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Meow-Meow was born the smallest and greyest of a litter of 5. His parents were farm cats for Tom and Millie Santos, an elderly couple living in rural New Mexico. Life was pretty good back then. But when Millie died, Tom couldn’t take care of himself on his own, never mind seven cats, and moved to Santa Fe to live with his son and daughter-in-law. They took all the cats they could find with them, finding them new and loving homes elsewhere. But Meow-Meow was only little and found change very scary and hid under the house the whole time. Tom didn’t know where he was, and Meow-Meow wouldn’t come when called. So eventually they had to leave him behind :(

They sold the house to a guy from LA who wanted to convert the big old disused missile silo out back into an underground apartment complex. So soon there was an influx of construction workers and machinery that scared Meow-Meow even more. He was still living under the house, or in the attic, where people couldn’t reach, eating the moths and bats and mice. This guy who brought all the noisy, thumpy machines only got so far when the housing bubble burst and the whole place was left alone. So by the time Meow-Meow was an adult cat, he was pretty used to being alone. It was okay, not great.  There were no ear-scritches, or boob cuddles.

But after a while a new set of thumpy, noisy humans arrived, with their own set of machines, and filled out the house again. They weren’t so bad as the construction humans but they weren’t turning it back into a farm like Tom and Millie.

One night there was a big thunderstorm and Meow-Meow had to run back to the house to hide under the porch. Which is scary enough anyway - double scary when there’s a big big big human sitting on the porch swing watching the storm with a beard and a grin on his face. This one has the heaviest footsteps of all and Meow-Meow listens to them clumping back inside.

“There is an animal residing under our porch,” Thor announced, pointing a finger downwards.

“Aww, it’s probably scared by the storm,” cooed Darcy, while Jane went with a suspicious “what kind of animal? You want raccoons? This is how you get raccoons.”

“Small, four-legged, and fast. Dark grey.”

“We’re gonna need more than that, buddy,” Darcy prompted.

“Hmm, well, its face had the appearance of having collided with a very steep hillside.”

Darcy and Jane figure that is a cat but that there’s no point trying to coax it out when all it wants to do is hide.

In the morning the storm is gone and Meow-Meow pokes his head out from under the house. It’s a bright sunny morning, with a light breeze, and a bowl of tuna fish sitting just by the steps. He hasn’t had tuna for ages and ages!! So he gobbles it all up and when he turns around there’s another human on the porch. Not a big scary one this time. A smaller one, with dark-hair, who makes kissy noises and looks like she’d be really good at boob cuddles and ear-scritches. He’s very tentative at first but Darcy gives the best boob cuddles.

He gets a bath (!), some more cuddles, more food, a trip to the vet (!!) and then brought back to the house. Inside the house, not under it, where Darcy has Meow-Meow’s very own cat-bed lined up next to hers. And a food dish, and a scratch post, and lots of boxes, and lots of things that light up and go beep. He becomes Darcy’s cat, and she becomes Meow-Meow’s human.

Jane is fine. She isn’t so good at cuddles as Darcy, but she lets Meow-Meow sleep on the machines that get warm. It takes him a while to get used to Thor. After all, Meow-Meow is just a small creature and Thor is probably the biggest creature Meow-Meow’s ever seen, and he once saw a coyote!

So that’s how Meow-Meow came with the lab and became an indoor cat, science intern and beloved pet. He still likes to eat moths though. They’re crunchy.


“What is it you want little buddy? Huh?” Darcy scratched the small kitten on its belly. “Fine we can keep him.” He smiled. “One condition though, you are not naming the cat.” He literally named his brother Crutchie after he lost his leg. He was not naming the kitten.

“But Darce” Jack whined he had the perfect name for the scruffy kitten. “Tell me Scruff JR isn’t the best name for this little guy.” He looked around once before leaning into Darcy’s chest. “I’m glad your gonna keep him though, I couldn’t at the lodging without Kloppmann finding out”

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Peter Quill's mom died because of Darcy, his little sister. At least that's what it felt like to him as a kid. His mom refused treatment for so long so she could deliver Darcy whole and healthy. Peter didn't understand everything, but he thought he understood enough. Darcy wasn't even out of neo-natal when their mom died. Their mom knew her time was short and made several tapes for them both. When they finally meet again, Darcy has more tapes to give him. They bond and heal over mix tapes.

Didn’t quite get as far as the bonding and healing bit but here you go…

on AO3 if you prefer.


