouds, you sighed, it was so peaceful. You decided to close your eyes and listen to the sound of nature. After a few minutes had passed you were totally zoned out. “Um (Y/N)?” Liam said. “Hmm?” You said simply, keeping your eyes closed. “…I don’t want you to freak out when I say this but there’s a butterfly…on your nose.” Your eyes shot open and found the butterfly that seemed to be staring back at you. You didn’t dare to move. “What do I do?!” You whispered, careful not to move a lot. “Let me take a picture” he said quickly snapping one. You were twitter famous by the end of the night, known as the butterfly whisperer.
“Are you serious (Y/N)?” “Yes please Louis, please” you said poking out your bottom lip and pulling the puppy dog eyes. You and Louis had just bought a kitten and you were dying to name it Butterfly. “But its a cat!” Louis argued. “So what? I know a dog named turtle! Butterfly is a cool name!” You told him. “No it’s not. Why not… I don’t know, Zoey? Zoey is a beautiful name” he said. “Louis! That’s so boringgg. We need a name that makes people laugh, I mean we always make people laugh, so now she can too” you said petting your new kitten. Louis rolled his eyes. “Oh fineeee!” Louis whined pouting. “Yes! Thank you thank you” you smiled kissing his cheek. “You know you’re lucky you’re cute…or I would have had my way” Louis claimed, though you weren’t sure if he was talking to you or the cat… :))
It was a late night and you and Zayn we’re cuddling in bed, trying to fall asleep, but it wasn’t working too well. You turned to look at Zayn, he looked angelic almost. His eyes shut, his chest rising and falling slowly. You moved your face up toward his cheek and started to give him butterfly kisses. Zayn opened his eyes, smiling a little bit, seeing as you were so close to him. “What are you doing hon?” he wondered. “Giving you butterfly kisses” you smiled. “What is that?” he asked. “You’ve never heard of butterfly kisses?” you asked. He shook his head. “Its when you, blink really quickly,” you said as you demonstrated. “and you blink so that your eyelashes touch someone else’s skin.” you said. “So I just blink against your cheek, really quickly, and that’s it… I just butterfly kissed you.” You said after your demonstration. “It kinda tickles… it’s cute” he said, smiling. “Yeah I like them, it’s not really something you can do in public without getting weird stares but for times like this I think it’s nice” you told him. He kissed your lips, “I love you, my little butterfly” he said and with that you both fell asleep.

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Pairing: Wintershock Prompt: First Meetings

“And this is one of the science labs. Doctor Foster, she’s the one, uh, asleep on her breakfast. She’s an astrophysicist.”

“Shh, I only just got her down for a nap. It’s rude to wake up my scientists, Steve,” Darcy said, swinging into view, all smirking lips and curly hair. She’d forgone wearing the lab coat the others wore on this floor and was instead dressed casually in jeans and a layered top. 

He smiled at her indulgently.

Darcy looked from tall, red, white, and blue to the skittish looking man beside him. “Where’d you pick up the homeless dude? Oh my God, is it bring your hobo to work day!? Because I know a few who would love to take a tour, and only one of them would use it to get closer to world domination.” 

Steve blinked at her, taking a moment to process what she’d said. “Uh, no. This is Bucky. He’s… a friend of mine.”

She snorted at him. “You know, that might work if we didn’t study you and Sergeant James “Bucky” Barnes in American History. Or if I hadn’t spent entirely too much time at that museum that’s got your face plastered all over it. Props by the way, skinny-Steve was kind of adorable.” She turned, taking in Bucky once more. “You, on the other hand, look a little worse for wear. Have you eaten?” 

He glanced at Steve and then back at her, eyes narrowed skeptically. When she didn’t explain further, he shrugged. 

“Yeah, no, that’s not going to work for me. C’mon, Jane’s got another two hours of snooze time ahead of her and, if she wakes up, she’s got her head on a Poptart, so she’s covered.” She waved a hand over her shoulder and walked past through the lab doors. “We’ll stop at the canteen, get you something to eat. Maybe when you’ve got a full stomach, you’ll be up for shaving, or at least showering. I’m not pointing fingers, but one of us smells like sweat and paranoia." 

Bucky stared at her a long second, and then his mouth turned up very faintly at the corner. “I was going for terror and murder, but I must’ve missed the mark.” 

She laughed. “Better luck next time.” With that, she started down the hallway, expecting them to follow. 

It wasn’t until Bucky did exactly that, that Steve let himself smile, his shoulders relaxing. Apparently introducing Bucky to Darcy was a good idea then. He hoped it stayed that way.