Darcy is twenty five when she meets her brother for the second time in her life, or at least that is how the math works out. She can’t stop fidgeting with the earbuds tangled in her pocket, and the plastic toggles of her navy coat. Anxiety spikes, and she tells it to merrily fuck off.

“You okay, Darce?” Jane asks, voice pitched low enough the group ahead doesn’t hear. Jane’s cold fingers lace with hers, and she gives her hand a reassuring squeeze. Steve turns his head to glance back at them, brow furrowed. As if their fearless leader didn’t have enough to worry about.

Darcy tilts her chin up and rolls her eyes halfheartedly. “Supergreen,” she says, voice falsely sweet. “Just another day, walking on the decayed head of a giant space corpse.”

“About to meet your maybe brother for the first time,” Jane says knowingly.

“It’s not the first time. I just don’t remember the first time.”


“I’m fine, Jane.”

“Nobody is ever fine when they say they are.”

Darcy sighs, its a fine time for Jane’s empathy to act up. “Shouldn’t you be sciencing it up? I mean alien…planet? Asteroid? Skull? With honest to blog spaceships, aliens, and stars. Jane look at the stars,” she says pointing at some sort of advertising billboard with a bowl of something with a galaxy of stars swirling above it if you squinted and looked through the graffiti scrawled all over it.

Jane opens and closes her mouth, and sighs. She squeezes Darcy’s hand tighter. For someone with tiny birdlike hands Jane has one hell of a strong grip. The smile Darcy gives in return is almost real. She might even thank Jane when the day is over and they are all sitting in some tavern in Asgard with horns full of ale or mead, or whatever massive Viking dudes drank to numb their sorrows.

She really was fine, or so far past it that she didn’t know the difference.

Darcy felt like her internal organs were covered in a layer of thick frost. Everything felt numb and a little surreal. She was there, bone and flesh beneath her boots, an astrophysicist clinging to her side, and a group of Avengers between her and…some Tolkien level bullshit.

Technically she wasn’t there, neither was Jane, but science and Thor… And well, Thor rarely said no to Jane.

“Oh my God,” Jane gasps, followed by word vomit of the variety that meant Darcy never played Words With Friends with the plucky scientist. Ever. “If I could get a sample for Betty.”

“No, Jane, you are not going to ask to molest Grandmother Willow’s alien brethren,” Darcy hisses, pulling Jane back from edging forward. “Bad, scientist.”

Darcy’s words feel normal as they leave her tongue, sarcastic and snappy, and the rest of her wishes she felt as normal as that. If she thought facing down the destroyer, space elves, and Thor’s douchecanoe brother had made her jaded to weirdness then she was so wrong.

The numbness of possibly meeting her trufax brother is the only thing that keeps her standing when faced with the rogue cast of Saturday Morning Cartoons put through a psychopath filter.

Not that she has any stones to throw, routinely hanging out with scientists (both post lab accident and pre-caffeination), an alien (sex) god who had the right to wear a spangly tiara, and assorted mutants, and that one time Steve came over to dinner. God she made an ass of herself that night. Darcy fights to keep her eyes from straying to find Captain Rogers. She really had enough to deal with today. Maybe too much.

She was starting to rethink this whole tagging along to meet a dude with her brother’s name. Darcy considered herself good in a crisis. Took  pride in her potential as a future sidekick if Jane became any more super than her brain already was….and, you know if Darcy was comfortable wearing kinky boots and spandex with a boob window on a nightly basis. Ugh, probably not.

There can’t be that many Peter Jason Quills out there in the galaxy, can there?

This was probably not one of her better ideas.

She really should have thought about this a little more than she actually did.


As meet and greets go, it’s one of the better ones. Far less damage than the last science nerds convention, where Betty and Jane got plastered and attempted to turn the espresso machine in the bar into some sort of time machine, or something that Darcy wanted no part of. She instagrammed the hell out of it though. They ended up burning a hole through four floors of the hotel the convention and Jane cold cocked a supposed former SHIELD agent that was slumming it as hotel security.

She didn’t even want to think about when Jane dragged her, kicking and screaming to meet Tony Stark.

Yeah, no.


“I am Groot,” rumbles a deep voice pulling Darcy out of her thoughts. .

“Good to know, big guy,” Darcy says. She internally apologises to Thor for using his nickname for someone…something else. But really, dude was a fucking tree.

How did that even work? He eyes were kind, or maybe just the tilting of his head made him seem not so frightening. It really was a good thing that the apple trees from the Wizard of Oz never gave her nightmares when she was a kid. A really good thing.

Groot holds out his his hand, gnarled and dark. The tiniest flower blooms from his palm, pale and delicate. “I am Groot,”  Groot says, voice softer, and no longer the sound of tumbling boulders. Groot plucks the flower from his palm and offering it to Darcy with a smile that cracks his face in two.

“Oh, er, thank you, Treebeard,” Darcy smiles back holding the tiny flower in her hand.

“I am Groot,” Groot says turning his attention to Captain Rogers, or rather the shield strapped to Captain America’s back.

“Sure you are, buddy,” Darcy thinks, twirling the flower held between her fingers.

“Pssst, Jane. Jane. rotting skull planet to Dr. Foster,” she whispers tugging on Jane’s sleeve and distracting her from wandering off in the name of science. “Are you seeing this?”

“Oooh, pretty,” Jane murmurs.

“Groot grew it for me. Correct me if I’m wrong, and I know you will, but I took biology in high school. I know what flowers are.”

“That’s…okay, yeah, ew,” Jane says, rifling through her pockets. Moments later she pulls a sample vial from thin air, like some amature magician at a children’s party performing tricks for a sad eyed pony in a party hat. The flower goes into the vial and the vial disappears into Jane’s coat.

A flash of red catches Darcy’s eye, between Tanuki, the raccoon god, and green lady with the dip dyed hair.

Her stomach drops somewhere around her boots. It’s not difficult to figure out who Peter Quill is, but she still tries to see the boy, from the polaroids in a photo album, in the man smiling and raking his eyes over her.

“I think I’m going to be sick,” she murmurs, low enough that only Jane can hear. God when did she turn into such a pathetic loser, anyway?

“Well, hello there, I’m Peter. Peter Quill, people call me Star-Lord,” Peter says, charming smile lighting up his face as he straightens up to his full height, leather jacket creaking. It was a nice leather jacket, all swishy and long, it was a trope she admired in heroes and space cowboys. Were there cows in space? Like Pigs in Space but more bovine-y?

He’s tall, they are all tall really, everyone but her and Jane, his movements are leisurely, an almost giddy look crossing his face. His fingers tap out some rhythm only he can hear. A pair of gross looking old school headphones hang around his neck.

“Was your mother Meredith Quill from Missouri?” Darcy blurts out and mentally face palms. God, awkward much.

“Hey…what?” Star-Lord asks, smile slipping from his face.

In for a penny, in for…well, a really bad decision.

“Meredith Quill? Just answer the question please,” Darcy says, curling her hands into fists.

“Listen, sweet cheeks, I don’t know where you got my mom’s name from but you-”

“Oh, thank god, or Thor. Whatever.”

“What the hell is going on?”

“I’m your sister.”

“My sister? I don’t-”


Darcy’s never been great at keeping her thoughts to herself, her mouth didn’t so much have a mind of it’s own and no mind at all. Or at least no sense of self preservation. Later she will swear it was like somebody flipped a switch in her brain, and instead of what she planned to say words tumble from her mouth in an unstoppable torrent. “I was only a few months old when you…disappeared. The same day she died…I..I’m sorry…

“You should…you should know that there’s an empty grave, with your name carved into the stone beside Meredith’s…mom’s. I was six when they had the funeral for you. I didn’t cry but Grandpa did.

“When I was little I always wanted to believe you were on an adventure. Went to be a spy, or joined the circus, to find your dad, maybe find my dad, Go find dinosaurs in California or space camp. I guess that last one is half true, ‘cause here you are. I dreamed that you would come back for me, so I could meet you, but you never did.”

“Now, wait just a minute—”

“I waited my whole life.” Tears well in her eyes but they do not spill. She doesn’t know his face, doesn’t know him. She didn’t know what she expected of this meeting, not from the moment she heard Thor say ‘Peter Quill, he that calls himself the Lord of the Star’, nay, the Star-Lord.’ Small galaxy after all. God, way to make an introduction, D. fuck.

“This really isn’t funny,” Peter says eyes narrowing, tension vibrating.

“Good,” she says withdrawing her hand from her pocket. Her iPod sits cradled in her palm, the cord of the earbuds an impossible knot. “Here,” she says, dropping the iPod into his hand and curling his fingers around it.

“What the hell?”

She doesn’t look back. An action hero missing an explosion, except really she’s just a background character in someone else story. Darcy pushes past a blur of blue and red and a second of red and silver before she realises the world is blurred from the tears in her eyes. The tears staining her glasses.

“Oh, Darcy,” Jane says, chasing after Darcy and wrapping her thin arms around Darcy’s shoulders. A limpet in the guise of a tiny astrophysicist.  

“I don’t know what I expected,” she tells Jane, blinking rapidly. “I think I probably should have stayed on the Technicolour Dream Bridge, or Earth. Earth is safe and there’s beer.”

“If you stayed on earth you wouldn’t have gotten to meet Heimdall, or get Instagram worthy pics of Steve’s ass in costume,” Jane says helpfully.

Darcy gives out a watery laugh, “God, I hate crying, do you think today can be over now? If I promise to buy Thor  a beer will he let me blow my nose on his cape?”


a scattering of stars

“I am Groot.”

“I don’t know what that means, pal, but thanks,” Steve says  hunching over with his elbows on his knees, fingers dangling loose between his legs.

“I am Groot,” Groot says softly, or as softly as a medium sized Ent can, as he pats Steve on the shoulder and finds a corner to settle down in. Steve wonders if it’s rude to stare as Groot’s branches spread out across the metal wall.

He flicks his eyes out to the port window but he doesn’t really see the view, mind still stuck on the image of Darcy and Quill flirting and dancing. He’s annoyed with himself for  letting his emotions get the better of him. He had absolutely no right to feel jealous when Darcy wasn’t his girl,even though that is an old fashioned sentiment that didn’t belong in the future. The future, he muses, really  couldn’t get more in the future than they were.  At least Groot was leaving him to brood in peace. Steve is so far lost in thought he never hears the door open.

“Space penny for your thoughts,” Darcy says as she slips into his hidey hole. Not that he was hiding, much.  

“Are there pennies in galactic currency?” Steve asks brow quirking up as he shifts to the side.  

“I have no clue.”

“I am Groot,” Groot rumbles from his corner.

“Sure are, buddy,” Darcy smiles and perches on the bench beside Steve her arm brushing against his. “You’re being weird, Rogers.”

“We slipped through a wormhole in space, travelled in a spaceship to a mining colony of outlaws that just so happens to be the remains of the skull of a creature beyond imagining, filled with aliens, a sentient tree, no offence Groot,”  he says looking up and offering Groot a sheepish wave. “…and my silence is weird.”

“Well, when you put it that way. But really what have you got against…Star-Lord.”

“he really calls himself that?”

“I’ve heard worse, Captain America, probably called people worse too,” Darcy grins and bumps her shoulder against his.

“True enough.” Steve says the left side of his mouth hitching up. They sit in silence side by side eyes fixed on the portal showing the planet the orbit and a glimpse of distant stars. Darcy’s hand brushes against his and Steve returns the touch until their fingers tangle together and Steve’s heart rattles against the cage of his ribs. “Not that I want you to go, but aren’t you meant to be assisting Dr Foster?”

“Eh, Thor took her off to see some stars, before she turned Bright Heart into a handbag for messing with her equipment,” Darcy says, her face scrunched up and she darted her eyes up to his. “Totally not a euphemism.”

They fell into a comfortable silence, staring out the small portal at the purple clouds beyond the colony. Steve’s heart speeding each time Darcy’s thumb rubs again his hand. Groot is quiet in the corner mouthing at a new leaf growing on his arm.

Darcy squeezes his hand tight, leaning up to whisper in his ear. “That’s gross.” Her lips brush against the shell of his ear and his breath hitches in his throat.

“Yeah it is,” Steve whispers back, into the loose waves of her dark hair. Darcy shivers and Steve’s mouth spreads into a wide grin.

“You never said what you have against, Peter,” she asks, curious eyes on his face. Steve drops his eyes to their hands, focusing on the chipped blue nail polish on her fingers. The sound of Groot’s snoring echoes through the room, There is something far too disturbing to think about a walking tree snoring like a chainsaw.

“Nothin’,” he says finally bringing his eyes up to hers. Darcy lips compress into a thin line and she tilts her head to the side, dark hair tumbling over her shoulder. “What?”

“Did you just lie to me?”

“No,” he says, resisting the urge to sink his teeth into his bottom lip, or hers. The image of kissing her flits behind his eyes and he glances down at her pink lips.

“Oh no you don’t.”

“Don’t what?”

“Get to distract me with kisses.”

“Is that what I was doing?” he asks, brows shooting up in, mostly feigned, surprise. She hums and moves to cross her arms, but her hand is still in his and the movement is awkward. Darcy’s cheeks heat up and she huffs out a little breath, her fingers clasping tighter to his hand. “What if I admit that I felt… a little jeal-,”

“Shut up.”

“You just-”

“Shut up,” Darcy says slapping her free hand over his mouth. Steve’s eyebrows raise and he is considering flicking his tongue out across the flat of her palm when she pulls her hand away and and presses her mouth to his. They kiss with a cloud of stars and a sleeping tree as witness.


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Darcy/Bucky: Bucky finally meets Darcy's 5 year old son who's adorably protective of his mama (I just really wanna see bucky being amused yet terrified of a child) thnx!

“I’m nervous.” Bucky said as he stood in the doorway of Darcy’s apartment They had been dating for about 3 weeks, but he had yet to meet her son. At first she had been wary that he wouldn’t support her unmarried mother way of living. But Bucky had made it clear that he felt strongly enough about her to be involved in this aspect of her life. 

“Don’t be.” Darcy smiled “He can smell fear.” She joked, taking his hand and pulling him into the apartment before he could run away. 

“Peter, sweetie.” She called “Bucky’s here. Come say hello.”

A little boy can shuffling out of his room. He was adorably tiny, barely even up to Bucky’s knee. He had Darcy’s dark brown hair, that had obviously just been washed, as well as her bright eyes. Bucky couldn’t tell if he had his mothers smile just yet, considering his expression was set like stone. 

“Bucky, this is Peter. Well, at least I think it is,” Darcy knelt down in front of her son “I know my little jelly bean doesn’t go this long without smiling.” She tickled his stomach until his let out a shrieking giggle. “That’s better.” 

“Nice to meet you, Peter.” Bucky smiled. 

“You a soldier?” Peter asked, his cheery expression falling. 

“I was.” He nodded.

“I don’t need a soldier.” The boy replied “Soldiers protect things. But mom protects me and she doesn’t need nobody to protect her.” 

Bucky was taken aback. What the hell was he meant to say? 

“Bucky’s not here to protect me, Peter.” Darcy laughed “We’re dating.” 

“But you told Nanna that you don’t need a man.” Peter tilted his head, throwing a scowl at Bucky “He’s a man.” 

“You’re right.” Bucky said, kneeling down next to him “Your Ma doesn’t need me. But I need her. I like spending time with her.” 

“Everyone likes spending time with Mom. She’s the best.” Peter said simple, taking a step forward to stand between them “But I need her the most.” 

“I know that, Peter. And I’m not trying to take her away.” Bucky assured him “You wont have any less time with her, I promise.” 

Peter looked him over before looking back to his mother “Is he nice to you?” 

Darcy nodded, grinning “Yes, Baby. He’s very nice to me.” 

The little boy thought it over before nodding “Okay.” He fixed Bucky with a serious stare “As long as you promise to be nice to her. You can date her.” 

Bucky let out a breath. “Thank you, Peter. I promise I’ll be very nice to her.” 

Peter’s face spread into a beaming smile that definitely matched his mothers “Good. Do you want to see my cars?” 

Bucky met Darcy’s eyes over the little boy’s head. 

‘Thank you’ Darcy mouthed. Bucky grinned before looking back to Peter. 

“I’d love to, Buddy.”

Down Boy- CH001

CH001- Are You Stalking Me?
CH002-Let a Guy Down Easy
CH003- I Can Mend It
CH004- Sticky Situations
CH005- 99 Bottles of Wine on the Wall
CH006- You Brought Me Flowers
CH007- Down Boy

Down Boy

Chapter One:

Are You Stalking Me?

Darcy would not cry.

She would not cry.

She was not a crier… however, today there was a real possibility for it and that was embarrassing. Sighing as the warm breeze picked up her hair, she pushed off the swing she had been sitting on and walked out of the sand pit. She had been back in New York for two days, two very long and painful days, and she was ready to lose it on Jane. Not that it was in any way the other woman’s fault. It’s just that Darcy was hurting. Her last remaining family member had passed away.

Nana Lewis was no more.

Keep reading